The Application of Consumer’s Knowledge

| CONSUMER BEHAVIOR PAPER| The Application of Consumer’s Ability and Captivation Abstraction in “Adu Segar Larutan Penyegar” Case Abstraction from Cast Cap Kaki Tiga Angle | September 2012| MMBM Batch 25 Team #2 Dickson Mulia 0152121007 Genoveva Iswati0152121016 Arfianti Puspitarini0152121035 Maulana 01521210xx EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga, currently actuality bogus by PT Kinocare, is adverse a angry antagonism adjoin Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak aback Wen Ken Drugs accommodation in February 2011 to abjure the authorization from PT Sinde Budi Sentosa and accepted it to PT Kinocare. In the market, the new Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga is perceived as a replica artefact of its antecedent and they are disturbing to accession customer cast acquaintance and eventually become consumer’s choice. In this case study, we acclaim Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga to get out of the bound bend by implementing a advance addition in adjustment to accession customer absorption and abolish consumer’s beheld adumbration of Badak logo that has been anchored in consumer’s anamnesis aback 1937 I. BACKGROUND 1937 - The Artefact Era About 75 years ago, in 1937 four Singaporean Chinese families absitively to go into business calm to bazaar a abstruse acceptable medical compound which becomes accepted as Three Legs Cooling Water. In Hokkien, '3 legs' (pronounced as Sa Ka) is a accepted adage acceptation to adulate someone. But in the apple of acceptable anesthetic in Singapore and Malaysia, the '3 legs' agency a simple able way to anticipate or alleviate agitation and cephalalgia acquired by 'healthiness' in the anatomy The logo appearance two legs on solid arena and one added leg to accommodate added abutment and accelerate the healing process. The balanced legs represent adequation for all and bashfulness on others' angle and suggestions. And finally, the amphitheater marks the cohesiveness of the agents and barter centered on the amateur legs 1978 – Introduction into Indonesia Bazaar About 30 years ago, in 1978 Wen Ken Drug Co. Ltd Singapore accepted the authorization of Three Legs (known locally as ‘Cap Kaki Tiga’) to PT Sinde Budi Sentosa as accountant architect with headquarter amid in Jakarta. 2011 – Transfer of Authorization Wen Ken Drug Co. Ltd Singapore withdrew the authorization of Cap Kaki Tiga from PT Sinde Budi Sentosa and transfered it to Kino Group. February 2012 – The Antagonism Kino Accumulation was banned from application Cap Kaki Tiga cast calm with Cap Badak painting on the product. PT Sinde Budi Sentosa has won their affirmation over the acceptance of Cap Badak painting on their articles and Kino Accumulation may use Cap Kaki Tiga brand. This is the alpha of the antagonism on cooling baptize amid Cap Kaki Tiga and Cap Badak. Afterward is the allegory of the artefact : Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak (Sinde) and Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga (Kino). About Kino Accumulation Kino Corporation started as a baby administration aggregation called Duta Lestari Sentratama aback in 1991. Another big footfall was taken in 1999, Kinocare Era Kosmetindo, manufacturer of a advanced ambit of claimed affliction articles for all genders and ages was established. 2003 saw Kinocare Era Kosmentindo continued its businesses added into homecare assay by accouterment a advanced ambit of homecare articles beneath the cast Sleek. Expanding into Asian region, in 2002 Kino opened its annex appointment in Malaysia; Kino Affliction (M) Sdn. Bhd. , and in 2003 in the Philippine; Kino Customer Philippines Inc. and additionally accustomed distributorships with some alternative big benefactor companies in Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and Myanmar. Kino Accumulation consists of the following: . PT KinoCare Era Kosmetindo : Claimed affliction and Home affliction articles (Kino Sweat, Ovale, Eskulin, B;B Kids Shampoo, Ellips, Sleek, Cap Kaki Tiga) 2. PT KinoSentra Industrindo: bonbon articles such as candies, candy and chocolates (Kino Candy) 3. PT KinoAid Indonesia : Pharmacy and Beverages (Resik V, Absolute, Panthers) 4. PT Duta Lestari Sentratama : Administration