Tesla and Gm Proposed Merger

FINC 664W University of Redlands Capstone Paper General Motors and Tesla Alliance Juan Carrillo, Shane Cheek, Jeffrey Haynes, and Peter Delacruz February 23, 2013 Dear Fellow Shareholders: A affair of Shareholders is appointed for Saturday, February 23, 2013. Amidst is a archetype of our proxy statement. At this affair of shareholders, the Lath of Admiral will be gluttonous approval to access Tesla Motors. The Lath of Admiral believes that this alliance will accommodate General Motors revenue, growth, and advancing bend to our absolute artefact mix. Additional advice apropos this bulk is presented in the anatomy of the proxy statement. We animate you to assay this information. Please booty a moment and sign, date, and acknowledgment the amidst anatomy of proxy. This way your shares will be represented whether or not you are able to appear the meeting. We would like to acknowledge you for your absorption to this bulk and for your connected support. Respectfully, Chief Executive Officer General Motors and Tesla Alliance The General Motors-Tesla accretion is a abundant befalling to amalgamate agnate and avant-garde companies in the auto industry. The afterward address will advice annotate why we are assured that this accretion allegation booty place. We will accommodate you with abundant advice in commendations to our affidavit and considerations why this alliance allegation booty abode and how it allowances General Motors, Tesla Motors anniversary company’s shareholders and consumers. General Motors (G. M. ) accretion of Tesla will booty this aggregation avant-garde and position us with arch bend technology in the industry, possibly demography over Toyota at the top. G. M. can advance Tesla’s accession and technologies to abide to move avant-garde with our eyes to design, build, and advertise the world’s best cars. Conversely, Tesla’s can advance GM’s accomplishment accessories and administration channels to exercise economies of calibration and achieve their goals of authoritative electric cars attainable to all amusing classes. In addition, Tesla can use GM to advice them with their affairs acid their debt to the U. S. government. Moreover, with the synergies amidst these two companies, the bulk of electric cartage will be affordable. The bulk of electric cartage today makes them attainable alone for the flush but with this merger, the eyes of Tesla to administer electric affordable cars accepted will appear to fruition. Furthermore, considerations and affidavit for this alliance will additionally be discussed. In this address we will present an overview of both companies, strategies, SWOT and STEEP analysis, artefact development, absolution for the merger, attributes of the offer, affiliation plan, financials, accident and, affidavit why alliance should be accustomed by G. M. and TSLA shareholders and lath of directors. GM's Strategy: Vision: To design, body and advertise the world’s best cartage (Akerson, 2010). Mission: "G. M. is a bunch association affianced in socially amenable operations, worldwide. It is committed to accommodate articles and casework of such affection that our barter will accept aloft bulk while our advisers and business ally will allotment in our success and our stockholders will accept a abiding aloft acknowledgment on their investment" (Buchen, 2011). Area G. M. started. Avant-garde Thinking: GM was started by a horse carrying salesman alleged William Crapo "Billy" Durant in 1908. Prior to that Billy started his own carrying accomplishment aggregation in 1886 and managed to about-face $2,000 into $2 million. Around the 1900’s baby absolute makers were bearing gasoline-powered carriages in garages. These carriages were not accepted as there were actual few in use. Instead of angry the new technology Durant accepted change, anticipation forward, and bought a baby gas-powered carrying accomplishment aggregation alleged Buick. At the time there had alone been 37 Buicks anytime sold. Shortly afterwards affairs Buick Durant fabricated improvements to the Buick and showed it at the New York auto appearance in 1904. He larboard the auto appearance that year with added than 1,000 orders for the Buick (Folsom, 1998). Because of Durant’s alertness to embrace change and the needs of the markets, G. M. ould anon become the industry baton in claimed busline and would abide there for the abutting 70 years. GM additionally was avant-garde cerebration aback because their employees. G. M. was a baton in compensating their advisers favorably, while always churning out a abiding assets for investors consistent from their accelerated growth. The alignment additionally provided by far one of the country’s best copious bloom affliction and account plans. Throughout the 1950s G. M. leaders and workers were admiring to acknowledge the aggregation had the accomplished compensated advisers in the US. To ensure advisers were attainable to acknowledgment afterwards shutdowns for archetypal year changes, G. M. consented to a advocate abutment article that compensated workers idled by shutdowns. Also, G. M. fabricated attainable abundant alimony affairs with cogent retirement advantage and best allowances for adept employees. This “Success Formula” acceptable G. M. to booty ascendancy of the industry. The company’s character to be the bigger – the General – was conjugal to their action of owning the bigger administration forth with the broadest artefact range. And the Success Formula was effective, as anniversary and every year G. M. awash far added cars and trucks compared to anyone away alike while creating outstanding ante of acknowledgment from the 1940s throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s. GM would not abide today nor would they accept been so acknowledged if Mr. Durant had not acclimatized to the changes in the claimed busline bazaar afore it was attainable to the competition. Ultimately, this is blazon of avant-garde and avant-garde cerebration is what leads to companies demography a advantageous ascendancy of a bazaar appropriately banishment the antagonism to comedy bolt up. This blazon of avant-garde cerebration is what has helped G. M. to achieve their mission of accouterment their shareholders a aloft acknowledgment on their advance and it is their ambition to abide in this blazon of success. Accepted State of the Market: The U. S. bazaar is the bigger in the apple for the auto industry, but due to the assimilation of automobiles attainable in the U. S. market, it is not a bazaar of accelerated growth. However, addition arising economies are. Nations like China, Europe, Japan and India all accept abundant abeyant for able growth. China in accurate is assertive for accelerated boilerplate chic amplification and conomic growth, which makes them a prime bazaar to explore. “Over the accomplished decade, G. M. and our collective adventure ally accept congenital a arch position in China - the world’s bigger automotive bazaar - with allotment accretion from 3. 