The Advantages Of Peer To Peer Education Education Essay

Peer-to-peer apprenticeship was adopted in abounding countries about the world. Precisely, if we pay our absorption to attending about in the academy campuses or the libraries, we shall see abounding groups of acceptance discussing the assorted topics. Alike admitting we do not apperceive what they are talking about, we can accept that they are administration the ideas, belief or advice to anniversary other. This is alleged Peer-to-Peer education. In fact, Peer-to-Peer education’s analogue is agnate to Peer education’s. Based on the definitions acquired from Peer Apprenticeship Training of Trainers Chiral (2003) and the online concordance from, we begin the followings:

Peer apprenticeship is the action whereby acquiescent and motivated adolescent bodies undertake breezy or organized educational activities with their aeon (those agnate to themselves in age, accomplishments or interests) over a aeon of time, aimed at developing their knowledge, attitudes, behavior and abilities and enabling them to be amenable for and assure their own health. Peer apprenticeship can booty abode in baby groups or through alone acquaintance and in a array of settings: in schools and universities, clubs, churches, workplaces, on the artery or in a shelter, or wherever adolescent bodies gather. (10)

Peer-to-Peer apprenticeship is a anatomy of acquirements in which one actuality learns from accession person, after one accepting to be a “teacher”, and the alternative one actuality a “student”. The chat is accompanying to peer-to-peer technologies in internet, like downloading music p2p, from one computer to another.

Additionally, Susie Green additionally gave the agnate analogue of peer-to-peer education, which is agnate to antecedent definition; however, she added added that it should be for all bodies behindhand of their ages, contest or position. There are abounding questions which accept been asked that why peer-to-peer apprenticeship is so accepted and why abounding countries try to accept Peer-to-Peer education. Perhaps it has abounding advantages. Therefore it is the appropriate time to amount out the answers.

Based on architecture a absolute acquirements ambiance in academy campus, peer-to-peer apprenticeship attempts to advance students’ “academic, social, and job-related skills” (Lipsky, 2010). Actually, absolute acquirements ambiance refers to the accumulation abstraction which is able by the students. Peer-to-peer educators, who are accepted as acceptance or tutors, are accredit to allotment as able-bodied as barter their account and sources about the accountable affairs with anniversary other. Ideally, the students, sitting in the chic and celebratory every allotment of the lesson, are believed to accept the assignment well. In reality, some acceptance may not be able to bolt up every distinct point that has been able by their teachers. Therefore, peer-to-peer apprenticeship is a acceptable band-aid which is commonly acclimated to ample the gaps that the acceptance accept in agreement of autumn and carrying the understandings of the accountable amount which are agreeably donated by alternative participants, who acquired the bigger compassionate central class. Aural the peer-to-peer acquirements group, anemic acceptance can blot the credibility that they did not bolt up in the chic previously, and additionally they can accompany the discussion; that is to say, The participants “have appropriate to accurate their own value, belief moral and opinion” (Aidnet, 2003, p. 25). Moreover, they can allotment responsibilities amid their aeon to amount out added abundant advice accompanying to affair of their accumulation abstraction which requires them to do added analytic and again present it to the accumulation members. Sooner or later, the acceptance will advance their bookish skills, which are acceptant abilities and advantageous skills. Best importantly, peer-to-peer educators are declared to accretion some added abilities such as able presentation and management, which helps advance their knowledge, aplomb and job-related skills.

Literally, peer-to-peer apprenticeship is action of chain bodies who accept altered cultures and attitudes aural the peer-to-peer educational space. Precisely, mentioned by John N, Gardner (2010, p. 41-42), cultural assortment may advance to the confusions amid people, and it may account the conflicts in society. Therefore, in some occasions in school, acceptance are angry to appearance their own ability by assuming their acceptable ball or cutting their acceptable clothes. The purpose of accomplishing this is to accord the acceptance the befalling to allotment their culture, which represents their countries, with the alternative students. Added than that, Lynne Tammi and Susie Green acicular out peer-to-peer apprenticeship is an important aspect for Cultural Assortment activity because their aim is the same; that is to say, they tend to accomplish adaptation and advance people’s apropos the amount of anniversary other. Precisely, peer-to-peer apprenticeship encourages bodies to apprentice the alternative cultures from their peers. As a advertence to a abstraction by John N, Gardner (2010, affiliate 3), we accept abstruse that while the “discrimination, ageism and stereotypes” are handled and eliminated, peer-to-peer educators are able to accretion the acquaintance of alternative cultures, which accredit them to body a acceptable affinity and alive with anniversary alternative beneath the aforementioned roof.

Peer-to-peer apprenticeship is the agitator for facilitate the students’ accretion of the ability about bloom affair such as HIV/AID or diabetes in the communities. Actually, the accumulation media plays a above role in advanced overextension the ability about bloom issue, abnormally for adult. However, it may not be able to awning all the genitalia after peer-to-peer education. In this case, peer-to-peer apprenticeship helps overextension and allegorical the advice accompanying to animal health, which ability appear to adults, such HIV/AID. In Peer apprenticeship training of trainer chiral (2003, p. 12-15), there is a acceptable archetype advertence the botheration of condom usage. In illustration, condom has been alien on TV; however, the specific detail about how to use it is still not defined for some adults. In one accession case, a adolescent man is acquainted of the advantages of application condom and the apprenticeship to use it; however, he does not apperceive area he can acquisition or buy it by himself. Therefore, the adults can allocution with their accompany who are abreast or accept abundant acquaintance about it secretly. In addition, Mr. Chean Men, who is biologist, able his assignment with “MoPoTsyo” to advice villagers handle diabetes. He bidding his assessment about application peer-to-peer apprenticeship in Cambodia. He declared that during his assignment on investigating the diabetes in the Cambodia abnormally in the rural communities, his colleagues and he acquired a huge acquaintance that peer-to-peer apprenticeship is the best adjustment to advertise the advice about diabetes and calmly access the bodies who charge help. First of all, they went to the bounded academy and aggregate what they accept abstruse about the evidence of diabetes and the base of preventing it to the agents and the volunteers in purpose to animate them to advance the advice to acceptance and the villagers, which gave a acceptable brand eventually. Nowadays the bloom affair is no best the botheration for bodies including men and women because they are encouraged to allocution and to accede that bloom botheration is not a claimed problem; in fact, it is everyone’s problem.

In conclusion, Peer-to-Peer apprenticeship helps abounding bodies such as adults and acceptance to accomplish in accepting abilities such job-related abilities and bookish skills. It additionally helps acceptance to compassionate about the ability relativism and unity, and best importantly, it stimulates developed to altercate bloom issues with their accompany and experts in adjustment to advance their concrete and affecting health. Therefore, Peer-to-Peer apprenticeship is an important adjustment that has been acclimated and should be acclimated in abounding countries, abnormally in developing countries alike if the accumulation media has able its assignment well.

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