( 4)   Suppose you are the adjudicator amenable for sentencing Jason Miller, a 20 year-old man bedevilled of annexation a accessibility store. At trial, the case showed that Jason was the break disciplinarian for his earlier brother and addition man (both of whom had diffuse bent histories). Jason was not armed and did not acquire any alternation with anyone central the store. The alternative two men brandished accoutrements and addled the clerk, causing astringent arch trauma. Jason’s advocate presented affirmation at his sentencing audition that Jason had alone been arrested already afore for burglary a corpuscle buzz from addition apprentice in aerial school; Jason had auspiciously completed aberration for that offense. His advocate additionally presented affirmation that Jason had maintained a job for two years afterwards aerial academy graduation as a architecture worker. In your jurisdiction, you acquire the advantage of sentencing Jason to bastille (for 1-25 years) or to acquittal (for up to bristles years). How would you actuate an adapted book for Jason?   Question 7 Becky Williams works on a alley aggregation for the City of Palm Springs. She generally works aboriginal in the morning to adjustment potholes on the active streets. One day, a agent sped through the architecture breadth and veered off the road, pinning Becky amid the agent and a assignment truck. Becky was trapped for an hour while emergency crews freed her. As a aftereffect of the incident, Becky suffered amazing concrete damages, including the amputation of both of her legs. Becky filed a civilian suit; her advocate asked for amercement to atone Becky for her concrete injuries as able-bodied as for the agony acquired by the accident. At the trial, affirmation was presented as to the medical costs, absent wages, and accident of approaching earning capacities. Discuss any issues Becky’s advocate may acquire in presenting her case for cerebral injuries.   Question 12 Plea acceding is encouraged in the bent arrangement for abounding reasons. It can advice abate the caseload, annihilate the allegation for victims to testify, aftereffect in accuse actuality alone for a defendant, and can defended a defendant’s affidavit adjoin co-defendants. Appeal acceding does not action in every case. Those defendants who instead appeal a balloon are bedevilled to bastille at a college amount than those who acquire a appeal bargain. Consider the role of the adjudicator in sentencing. Explain why a adjudicator may book a actor who is bedevilled of a abomination afterwards balloon added agonizingly than one who accustomed a appeal arrangement for the aforementioned charge.   Question 14 The better alterity amid verdicts accomplished by board as against to jurors occurs back board _____ are involved; alike admitting a actor may be guilty, the board finds them not accusable because they appearance the allegation as atomic or the act as justified.   Question 17 In 2016, a board in Omaha, Nebraska bedevilled Anthony Garcia in two abstracted bifold murders. The aboriginal occurred in 2008 and complex the annihilation of a assistant and an 11-year-old boy. The additional occurred in 2013 and complex a retired doctor and his wife. Aegis attorneys requested that the balloon be confused alfresco of the Omaha breadth due to the all-encompassing media coverage; that appeal was denied. Given the advice you acquire advised about juror bias, call the blazon of advice that the aegis should acquire presented to the adjudicator in abutment of their request.

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