4 percent in 2000 to our accepted 12. 8 percent (in 2012). ”(General Motors Aggregation 2010 Anniversary Report, 2010) GM has gone from actuality the baton in the Chinese auto industry aback 2005, to accident the bazaar advance in 2012. The antagonism has bent up with G. M. already afresh as they did in the U. S. It’s now time for G. M. to change the game, in the U. S. nd in China. They accept abeyant to booty a advantageous advance in the industry by afterward the accomplishments of Mr. Durant in 1904, by cerebration avant-garde and all-embracing the about-face in the market. There are abounding factors to be advised by players in the auto industry and what access will appulse their markets. We will focus on three factors we accede analytical to GM's approaching success; abuse and regulation, supply, address and bulk of oil and the accelerated adjustment and annex of automobiles in China and the regulations that will bind commonly powered vehicles. Abuse and Regulation Due to the abridgement of adjustment of emissions abounding ample cities in China accept the atomic affection air in the apple (McIntyre, 2010). “Air affection has connected been a botheration in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and levels accept been appear to be added than 30 times aloft the akin declared safe by the Apple Bloom Organization” (Branigan, 2013). China’s arch account of afterlife is cardiovascular ache and respiratory ache that attributed to 53% of China’s anniversary deaths (World Bloom Organization, 2011). In an attack to abate air abuse the Chinese government has began to adapt their citizens use of automobiles. There are restrictions on what canicule authentic groups of bodies can drive their autos. Also, the beyond cities accept bound the cardinal of accepted gasoline powered cartage that can be registered anniversary year. This brake does not administer to electric vehicles. Supply, address and bulk of oil The accepted accumulation of oil is abreast the accomplished levels in history yet the address is anytime yet increasing. This has, and will continue, to access the bulk of gasoline. This access will abide to move the apple away from the aloof use of gasoline-powered vehicles. Admitting oil burning has teadied in the U. S. it alone continues to access at a aerial bulk and is projected to abide through 2035. The added bulk to adeptness claimed cartage will acceptable barrier consumers purchases of gasoline ammunition cars. Abounding of China’s citizens are aloof entering into the car bazaar for the aboriginal time because abounding of them accept alone afresh accomplished a akin of disposable income, which accustomed them to access the market. With accretion ammunition costs, government allotment restrictions and banking incentives Chinese consumers may be afflicted from purchasing a accepted gas powered car. Rapid of Auto Industry in China and Government Abutment Rising incomes and a growing boilerplate chic creating a beyond chump adeptness accept fueled calm demand. The acquirement of an auto is added acceptable a attribute of banking success (APCO Worldwide, 2010). The Chinese abridgement is adequate the auto industry bang and does not appetite to apathetic its progress, but admits the abuse consistent from added automobiles on the streets of China will force them to advance acceptable transportation. A address by the Chinese Appointment of the State Council states, “The auto industry is an important colonnade industry of the civic economy, and the auto industry is an important colonnade industry of the civic economy, and plays an important role in the civic bread-and-butter and amusing development” (The State Council, China, 2012). In 2009 the affairs abeyant for claimed busline advance in China was immense. In China, per capita car affairs was still alone 4. 78% in 2009, as compared to 40% in developed nations. This is a able assurance that calm address for commuter cartage will abide aerial in years to come. ” (APCO Worldwide, 2010). China’s Ministry of Technology has laid out a plan and targets that will acquiesce China to progressively about-face adjoin electric vehicles, accurately 2 actor electric cars by 2020. Their specific goals are to: - Best dispatch of not beneath than 100 km/h (62 mph) - All-electric active ranges of not beneath than 150 km (93 miles) and 50 km (31 miles), appropriately - Array power/kg ambition of 150W/kg, at a bulk of 2 Yuan/Wh ($0. 1/Wh), with a aeon activity of 2,000 or added than 10 years - Electric drive arrangement adeptness body of 2. 5 kW/kg, at a bulk of 200 yuan/kW. - In 2020, the array bore should accept a specific activity of 300 Wh/kg or more. ” (Millikin,2012). Area is the bazaar going? The quickest crumbling clandestine busline exchange is afterwards a agnosticism China. McKinsey & Co, the all-around management-consulting firm, has credible that China's automotive bazaar will access anniversary year by 8% to 22 actor anniversary auto sales by 2020. The address additionally declared the actualization in China's auto industry would be led by new buyers in China. Estimations alter as to how all-embracing the Chinese auto bazaar will be by the end of the decade. Bob Socia, the G. M. China admiral has alike stated, "A accord is basic that sales may dispatch to as abounding as 30 actor cartage by 2020. ” (Higgins, 2013) http://www. economist. com/node/18898433 Electric cars, specifically, are the arising advance market. Currently, electric car advance is from 2011 to 2012 was “approximately 600%” (Wahlman, 2012). The electric agent markets are projected to abound to 7% of absolute car sales in China, 8% in Europe and 5% in Japan by 2020 (The Economist, 2011). In a address by China’s State Council will apparatus affairs and allotment to body an basement and incentives to facilitate the advance and use of electric cartage in China. They are currently allotment the accession of over 400,000 charging stations throughout the country and over $9,000 in rebates for consumers purchasing an electric vehicle. Also, the government is appropriation all allotment limitations for EV’s and brake for active limitations on any accurate day for gasoline-powered cars will not administer to owners of electric cars. Abounding addition countries of the apple are acknowledging and allotment electric car basement as well. The Acceptable Development Ministry of France has appear to advance the accession of 400,000 charging credibility in France up to 2015 as able-bodied (INRETS, 2012). France has committed $3. 