After about two decades, Kino Corporation Accumulation  products are now accessible in big distributors, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, bags of corrective food as able-bodied as  actor of baby acceptable outlets throughout  the Indonesian archipelago. Kino’s artefact affection has met all-embracing accepted qualification, accepted by the accession demands from the markets all over the world. II. BASIC CONCEPT AND THEORY The ambit of assay of “Adu Segar Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak vs. Kaki Tiga” case is focused on Consumer’s Artefact Ability and Captivation concept. Consumers accept altered levels of artefact knowledge, which they can use to adapt new advice and accomplish acquirement choices. Levels of ability are formed back bodies access abstracted acceptation concepts (accretion process) and amalgamate them into larger, added abstruse categories of ability (tuning). The levels of artefact ability are classified based on beneath spectrum: Added Abstract| | | Beneath Abstract| Artefact Class| Artefact Form| Brand| Model/Features| “Larutan Penyegar”| Ready-To- Drink| Cap Kaki Tiga| Original(Bottled , 200ml ; 500ml)Fruity taste(Canned, 330ml, accessible in 7 variants)| Because consumers are acceptable to accomplish abstracted acquirement decisions at anniversary akin of knowledge, marketers charge to accept how consumers adapt their artefact ability in agreement of these altered levels. Thus, based on this concept, the basal questions that ability appear are “What are the levels of artefact ability for “Larutan Penyegar”? and “Which are the ascendant factors that influencing consumer’s acquirement decision? ” The ability of consumers is organized into means-end alternation concept. In this concept, consumers can accept three types of artefact knowledge: * ability about the attributes or characteristics of products, * the absolute after-effects or allowances of application products, * the ethics the artefact helps consumers amuse or accomplish Articles as Bundles of Attributes The simplest band to call “Products as Bundles of Attributes” is that it is the concrete appropriate of the artefact itself. From a cerebral processing perspective, we ability admiration if consumers absolutely accept ability in anamnesis about all of these attributes and whether consumers absolutely actuate and use this ability back chief which articles and brands to buy. To appraise whether customer acquaintance of artefact attributes of “Larutan Penyegar” , we ability get the amount by allurement “Do you apperceive the basal capacity actuality acclimated in this product? or “Would you analyze the capacity of anniversary brand? ” Articles as Bundles of Allowances Marketers additionally admit that consumers generally anticipate about articles and brands in agreement of their after-effects rather than their attributes. Consumers can accept ability about two types of artefact consequences: anatomic and psychosocial. Anatomic after-effects are actual outcomes of application a artefact that consumers acquaintance rather anon while cerebral after-effects of artefact use are internal, claimed outcomes, such as how the artefact makes you feel. Articles as Amount Satisfiers Consumers additionally accept ability about the personal, allegorical ethics that articles and brands advice them amuse or achieve. Ethics generally absorb the affecting affect associated with such goals and needs (the able animosity and affections that accompany success). In adverse means–end alternation links consumers’ ability about artefact attributes with their ability about after-effects and values. In alternative words, consumers see best artefact attributes as a agency to some end. The end could be a aftereffect (a account or a risk) or a added abstruse value. A accepted representation of a means—end alternation has four levels: Brand| Attributes| Anatomic Consequences| Psychosocial Consequences| Value| Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga| Mixture of alleviative capacity | Advice abate abscessed throat | I feel bigger / healthy| -| Based on aloft figure, the agency – end alternation of Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga ends at the akin of psychosocial consequences. III. CONSUMER ANALYSIS Having all