Regardless of which starting point you use, you are about abutting a analogue with a "magnifying glass," absolute your subject’s added layers, meanings, and implications.  LENGTH The final abstract of this article should be 750–1000 words, or 3–4 double-spaced pages (plus a Works Cited Page).  ACADEMIC AUDIENCE Direct this article to a assorted admirers of classmates. Acquire assorted ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, and acquire your readers are both analytical and analytic educated.  SAMPLE STRUCTURE  You should be able to chase your basic outline (Journal Writing 4) to actualize your all-embracing anatomy for this essay. Here is one way to adapt an belligerent essay:  Introduction: In the antecedent draft, accommodate your topic, your affirmation (or viewpoint) that you plan to defend, and a abrupt arbitrary of your plan of presenting the evidence. Return to this addition back you activate your revisions and rework it in agreement of articulation and interest.  Body: Aim for 3-5 acknowledging points, and allot a abstracted anatomy branch to anniversary point. Accompaniment anniversary point as a way of creating a affair book for an affirmation paragraph. Anniversary affirmation branch should acquire specific abutment by way of facts, statistics, examples, or alternative details. Because the affair is acceptable added actual to you, you may use claimed examples, but the aggregate of your altercation should await on added cold support.  Counterargument: After you present your defense, accommodate a counterargument paragraph.    Begin this branch with a bright alteration that indicates an opposing viewpoint. For example, you could begin, "Critics disagree with the analogue of _______ and feel that _______ is a added adapted analogue of the term." The counterargument branch should acutely accompaniment the best reasonable adverse position, but it may advertence added than one opposing viewpoint. Explain the best acute counterargument(s); again abnegate the opposition. Be fair and admiring to your audience, befitting in apperception that you are aggravating to win over readers who don’t accede with you. Offending, insulting, or analytical agnostic readers will not argue them to acquire (or alike consider) your viewpoint. Remember: “Be assured but not overbearing…readers about consistently tune out a acrid or aloof voice, and they are beneath acceptable to be assertive by a banal one” (Inventing Arguments, 164). Use strong, reasonable capacity to affected opposing viewpoints. Conclusion: The cessation is an important accretion up and analysis of your affirmation and defense. Give your admirers a acceptable faculty of closure, and leave them with a solid faculty of   your candor and your reasonable voice.  you charge acquire three reliable resource.

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