6 billion over the abutting 10 years to angel the architecture of basement and adjustment of their adeptness filigree for electric cars. The Dutch government created the “Formula E Team,” and affairs to put up 10,000 charging credibility by 2012. The Portuguese government wants to enlarge to renewable activity area up to 60% and acceptance of electric cartage and access the cardinal of charging stations in Portugal by 1300. There is a connected account of countries that are creating behavior and regulations that will force the auto industry to advance electric cars. So area does G. M. fit in with the auto bazaar of tomorrow? Currently G. M. is not assertive to booty a advance in the Chinese auto industry. G. M. has not fabricated advance in the Chinese bazaar and is currently falling behind. Accustomed the affirmation declared China should be the primary focus for GM. The Chinese needs are acutely authentic and definitively declared by the government. These needs are that of a car that Tesla is accommodating and able of carrying accustomed G. M. s infrastructure. Shareholders goals Accumulated Mission: "G. M. is a bunch association affianced in socially amenable operations, worldwide. It is committed to accommodate articles and casework of such affection that our barter will accept aloft bulk while our advisers and business ally will allotment in our success and our stockholders will accept a abiding aloft acknowledgment on their investment" (Buchen, 2011). Aback G. M. 's contempo IPO column bankruptcy, actor allotment accept been lacking. Their aboriginal day IPO bulk was abreast $34 and as of February the banal bulk is $27. Some would say they accept bootless to apprehend allotment of their accumulated mission, accepting aloft allotment for their shareholders. G. M. is still affairs the aforementioned affair they were afore their bankruptcy. They accept alone inched adjoin what government and consumers are blame for, electric cars. Their barren attack at a amalgam bootless to accommodated alike the over ten year old technology of the Toyota Prius. The electric array will get a defective 32 afar afore it’s asleep and has to about-face over to a, you estimated it, gasoline agent that gets 35 MPG. Investors are cogent G. M. hrough it’s banal bulk that they allegation to be avant-garde like their competitors, accretion added advance in the industry and they will accept to do this all bigger than their competitors. For abounding of the affidavit declared previously, G. M. can allay their stockholders by demography advantage of the adeptness and technology of a aggregation like Tesla. Competitors and their bread-and-butter position (Competitive position) Area is G. M. on the EV horizon? Able-bodied we adeptness say they accept yet to appear into view. According to General Motors CEO Dan Akerson says G. M. has a bigger than 50-50 adventitious to advance a car that will go to 200 afar on a allegation in the abutting four years. That would be a bold changer. ” says Akerson (Gordon-Bloomfeild, 2012). A 50% adventitious to actualize a car that gets added than 200 afar on a charge, you don’t say. Let’s see area the antagonism lies. Tesla already has two sports cars that beat 200 afar per allegation and they started from blemish two years ago. ECOmove, a Danish car builder, has created a bunched EV that has a ambit of 500 afar on a audible charge. The Li-ion Motors, X-Tracer, RaceAbout, Aptera, TW4XP and ZAP are all baby teams that accept developed cars that beat 200 afar per allegation and accept an electrically rated MPG of over 100 MPG. Unlike banknote affluent G. M. ’s 50-50 attack at a 200+ mile ambit on a audible allegation dream, these companies accept congenital these cars, some of which are activity into production, on a cartel account and about in their home garages. There is affluence of antagonism in this industry and like the baby gasoline powered carriages of yesteryear, actuality congenital in garages beyond America, baby companies beyond the apple are assertive to change the apple and the claimed busline bazaar forever. In addition words, G. M. is currently boilerplate to be credible in the approaching of the automotive industry. A balked but upbeat General Motors CEO (Dan Akerson) told advisers that he's alive to clean out fiefdoms that abide in the aggregation and accompany its adeptness into the 21st Century” (Krisher, 2012). As with G. M. ’s cars and technologies afterwards their defalcation not abundant has afflicted with their adeptness either. Abounding of the aerial and boilerplate administration accept retained their old ways. This shows through in their abridgement of eyes in the Chevrolet Volt. This car was their advertise car, the car that would prove they are a new aggregation attainable for the 21st century. It does appearance who they are and the eyes they have... if that angel is declared to be ten years ago. Our Ambition Accretion The Aggregation we are proposing that GM acquire/merge with is Tesla Motors. This is a abstracted all-electric car aggregation that was founded in 2003. We accept what Tesla Motors and its electric technology is at the beginning of the automotive alteration from the centralized agitation agent to greener alternatives. Why are approaching car buyers allotment greener alternatives? They are belief four altered factors of gas efficiency, ecology impact, technology, and cost. Gas adeptness is agency that is added important than believability for consumers. “According to a contempo abstraction by J. D. Adeptness & Associates, ammunition adeptness has replaced reliability, incentives and exoteric administration as the cardinal one influencer aback it comes to car buying” (Big Blooming Head, 2013). Ecology appulse is one of the factors accede aback purchasing a new agent because consumers are acceptable added acquainted of the appulse of their carbon footprints. A third agency chump considers is technology authoritative affairs an all-electric car enticing. The fourth important agency charcoal purchasing a car at the appropriate bulk (Big Blooming Head, 2013). The new car acquirement needs to be gas efficient, minimally appulse the environment, while accepting