The Asian Diaspora

For this mini-essay (a alternation of three prompts; approx. 500-600 words in total) you charge to apprehend the two articles: Curtis, Erin M. 2013. “Cambodian Donut Shops and the Negotiation of Identity in Los Angeles” Lee, Heather R. 2013. “A Life Cooking for Others: The Work and Clearing Experiences of a Chinese Restaurant Worker in New York City, 1920-1946” After account these two alluring essays, acknowledgment ALL THREE QUESTIONS: 1. In both essays (Curtis and Lee) what accurate hardships (racism, poverty, etc.) did the new migrants face in the U.S. and how do they chronicle to the history of Asian clearing (and clearing legislation) to the U.S.? (approx. 250 words) 2. In both essays (Curtis and Lee) how did new Cambodian and Chinese migrants use alikeness and kin-like (family-like) networks to survive in the U.S.? (approx. 150 words) 3. In Lee’s article on Chinese restaurant workers, why did Shuck Wing and alternative migrants from China undertake clearing to the U.S. and the adamantine activity there? (approx. 150 words) You charge accomplish abiding to adduce your sources in the paper.

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