the questions abaft the basal concept, we charge get the acknowledgment in adjustment to accept the levels of customer artefact knowledge, the means-end alternation of “Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga” and whether consumers acquainted of the antagonism of “Cap Badak” vs. Cap Kaki Tiga” and if the subjected case influences the purchasing behavior. Therefore, a baby analysis was conducted with the afterward design: Methods: Quantitative, Face to Face account Geographic breadth : Jakarta, Bogor Sample belief : Customer of “Larutan Penyegar” with the afterward constraints: * 18+ years old * Acquirement accommodation maker for Larutan Penyegar RTD * Acquirement Larutan Penyegar RTD in aftermost 6 months Sample admeasurement : 21 samples Analysis findings: 1. Cap Kaki Tiga name dominates the Top of Apperception acquaintance by 90%, larboard Cap Badak with alone 10% TOM. | Cap Kaki Tiga| Cap Badak| Top of Apperception Awareness| 90%| 10%| Q: Thinking about “Larutan Penyegar” brands, what cast name do you anticipate aboriginal of all? 2. 90% of respondents anamnesis their aftermost acquirement of Larutan Penyegar cast is Cap Kaki Tiga  | Cap Kaki Tiga| Cap Badak| Aftermost Purchase| 90%| 10%| Q: What was the brand(s) accept you bought in accomplished 6 months? 3. Interestingly, from 90% acknowledging who mentioned that their aftermost acquirement was Cap Kaki Tiga, alone 19% who can analyze the new packaging of Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga and chose it, while 62% of the acknowledging best acceptable anamnesis beheld adumbration of Badak and chose Cap Badak brand. The blow 19% didn’t bethink which canteen that they bought. | Cap Kaki Tiga| Cap Badak| Don't Remember| Beheld Imagery| 19%| 62%| 19%| Q: Now I would like to apperceive how accustomed you are with the ”Larutan Penyegar” product. 1 set bottles of Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga vs. Cap Badak, and point which canteen they bought the aftermost time 4. 90% of the acknowledging does not acquainted about the antagonism about the artefact  | Not Aware| Aware| Acquaintance about the case| 90%| 10%| Q: Do you apperceive that currently there are two altered products? 5. After the respondents are told about the abrupt description whether the “old” Cap Kaki Tiga is currently produced by altered architect (PT Kinocare), and the architect of “old” Cap Kaki Tiga is now bearing Cap Badak, alone 10% of acknowledging who adopt Cap Kaki Tiga, 52% adopt Cap Badak and 38% would accept any articles that is accessible in the store. | Cap Kaki Tiga| Cap Badak| Anything| Cast Preference| 10%| 52%| 38%| Q : After you accept the ability that currently there are 2 brands, which product(s) that you would choose? To summarize, based on the analysis above, the insights are: 1. Best of the respondents (90%) do not acquainted about the antagonism of Larutan Penyegar articles from the two brands (“Cap Badak” vs. “Cap Kaki Tiga”). 2. Inconsistency happened on cast name and artefact recollection. The aerial acknowledging apperception allotment on “Cap Kaki Tiga” name (90%) is not translated into artefact acclamation (19%) due to bodies actual anamnesis about the artefact is anchored in the able beheld angel of the “Badak” packaging. 3. An absorbing actuality appears back respondents are told about the aberration of the brands, ironically best of them (52% vs 10%) adopt to accept “Cap Badak” instead of “Cap Kaki Tiga”. However, there is still an befalling for “Cap Kaki Tiga” to win the 38% acknowledging who would accept any brands. Then, based on insights above, we can analyze few problems of Cap Kaki Tiga accepted products, which are: 1. “Badak” logo adumbration is actual able in consumer’s mind. To win over “Badak” angel is absolutely absurd eventhough consumers accept able acquaintance on “Cap Kaki Tiga” name. If both articles accept to be in head-to arch competition, such in display, best acceptable consumers will consistently accept “Cap Badak”. 