atypical technology at an affordable price. The achieve that brings an all-electric agent to the bazaar with avant-garde technology at an affordable bulk will abduction this growing market. Tesla's Mission/Vision Tesla Motors is our ambition accretion because their ambition fits area we accept the auto business is transforming to. Tesla’s mission account is “Tesla Motors designs and sells high-performance, awful able electric sports cars, with no compromises. Tesla Motors cars amalgamate style, acceleration, and administration with avant-garde technologies that achieve them amidst the quickest and the best energy-efficient cars on the road” (Tesla Motors Inc. Mission Statement, 2012). Tesla’s mission account matches area we adumbrate the auto industry is affective to. Electric cars are the ultimate ammunition adeptness motors that minimally impacts the ambiance aback charging a car uses economies of calibration to actualize the electricity. Tesla Motors uses the latest technology to achieve best active distances and faster charging times. What General Motors can action Tesla Motors in a alliance is abacus accomplishment adeptness to accompany the abutting bearing electric agent at an affordable price. Tesla Motors’ cardinal eyes additionally matches our eyes of this merger. Their cardinal eyes is to “Create the best acute car aggregation of the 21st aeon by active the world’s alteration to electric vehicles” (Tesla Motors Aggregation Overview, 2011). We appetite to accomplice with this eyes and with our accomplishment adeptness accumulated Tesla and G. M. can bound accompany an affordably priced electric agent to the bazaar accelerating Tesla’s eyes of world’s alteration to electric vehicles. The bulk abstraction of Tesla’s eyes is to achieve the allowances of electric cartage attainable worldwide. “The assurance on the gasoline-powered centralized agitation agent as the arch auto powertrain technology has aloft ecology concerns, created assurance amidst automated and developing nations on oil abundantly alien from adopted nations and credible consumers to airy ammunition prices” (About Tesla, n. d. ). The catechism of oil assurance has been a catechism for America aback the oil crisis of 1973, but the technology is aloof accepting to the point of authoritative all electric attainable for the accumulation market. Addition of Tesla Motors abstracted adjustment of affairs cars that we appetite to sustain is their sales and account centers. In Tesla’s words, “we advance an avant-garde administration archetypal based on Company-owned sales and account centers. This access allows us to advance the accomplished levels of chump acquaintance and account from abbreviate chump acknowledgment loops to ensure our chump needs are fulfilled” (About Tesla, n. d. ). This access is agnate to Apple’s access to their Apple stores. Tesla wants an avant-garde access to the car purchasing action that break away from the franchised dealership model. This is a change from our accepted archetypal of how General Motors currently sells cars but we accept this offers a new affairs acquaintance that will be ambrosial to barter that are absorbed in all-electric technology. Tesla's aggregation description Tesla describes its aggregation in one book “TESLA MOTORS was founded in 2003 by a accumulation of audacious Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric cartage could be awesome” (About Tesla, n. . ). The business apple angle Tesla from this perspective: Tesla Motors, Inc. designs, develops, articles and sells absolutely electric cartage and avant-garde electric agent powertrain components. It provides casework for the development of electric powertrain apparatus and sells electric powertrain apparatus to addition automotive manufacturers. Tesla Motors bogus its aboriginal electric vehicle, Tesla Roadster in 2008. It was founded by Jeffrey B. Straubel, Elon R. Musk and Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. The key takeaway from Tesla’s aggregation description is that bristles years afterwards founding the aggregation it bogus an all-electric sports car. Tesla went afterwards the alcove bazaar of high-end electric because at that time it was alone the affluent that could acquiesce to acquirement this eco-friendly alternative. With Tesla’s connected advances in technology accumulated with General Motors accomplishment acquaintance we will achieve the aboriginal all-electric agent attainable accepted at the $30 thousand bulk point. Tesla Motors’ Banking Position Tesla’s banking position for 2012 showed abbreviating banknote but additionally abbreviating debt. As of September 30, 2012 banknote and banknote equivalents represented $85. 7 actor bottomward from $255. 3 actor on December 31, 2011. Abiding debt decreased to $465. 0 actor from $276. 3 billion over this aforementioned time period. Tesla Motors’ abiding debt to assets arrangement additionally beneath over this aeon to 106. 4% from 55. 2% (Zacks Disinterestedness Research, 2012). All-embracing Tesla Motors still needs to borrow absolutely a bit in adjustment to abide its growth. The banknote expenditures are because for 2012 Tesla geared accumulation up for its new car the Archetypal S affairs 253 in the third quarter. Banknote address from operating activities added essentially to $206. 0 actor in the aboriginal nine months of 2012 from $87. 3 actor in the aforementioned aeon of 2011” (Zacks Disinterestedness Research, 2012). The Archetypal S is Tesla’s aboriginal adventure into the exceptional agent market. Advanced Tesla was alone in the accomplishment agent bazaar with its Roadster model, which affiliated an electric drivetrain with a adapted Lotus Elise platform. The acceptation of this new archetypal is that the Archetypal S starts at $52,400, afterwards the $7500 Federal Tax Credit, and the Roadster starts at $109,000 (Options & Pricing, n. . ). Does this banking position leave Tesla vulnerable? “Without the hundreds of millions of dollars Tesla TSLA has accustomed from the federal government this year, the electric-car maker’s financials would be asthmatic for air as 2012” concluded (Shinal, 2012). Shinal goes on with a exact account of banking ache for Tesla. Accustomed Tesla’s contempo history, though, it’s adamantine to see how the carmaker could column a anniversary operating profit. In fact, Tesla’s banknote breeze from operations for the aboriginal nine months of 2012 was negative, active a arrears of $206 million. The company’s assets account is additionally appealing ugly, as third-quarter acquirement fell 13% from the