Texas government

Texas political ability and backroom accept produced a different afterlife of accessible policies. Some (not decidedly a fair cardinal of Texans) accept captivated Texas up as a archetypal for the blow of the country citation its able-bodied almanac in bread-and-butter advance compared to the blow of the country. Critics accept countered that Texas' accessible behavior are hopelessly mired in the ethics of an era that has passed, abuse abounding of its best accessible citizens, and cannot be a alley map to the state's approaching success. What do you think? Discuss with advertence to: (a) Bread-and-butter and tax policy. (b) Social casework and welfare. (c) Energy and ecology policy. Your Platform, and Affair Politics: (you accept to booty both surveys!) Know yourself.  Booty these surveys to analyze your political leanings: http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-party-quiz/ (Political affair quiz) http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/  (Ideology quiz) Submit screenshots of your after-effects (both surveys). Explain your results.  What do they say about you? https://www.texasgop.org/platform/  https://www.txdemocrats.org/our-party/texas-democratic-party-platform/  Examine your political ethics and analyze them to the bidding ethics of both parties.  Do your account about the role of government, politics, and action adjust with one accurate party? description: Assignment charge be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, afterward MLA formatting and charge be submitted as either chat doc or PDF.  No alternative formats will be graded.  (This includes google docs and pages.  I will not brand them.)  An MLA adviser and archetype cardboard may additionally be begin beneath “Student Resources” in eCampus.  Spelling and grammar count.  Use a spell checker and use able grammar.  If you accept a charge for abetment with any autograph assignment, amuse accredit to "THE ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER (ASC)"on your syllabus. Aassignment is due via eCampus.  You will upload it beneath the Assignments tab.  DO NOT TYPE THEM IN THE SPACE PROVIDED OR CUT AND PASTE YOUR DOCUMENT. No acclaim will be accustomed unless you chase the admonition for submissions.  They charge be typed in a chat doc, or PDF certificate and uploaded according to the afterward directions:  Click on the Appointment tab in eCampus. Browse for your completed, typed certificate afterwards adhering your document. Click the abide button.   .No assignments are accustomed via email.  If you absence the borderline to about-face an appointment in (even by a few minutes), your appointment will not be accepted, unless you accommodated the exceptions listed in the syllabus.  Assignment charge be accounting in branch (essay) format.  Do not number, letter, etc. paragraphs to denote a acknowledgment to a assertive catechism or use ammo points.  Do not re-type the appointment prompts aural the assignment.  I apperceive what the appointment is about and am acquainted you are accomplishing this in attack to accomplish your cardboard attending longer.  You charge chase the admonition for abounding credit.  This includes uploading it to the appointment per the instructions, able in-text citations, works cited and folio requirements. An important bulletin on cardboard citations There are no minimum cardinal of sources appropriate for assignments.  All assignments charge be researched and accommodate sources, but how abounding you use will depend on the alone student.  If you are accustomed sources through an assignment, they charge be cited.  If you use alternative sources, they charge be cited too.  You MUST consistently appropriately adduce your sources.  Failure to adduce sources will aftereffect in a 0 for appropriation for the absolute assignment.  I won't brand a cardboard afterwards sources and in-text citations.  Unless contrarily noted, all assignments are based on analysis and not your opinion.  You may absolutely accommodate your opinion, but alone afterwards you've absolutely researched the affair abundant to accept formed an accomplished opinion.  All assignments will crave able documentation.  Citations do not calculation appear your minimum folio count.  They are in addition.  NOTE: Scholarly bookish sources are appropriate for every assignment.  This agency application peer-reviewed sources ONLY.  If you accept questions about what “peer-reviewed” means, see the autograph centermost at NLC.  Wikipedia is NEVER an adequate antecedent as it is not peer-reviewed.  DON'T USE IT.

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