The 2003 Case Study and the Present Challenges of Wal-Mart

In the 2003 Case Abstraction of Wal-Mart, there accept been several threats that accept been mentioned and lengthily discussed. But apparently one of the said threats that accept been declared in the said case abstraction is the attendance of annealed antagonism that may accompany the ascendancy of Wal-Mart as the better retail abundance about the apple in jeopardy. True to the case abstraction done in 2003, one of the better problems actuality faced and challenges the actuality of Wal-Mart in the industry is the antagonism actuality brought by the bounded competitors and Carrefour, the additional arch banker in the apple in agreement of acquirement earning. Carrefour poses a abundant blackmail to Wal-Mart back the above is accomplishing actual able-bodied in agreeable in business internationally. Moreover, Carrefour holds the administration in the bazaar in China. Nevertheless, this blackmail of antagonism from a battling big retail abundance is accepted to be an abiding claiming to the business and administration of Wal-Mart in the retail industry. Any close affianced in a business is abiding to acquaintance annealed antagonism from battling players in the industry. References Bonini, S.M. J. , Mendonca, L. T. , & Oppenheim, J. M. (2006). When Social Issues Become Strategic. McKinsey Quarterly. 2, 20-32 Chambers, S. (2006). Reviewing and Revising Walmart’s Benefits Strategy. BOD Retreat FY06: Benefits Strategy. Docutek ERes. Retrieved January 28, 2008 from http://ereserves. webster. edu/eres/docs/15316/walmart_benefits_strategy_fy06. pdf “Datamonitor,” (October, 2007). Wal-Mart Abundance Inc: Company Profile. Retrieved January 28, 2008, from http://web. EBSCOhost. com. ezlibproxy. unisa. edu. au/bsi/pdf? vid=7&hid=7&sid=761665bd-430b-4e9e-a4af-0e48bb421fde%40sessionmgr8 “Diversity,” (n. d. ). Diversity. Walmart stores. Retrieved January 29, 2008, from http://walmartstores. com/GlobalWMStoresWeb/navigate. do? catg=518 Greenhouse, S. & Barbaro, M. (2005, October 26). Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways Cut Employee Benefit Costs. The New York Times. p. 1 Head, S. (2004). Inside Leviathan. New York Review of Books. 51 (20) Retrieved January 29, 2008, from http://ereserves. webster. edu/eres/docs/16841/nyrev_walmart. RTF “Lee Scott On Why,” (2005). Lee Scott On Why Wal-Mart Is Playing Nicer. Business Week. 3953, 94. edu/eres/docs/18407/why_walmart_is_playing_nicer_buswk_03oct2005. doc Payton, P. (2005). Wal-Mart Experimental Stores: Environments of Scale. European Retail Digest. 48, 7-12 Rugman, A. M. , Dosset, A. (2005). Wal-Mart and Carrefour as Home Region Multinationals. European Retail Digest. 48, 61-65.

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