year-earlier quarter, to $50 million, while Tesla’s anniversary net accident widened to $111 actor from $65 actor (2012). We anticipate this is the absolute time to access Tesla Motors because it is activity banking accent and at bend of accretion its bazaar share. Besides the Archetypal S, Tesla is developing its Archetypal X additionally targeting the exceptional agent as a commonsensical advantage featuring all caster drive for 2014. But to absolutely transform the auto bazaar to electric Tesla needs to lower the access bulk from $50 thousand to $30 thousand. They accept this in their cardinal plan alleged the Gen III and was initially speculated to be attainable in 2015. However, with the challenges of ablution the Archetypal S conceivably Tesla Motors could use a accomplice to ensure the Gen III is launched in 2015 if not earlier. With General Motors acquaintance and economies of calibration for bringing new models to the bazaar the Gen III could be the aboriginal all-electric agent that consumers accept abnormally in the cultures that are already gluttonous this band-aid to abate ecology problems. Tesla Motors’ culture Tesla Motors is headquartered in Palo Alto California and was founded by a “group of audacious Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric cartage could be awesome” (About Tesla, n. d. ). The aftermost chat sums it up, ‘awesome’, at atomic that is our aboriginal anticipation of Tesla adeptness which is a laid aback ‘Google-environment’ area amidst creating new electric agent designs in lounge apartment advisers are adorning and never appetite to leave work. Maybe that was the eyes of Silicon Valley afore the tech balloon burst, but attractive at reviews from advisers Tesla gets boilerplate reviews. Advisers say it’s ‘OK’” giving their employer a 3. 4 out of 5 and 65% advising this aggregation to a acquaintance (Tesla Motors Reviews, 2013). A characteristic adeptness does not assume to exist, except that this aggregation is amidst in Silicon Valley. The abridgement of a audible adeptness may be due that it was founded 10 years ago. About addition about adolescent companies such as Facebook accept actual audible cultures. Out of a top appraisement of 5, advantage and allowances is rated the best at 3, job adeptness is rated 2. 5, and management, job work/life balance, and job security/advancement are all rated 2 (tesla motors Employer Reviews, n. d. . Advisers are acceptable to be attainable for change the claiming for this ambition accretion is not force the absolute General Motors adeptness assimilate Tesla employees. This will not acceptable be a acceptable fit aback alike admitting we are a bunch aggregation we are headquartered in Detroit and our bulk Midwest adeptness is altered than Silicone Valley. Our action is to booty the Tesla Motors adeptness as the abject and afresh appoint consultants that specialize in abode cultures achieve surveys and actualize an advance plan to move the absolute Tesla abode adeptness from ‘OK’ to ‘Awesome’ like the founders envisioned for their cars. Risk In allegory this alliance we acquainted it key to conduct a cardinal assay to outline what areas may affectation a accepted aerial accident for both G. M. and Tesla but we additionally acquainted it was key to outline what areas both companies are accomplishing able-bodied in. The two accoutrement we acquainted would be best benign to this assay and communicable to our shareholders to adapt are the SWOT and STEEP analysis. A SWOT assay is a apparatus for assay and assay of a company's all-embracing cardinal position. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We aboriginal conducted a SWOT assay on G. M. with the beneath results: GM SWOT Strengths: * The column defalcation G. M. is abate with beneath brands and a revamped administration aggregation * GM has assembly, manufacturing, distribution, appointment and warehousing in 55 addition countries. * GM cast is able-bodied abiding in America and throughout the apple * Loyal barter * Weaknesses: * Abridgement competiveness in addition activity cars * Carry with them the stigma of the government bailout * Lowest markets allotment in 2012 in the United States in decades. Fell to 17. 9 percent from 19. 6 percent. (topics. nytimes. com/Treasury to Allotment aftermost of G. M. Shares January 13,2013) * Aerial alimony costs Opportunities: * Added address for hybrid/electronic cartage * Arising markets (Asia) * Abide to accretion chump aplomb column bond out * Threats: * Aerial losses in European markets * Antagonism is advanced of them in blooming car bazaar * Rising ammunition costs * Rising raw abstracts Tesla SWOT * Strengths: * Developed the aboriginal electric sports car * Their accepted belvedere developed for Archetypal S has the adeptness to be acclimated for their approaching crossover archetypal or any addition archetypal they anticipate (http://www. mbaskool. com/brandguide/automobiles/4475-tesla-motors. html) * Adeptness to accumulate cartage in abode Advanced of the auto industry in the development of electric cartage * Weaknesses: * Aerial bulk of accumulation * College agent bulk than competitors * Not as attainable as addition blooming cartage for consumers to acquirement * Opportunities: * Growing address for “green” cartage * Government abutment for low discharge cartage and accessible incentives to aftermath them * Improve the adeptness of bearing the cartage in adjustment to lower the bulk * Threats * Competing adjoin the agitation agent which is acceptable added able at a lower bulk * Lower bulk competitors * Bread-and-butter downturn We afresh conducted a STEEP analysis, which analyzes alien business factors that appulse an organization. STEEP is an acronym that stands for Social, Technological, Economical, Ecological and Political factors that may affect an organization. The amusing factors that appulse G. M. are those that were created aback the government bailed out the aggregation in 2008. Consumers absent acceptance and aplomb in the G. M. cast because they were not able to advance their advancing bend in the auto industry and appropriate aborigine allotment in adjustment to sustain their business. Tesla is in the beginning of the electric agent industry. Consumers due to their college end agent appearance the aggregation as an innovator in the electric agent market. G. M. is defective in the technology acreage compared to Tesla. Tesla’s automobiles are alert as activity able as the Prius and they were the aboriginal to use the lithium-ion battery, which acquiesce for a connected forester of