The Angel-William Blake

I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? And that I was a beginning Queen Guarded by an Angel mild: Witless woe was close beguiled! And I wept both night and day, And he wiped my tears away; And I wept both day and night, And hid from him my heart's delight. So he took his wings, and fled; Then the morn blushed aflush red. I broiled my tears, and armed my fears With ten-thousand bouncer and spears. Soon my Angel came again; I was armed, he came in vain; For the time of adolescence was fled, And blah hairs were on my head. Analysis Personal- I acquire that Blake is emphasizing that actuality that back we are adolescent we are encouraged to dream and to acquire fun because of our chastity and abridgement of ability of the consequences. But as we become earlier we are guided into accomplishing assertive goals because we now acquire the situations that we face. I acquire that Blake is adage that we should alive in the present and not the future, because our chastity (our youth) can never be regained but our acuteness is continuous. I acquire that the 'Angel' in this composition is apropos to our parent's, because wrought the acceptable and the bad, our parent's will be there to advice us. Literal- back Blake refers to the chat "l", he is apropos to himself. He believed that he was the Beginning Queen. In the additional stanza, the Angel offers its adulation to the Beginning Queen, but the Beginning Queen does not acquire it. In the third arrangement we apprehend that the Queen is now accommodating to acquire the Angel's love, by arming his cocky with 10,000 bouncer and spears. The bouncer represent aegis from actuality hurt, and the spears represent inflicting accident adjoin bodies who amiss him. In the fourth arrangement we apprehend the Angel had appear afresh but came in vain. So Blake was now accommodating to adulation the Angel but as he had become old with blah hair, the Angel came in vain, this meant that the Angel could not adulation Blake. Time Period The Angel was accounting during the Romantic Era. It is a four-stanza composition accounting in quatrains, consisting of 4 curve and two sets of balladry couplets in each. Relation to the Romantic Era The Angel accounting by William Blake demonstrates an accent of emotion, abridgement of redeem and the acceptance of claimed experience. Emphasis of affect it approved back Blake writes "And I wept both night and day, And he wiped my tears away'. This indicates that the Angel has an appulse on Flake's life, which had impacted him in abounding altered ways. A abridgement of abandon is approved back Blake writes "Soon my Angel came again" as he spent abounding years adherent to advancing for the Angel's return. Also back he writes "Guarded by an Angel mild", advertence that Blake was cloistral by his Angel during his childhood. Recognition of claimed acquaintance is exemplified throughout the absolute poem. Some examples are approved back Blake writes "And that I was a beginning Queen, So he took his wings, and fled, Soon my Angel came again," these statements highlight the adventures Blake had his Angel. Stylistic Devices Balladry brace Biblical allusion Why I chose this composition I chose this composition because I acquire that Blake was one of the best poets during his time. Even admitting he may acquire been a greatest poet, this is one of the alone balladry that I absolutely enjoy.

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