2. From interviews, we got few comments about “Cap Kaki Tiga” logo which is not absolutely accustomed and don’t attending absorbing at all. Some of them anticipate that logo of “Cap Kaki Tiga” makes the artefact looks like a fake. Some alike anticipation the logo looks associated with poisonous mosquito-killer insecticide artefact logo. IV. RECOMMENDATION “RECOVERY/SOLVING” AND KEY LEARNING Our accumulation proposes several recommendations for “Cap Kaki Tiga” cast to be considered: 1. Barrage new architecture of “Cap Kaki Tiga” with absolutely alpha new accomplished concepts (packaging design, formats and business communications). a. Changes of packaging architecture should accent on the “Cap Kaki Tiga” name, as its able point, and abbreviate the admeasurement of “Cap Kaki Tiga” logo, as its weakness point. b. Changes of canteen architecture with new shapes. We analyzed that with aforementioned canteen architecture as “Cap Badak”, it won’t be benign for “Cap Kaki Tiga”. The acumen for that is the customer will consistently accessory the canteen architecture with “Badak” painting in it and they would best acceptable adopt it and accept the “Cap Kaki Tiga” accepted aforementioned architecture as a fake. c. To abutment the changes in architecture and canteen format, we accept to accord able business communications emphasizing on actual “journey” of aboriginal “Cap Kaki Tiga” cast product. This access has the ultimate ambition to accentuate the boldness of the cast with “Cap Kaki Tiga” as the holder of official authorization from Wen Ken Drugs aback the actual alpha and actualize customer aplomb that the artefact is not a fake. . In adjustment to access customer involvement, we acclaim Cap Kaki Tiga to tap into adolescent articulation through its flavored alternative artefact band by communicating “Larutan penyegar” as circadian beverage. Through this strategy, it is accepted to actualize a new angel and acumen that a customer does not accept to delay until he feels abscessed throat to absorb “Larutan Penyegar”. To abutment this strategy, Cap Kaki Tiga ability conduct a business accident that advance consumer’s captivation in the acceptance of the product, for archetype : administering 10K Running Antagonism for charity, advocacy in sports antagonism (e. IBL) as the official beverage, advocacy in academy anniversary music festival, and so on. 3. Strengthen administration approach is additionally key action “Cap Kaki Tiga” accept to analyze to win the competition. To ambition aloof consumers, availability of the artefact is a must. Kino should accept ability on this area, aback alternative Kino’s articles are already able in distributions. 4. Accept added analysis (ZMET Study) in adjustment to get added insights on: d. The cast and logo association, how “Cap Kaki Tiga” cast and logo can affect the customer acquirement decision. e. To accept the key acumen for acquirement and additionally the affecting blow point so we are able to advance able business attack on the new abstraction barrage Key learnings from our abstraction on “Cap Kaki Tiga” brand, declared as following: 1. Top of apperception acquaintance of cast is not necessarily translated into consumer’s accommodation to acquirement (share of market) for the case of “Larutan Penyegar” competition. Therefore, an able business action is bare to drive customer acquirement furthermore. 2. Aerial brands acquaintance agency annihilation if the consumers don’t acquainted about the artefact itself. A artefact charge accept a character to be able to analyze itself from the army and called by the consumers. 3. “Cap Kaki Tiga” has to try to go out from ‘Red Ocean’ antagonism with “Cap Badak”. The added they are aggravating to attempt head-to arch with agnate abstraction as “Cap Badak”, the beneath befalling for Cap Kaki Tiga to win “Larutan Penyegar” competition. 4. It account to accept a attempt on activity to the bazaar with alpha new accomplished concepts, because “Cap Kaki Tiga” has befalling to be the ‘offense’ side, rather than “Cap Badak” as defense’ side. Offense as to grab the aloof bazaar as mentioned afore on the concise basis, and to grab the accepted bazaar allotment from “Cap Badak” on best appellation period. V. REFERENCE 1. Peter, J. Paul & Jerry C. Olson, “Consumer Behavior and Business Strategy”, 9th edition, McGraw-Hill All-embracing Edition, 2010. 2. http://www. wenken. com 3. http://harrysanusi. blogspot. com/ 4. capkakitiga. com 5. Suryadi, Dede, “Adu Segar Larutan Penyegar”, SWA Magazine Copy 22, October 2011.

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