afar per charge. Economical factors that are and accept afflicted G. M. are rebuilding itself out of the contempo bread-and-butter bottomward about-face and recessions. G. M. was challenged with filing for defalcation and demography a budgetary bond out from the US government in adjustment to sustain its business. G. M. has been acknowledged in repaying the government for the bond out and has boring acquired backbone economically. Tesla has an befalling to accretion able bazaar shares in the electric agent bazaar if it can cut it’s accumulation costs and bazaar it’s cars to added consumers at a lower bulk per unit. It is bright that the auto industry is attractive to go “green” or accommodated ecological requirements set by governments throughout the world. G. M. has trailed the industry in bearing a agent at a accumulation that is absolutely electric or that can attack with hybrids such as the Prius. G. M. ntroduced the Chevy Volt in 2011 to attack with addition Hybrids about the abrupt bulk of the car, the bulk to achieve it, and low sales accept not propelled G. M. into this bazaar as they would accept liked. Tesla is arch the way in the electric car amphitheatre and affair the goals set out for a “green” car about they still accept the aerial accumulation and bulk per agent in adjustment to acerb access the industry to compete. Administration channels Tesla Motors is demography abounding ascendancy of sales action until the client takes home their new car. “The maker of electric sports cars is absence the acceptable U. S. ranchise arrangement to advance absolute affairs of its retail alternation as the aggregation grows, says Tesla backer Rachel Konrad. ‘Our archetypal is added like the Apple Store’" (Chappell, 2009). This is an avant-garde access for affairs cars that has the appropriate feel for Tesla’s exceptional agent market. Tesla currently has 23 food and galleries in the United States, one in Toronto Canada, nine in Europe, and three in Asia/Pacific (Tesla Motors Stores, Galleries, and Account Centers, n. d. ). These abundance locations are all in the ample burghal locations area the basement to abutment electric cartage will acceptable be developed. Another aberration amidst a Tesla food and the acceptable franchised archetypal is that they will not await on a account business to achieve a accumulation aback electric cars accept beneath advantageous parts. “The cars accept no allegation for oil changes or ammunition clarify replacements... Instead, Tesla is developing a adaptable acreage account alignment that will biking to owners as necessary” (Chappell, 2009). Accepting a agent that requires no accustomed aliment is addition affairs point that needs to be marketed added as a affairs affection abnormally for the Gen III in the baby exceptional agent market. Like Tesla’s Silicon Valley neighbors Apple they are aggravating to change the car affairs experience. The sales food ambiance are advised to collaborate with barter “in a friendly, attainable and no-pressure environment. Tesla's retail abstraction demonstrates the allowances of active electric through advisory videos, alternate displays, and a Architecture Studio area barter can configure their own Tesla Archetypal S on a ample touchscreen” (Market Watch, 2013). This new access to affairs cars is as avant-garde as Tesla’s technology acclimated to agilely adeptness their vehicles. Another advantage of befitting ascendancy of its retail alternation is to ascendancy costs. “Tesla's retail sales and account cadre will be paid a beeline bacon in hopes of befitting administration costs lower than those at a acceptable auto dealership” (Chappell, 2009). Tesla is advancement its bulk allowance by eliminating a third affair aggravating to achieve a accumulation on sales or service. Bazaar allotment Bazaar allotment for Tesla is still small. The bazaar chic the Tesla cartage allotment includes the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover, and Audi Q7. For 2012 Tesla represented beneath than 1% of this exceptional bazaar with over 5300 cartage projected sales in 2012. Abiding advance targets are to access sales to 20,000 in 2013 and over 30,000 for 2014. These projected growing sales would access all-around bazaar allotment to about 1% and 2% appropriately (Tesla Motors Broker Presentation Spring 2012). The befalling for cogent bazaar allotment advance is in the baby exceptional agent bazaar with the Gen III model. A affiliation with General Motors can accompany Elon Musk’s eyes to a absoluteness by amalgamation Tesla’s technology with our accomplishment efficiency. Making avant-garde affordable electric cartage attainable for acquirement is all that is bare to accommodated the world’s admiration for article beneath impactful to the environment. Actor bulk Tesla went accessible on June 28, 2010, at an action bulk of $17 per allotment with 13. 3 actor shares attainable (IPO Home, Renaissance Capital, n. d. ). On June 29, 2010 the bazaar closing bulk was $23. 89 and over the aftermost two and a bisected years the bazaar bulk has added to $37. 04 as of February 15, 2013 (Historical Prices, Yahoo! Finance 2013). Since the IPO aperture bulk the banal bulk has added by 118 percent. The accepted advocacy from analyst is to either buy or authority Tesla Motors banal with no recommendations of it underperforming or to advertise (Analyst Opinion, Yahoo! Finance, 2013). Why these recommendations aback alone 5200 cars were produced in 2012? “Tesla has so abundant abeyant to be a accurate bold banker in the auto industry as it increases accumulation and its chump base. It has and should abide to accept awards abounding from abundant auto and chump publications” (Catlin, 2013). One of the celebrated awards that Tesla has won was the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year for its Archetypal S. With this proposed alliance we accept we can address and add to absolute Tesla shareholders by authoritative attainable the accomplishment adequacy to accompany the Gen III to the market. Antagonism There is absolutely no antagonism for Tesla in the exceptional agent all electric market. The abutting antagonism is a venture-capital adjourned aggregation Fisker that produces a exceptional amalgam vehicle. All addition absolute accumulation electric and amalgam cartage do not attack in the aforementioned bazaar as Tesla. Vehicles such as the electric Nissan Leaf, the constituent amalgam Toyota Prius, or our constituent amalgam Chevrolet Volt all advertise on acumen not aesthetics. Car blogger Matt Hardigree sums up the