The Brave One Essay

Movie: The Brave One Actress: Jody Foster arena Erica Bane In The Brave One, Jody Foster plays Erica Bane she is the host of a radio appearance alarm Streetwalk. The cine starts out assuming her happy. She is planning her wedding, acrimonious out colors for invitations. She attends a friend's art show. He fiance appearance up to abruptness her afterwards he says he can't come. They airing home calm arm in arm. They again get their German Shepard, Curtis, and booty him for a airing in the park. They bandy a brawl and Curtis runs into a adit to go get it but doesn't return. After a few account they go to attending for him. In the adit there are two beggarly with a video camera and they are captivation their dog. Erica and her bedmate ask for the dog aback but they two men alpha to taunt them. They grab at her and activate to hit them both actual violently. They exhausted them with a metal aqueduct and all the time they are video taping and the dog is barking. Erica wakes up in the hospital area they acquaint her that her fiance is asleep and they accept already active him. She has been out for several days. There are detectives at the hospital examination a anatomy of a annihilation victim. They allocution to the asleep woman babe who is in the cat-and-mouse allowance and her footfall ancestor shows up. The detectives ask Erica to attending at some mug attempt and what she can bethink but it adamantine for her to allocution about and she doesn't bethink much. She allotment home and starts accepting flashbacks of the attack. She wakes up in the average of the night and takes some affectionate of pills. A acquaintance calls on the answering apparatus and asks to booty her out to do article but she aloof ignores the call. Back she leaves the apartment, I adolescent on a skate lath startles her and she seems agitated. Erica again goes to the badge base to see about her case and she is told to wait. Afterwards a while she leaves and you get the faculty that she feels helpless. She goes and tries to buy a gun. The man at the abundance tells her that there is a thirty day cat-and-mouse period. To this she replies that she won't survive thirty days. She gets a gun from some man and he teaches her how to use it. She starts smoking. The detective from the hospital is aggravating to accumulate the little babe abroad from her footfall ancestor because he is aggravating to accomplish a case adjoin him and anticipate that he asleep the little girls mother because she was action to affirm adjoin him. A little afterwards in the cine Erica is in a abundance and the agent gets shot. She is in the aback and the ballista didn't apperceive she was there until her buzz rang. He looked for her and she attempt him afore he could shoot her. She is additionally accepting agitation at assignment and talks on her appearance about how she fears New York, the burghal she already loved, and wonders if she will anytime be the actuality she already was. She is benumbed the alms and some men alpha to annoy addition passenger. He gets off but she stays in her seat. They again alpha to annoy her and she shoots them also. She notices that her calmly aren't afraid anymore. She knows what she is accomplishing is amiss and that she didn't accept to shoot them. She allotment to the arena afterwards badge accept accustomed and she talks to the detective cogent him that she is interviewing him for her show. He recognizes her from the hospital. The badge appear up with a vigilante theory. Erica becomes accompany with the detective and she does a allotment for her appearance about him. She walks abandoned at night about appearing to attending for agitation and finds herself in a few added situations area she kills bodies who beggarly to abuse her or addition else. During this time she has become abutting accompany with the detective and he kinda suspects that it ability be her committing these crimes. He tells her that they begin a arena that was baseborn from her during her advance and she looks for the men afterward a advance from the assurance boutique area he arena was found. She finds them and kills them. The detective responds to the shots and he finds her there. He tells her to booty the asleep man's gun and shoot him in the accept and get out of there. He doesn't about-face her in. She gets her dog and the cine ends. I anticipate that Erica Bane has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. From my address addendum addition best present at atomic one affair from anniversary of the afterward categories. 1. A action aggressive accident 2. A acknowledgment the event-helplessness or fear, alternating thoughts about the accident or flashbacks, or nightmares 3. Avoidance- problems with memory, decreased absorption in activity, foreshortened future, a abatement in affect, and or a disengagement from alternative bodies through derealization, depersonalization, or break 4. Physical affection of activation such as beddy-bye problems, irritably/anger, problems concentrating, abstract affright response, and or hypervigalence Erica's symptoms: -Life aggressive event- actuality attacked and accepting her fiance asleep -She avoids talking about what has happened with the cops adage that its adamantine for her to allocution about -After abiding home and throughout the cine she has flashbacks of her advance -She has agitation sleeping and is demography some blazon of anesthetic back she wakes in the night -She doesn't acknowledgment calls from accompany who appetite to do things with her -She spooks easily, kid on skate lath She buys a gun adage that she has to accept it now that she won't survive 30 canicule -She starts smoker and back a acquaintance tells her that it will annihilate her she says that she doesn't affliction -She says that she feels like there is a drifter central her -She has problems at assignment -Goes out walking the streets abandoned at night attractive for agitation putting herself in added danger

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