antagonism with an absorbing analogy. “Not alike Charlize Theron in annihilation but her couture blind from Snow White and the Huntsman abaft the caster could achieve a Prius sexy... The Archetypal S is faster than a BMW MS, has a best ambit than any addition authentic electric car and looks like the future" (Miller, 2012). Its 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year accolade added identifies Tesla’s Archetypal S as the electric car. The Tesla Archetypal S was accepted for its abstruse accomplishment of 250 patents, solid all-around affluence architecture and adventurous nature” (Powered up, 2012). Tesla has the accolade all it needs to do is access its accomplishment accommodation to accumulation the accessible with the car they appetite and the approaching baby exceptional car whose lower acquirement bulk will aggrandize the bazaar potential. Absolution for Alliance The alliance of General Motors and Tesla Motors is an befalling to over anniversary absolute aggregation accoutrement that they do not currently possess. The synergy that Tesla Motors offers General Motors is a absolutely avant-garde and accolade acceptable ll electric car with a bazaar that is waiting. “A bazaar analysis aggregation is admiration that anniversary sales of electric cartage will adeptness 130 actor units awash annually by 2025” (Worthington, 2012). The synergy that General Motors offers Tesla is the adeptness to achieve and accumulation this growing bazaar demand. This is abnormally important to abduction the baby exceptional all electric bazaar by bringing the Tesla Gen II car to the market. Affiliation Plan The affiliation plan for this alliance is simple because their eyes is similar. There will be no desperate changes in both companies and the operations will break the same. The Tesla cast will be sustained. Tesla is cast name accepted accepted that resonates quality, beauty, and efficiency. Tesla’s cast will abide Tesla! Plants and suppliers will abide as they are. No plants will be bankrupt and suppliers will abide the same. Tesla’s avant-garde access of affairs cars will abide the same. Tesla’s cars are not awash in dealership; rather they are awash absolute with no middleman. This avant-garde access of affairs cars eliminates battle of absorption in salespeople, middlemen, and, of course, maintains the accomplished akin of chump service. Tesla’s access is like Apple, accepting their own food area you can acquirement the car or you can go to their exhibit to attending at the car and buy it online. The alignment anatomy will abide mostly complete on the Tesla side. Elon Musk will abide admiral of the Tesla analysis of GM (EV Division) and address into GM’s CEO Daniel Ackerson. Financials G. M. is assuming the adeptness over the accomplished three years to abound its sales/revenues and we accept forecasted the aforementioned for 2012. The forecasted acquirement on the assets account for 2012 is accepted to abound 11%. With the alliance the accepted sales/growth from 2012 to 2015 is accepted to abound 38%. Net assets is accepted to abound from 10. 7 billion in 2012 to 42. 4 billion in 2015 due to the accepted sales access of G. M. cartage with the Tesla brand. Banknote and banknote equivalents is accepted to abound from 36. 5 billion in 2011 to 42. 4 billion in 2012 which will acquiesce G. M. to be in a able position to access Tesla. Through the alliance banknote on duke on the antithesis area is forecasted to access over 100% by 2015 while absolute liabilities and disinterestedness increases about 80%. This is a acceptable assurance for the alliance to action assuming a actual low accident in aerial liabilities and an optimistic advance in cash. Cash from operating activities additionally is accepted to abound year over year from an accepted bulk of 4. 7 billion in 2012 to 47 billion in 2015 (Appendix A). Tesla’s banking statements is not impressive, in fact, they are accident money. Here is the breakdown of Tesla’s banking statement. In its antithesis area for 2011 (Appendix B), absolute asset is $713. 4 million-- $489. 4 (total liabilities) = $224. 0 actor (total equity). In its assets statement, Tesla’s acquirement or sales (how abundant money the aggregation brought in) totaled $204. 2 actor but afterwards all the costs paid the net assets is in the negative, $-254. million. But Tesla’s banknote breeze tells a altered story. Tesla has a banknote to additional accretion $156 million. According to Investor’s Business Daily anniversary address for 2012, Tesla’s revenues and antithesis acquaint a altered story. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters about Tesla are attractive for a 659% access in acquirement to $298. 9 actor for Q4 amidst the California startup's accumulation run, as added Archetypal S sedans get ordered, congenital and delivered. Antithesis are a altered story. Analysts see Tesla axis a accumulation by Q3, while they're attractive for Tesla to carve its accident by 24% to 53 cents for Q4 2012. For the year, they're attractive for a $3. 08 loss, 39% added than a year ago amidst the costs of ramping up production. On the antithesis area Tesla’s accepted absolute assets are projected to bead from $713 actor in 2011 to $613 actor in 2012 about absolute liabilities are projected to abatement from $489,403 actor to $435,070 actor in 2012. It is a cogent red banderole to a abeyant broker to point out those assets accept alone about $100 actor aback liabilities accept alone alone $55 million. It’s a accident account pointing out. Shareholder disinterestedness is accepted to bead additionally from $224 actor in 2011 to aloof over $178 actor in 2012 (see Appendix B). In 2012 it is accepted that banknote breeze from operating activities will be a bottom accident from 2011 -$114 actor bottomward to -$108 actor while banknote breeze from advance activities produces a accumulation in 2012 of $169 actor compared to a accident of about $176 actor in 2011. It is credible that the aggregation still will not be able to pay for its advance activities with its operating income. Tesla still has to access costs which could be a accident in the eyes of some investors. The banking anticipation for both companies (see Appendix A and B) through the alliance is accepted to be optimistically able creating a ample access in banknote through aerial sales and acquirement and a fasten in assets acceptance the companies to reinvest in growth. Alike admitting there are not abundant aqueous assets to awning accepted liabilities until about 2015 operating profits due to sales is added than abundant to advance the debt accordingly apropos aback to a accessory accident to shareholders. Adjustment of Action As of February 22, 2013, GM’s banal bankrupt at $27. 1 with a bazaar cap of $37. 04 billion and with 1. 37 billion shares outstanding. Tesla bankrupt at $36. 11 with a bazaar cap $4. 11 billion and with 113. 78 actor shares outstanding. The proposed General Motors-Tesla Motors alliance will be a banknote acquisition. There are three affidavit why G. M. ’s administration absitively to action accompany a banknote acquisition. First, G. M. possesses the clamminess to conduct a beeline banknote acquisition. G. M. ’s banknote and banknote equivalents are accepted to abound from 36. 5 billion from 2011 to 42. 4 billion for 2012. Second, G. M. all-overs to be assertive for the bulk paid and do not appetite to booty the accident of bulk fluctuation. Third, G. M. ’s administration wants to advance the accepted affairs cachet of the company. G. M. ’s managements abstain shareholders of Tesla to be fractional owners; hence, receives allotment of approaching profits and voting privileges. Administration recommends that G. M. action a 30% premium. This alliance with Tesla will bulk G. M. $5. 3 billion. The absorption of G. M. in TSLA is obvious, to be a allotment of this avant-garde approaching of electric cars that would booty them advanced of their competitors in the industry. Given the advice aggregate we abbreviated the affairs credibility as to why this alliance needs to occur. These elements are key to be announced to both organizations to ensure the alliance is approved. Accustomed the advice aggregate we abbreviated the affairs credibility as to why this alliance needs to occur. These elements are key to be announced to both organizations to ensure the alliance is approved. Affidavit why the alliance should be accustomed by GM's lath of admiral * GM is backward abaft avant-garde companies. GM has bootless to apprehend bazaar pressures and area the markets are going. * GM can advance Tesla to chase through on their eyes to design, body and advertise the world’s best vehicles. * Chase through on their mission to: "G. M. is a bunch association affianced in socially amenable operations, worldwide. It is committed to accommodate articles and casework of such affection that our barter will accept aloft bulk while our advisers and business ally will allotment in our success and our stockholders will accept a abiding aloft acknowledgment on their investment. Reason why GM's shareholders should accept the alliance * Tesla is a abundant blackmail to G. M. and will be a abundant adversary in the approaching of the automotive markets. * Tesla will accommodate a abundant bound avant-garde for G. M. and get them aback to the arch bend of the industry. * GM will now become accordant to Chinese markets by acclamation the needs of a rapidly growing automated country. Reason why Tesla Shareholders and Lath of Admiral should accept the alliance * Tesla will be able to breed their technology at a essentially faster bulk through the use of G. M. s accomplishment accessories and administration credibility * They will be able to advance clandestine money and abatement or annihilate their debt to the U. S. Government. * Advance economies of calibration to achieve their goals of authoritative EV’s affordable. It is bright that GM has to achieve a move in the bazaar to become advancing in the electric car market. They fabricated an attack to advance their own electric/hybrid agent but the after-effects of the agent are not what consumers accept accepted and the antagonism continues to be a above blackmail to them by beyond them in this market. Sure GM has credible success by advancing out of defalcation and rebuilding itself but in adjustment to abstain the bearings of defalcation afresh it has to become avant-garde and advancing in the EV bazaar now. Tesla has a abundant alcove and has a huge befalling with the artefact they accept developed about they are assuming that they accept a claiming in growing their business and absolutely demography advantage of a bazaar that is agog for electric cartage by authoritative a agent that is affordable and accepting the adeptness to accumulation aftermath them efficiently. By amalgamation with GM, and still advancement its adeptness and avant-garde thinking, Tesla will comedy a huge role in allowance GM booty the advance in the EV bazaar both domestically and abroad. It is our assessment that this alliance not alone makes faculty but it is a allegation for both American companies to put the US auto bazaar aback on the map. Appendix Appendix A-GM Financials-Source Beast Finance Appendix B-Tesla Financials-Source Beast Financials References About Tesla (n. d. ). Retrieved February 6, 2013 from http://ir. teslamotors. om/ Akerson, Daniel (2010). General Motors Company, 2010 Anniversary Report. Retrieved January 22, 2013 from http://www. gm. com/content/dam/gmcom/COMPANY/Investors/Corporate_Governance/PDFs/StockholderInformationPDFs/Annual-Report. pdf Analyst Opinion, Yahoo! Finance (2013, February 15). Retrieved February 18, 2013 from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/ao? s=TSLA+Analyst+Opinion APCO (2010, November). Bazaar Assay Report: China’s Automotive Industry. Retrieved February 9, 2013 from http://bit. ly/XZLWE8 Big Blooming Head (2013, January 30). The four best accepted affidavit to buy blooming cars. Big Blooming Head. Retrieved February 17, 2013 from http://www. biggreenhead. com/3/post/2013/01/the-four-most-common-reasons-to-buy-green-cars. html Branigan, Tania (2013, January 13). Top tip if you're activity out in Beijing: don't breathe. Retrieved February 02, 2013 from http://www. guardian. co. uk/world/2013/jan/13/beijing-breathe-pollution Buchen, Irving (2011, August 1). Aggregation Mission Statements Critiqued. Retrieved February 15, 2013 from http://www. humanresourcesiq. om/business-strategies/articles/mission-statements-critiqued/ Catlin, James (2013, February 5) Retrieved February 9, 2013 from http://beta. fool. com/lulupoopsalot/2013/02/05/companies-that-could-revolutionize-driving/23138/? logvisit=y&published=2013-02-05&source=eptcnnlnk0000001 Chappell, L. (2009). Tesla won't use franchises; will handle sales, service. Automotive News, 84(6375), 18-18. Retrieved from http://0-search. proquest. com. books. redlands. edu/docview/219448776? accountid=14729 Folsom, Burton (1998, September 8). Billy Durant and the Founding of General Motors. Retrieved February 9, 2013 from

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