Assignment 2. “Prepare a accounting conference for a Board (you can accept any aggregation absolute or imaginary) answer why they should access or abatement their aegis in affiliation to the blackmail of terrorism. ” BRIEFING ON THE THREAT OF TERRORISM POSED TOWARDS TELECOMS ORGANISATIONS OPERATING IN AFRICA Purpose: The purpose of this conference agenda is to present an overview of agitator threats aural Africa, spesifically appear the Vodacom organisation operating in the Democtratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and to accomplish recommendations on how to abate the risk. Background: Terrorism: “the United Nations Accepted Assembly has accursed agitator acts application the afterward political description of terrorism: "Criminal acts brash or affected to abet a accompaniment of alarm in the accepted public, a accumulation of bodies or accurate bodies for political purposes are in any accident unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any alternative attributes that may be invoked to absolve them. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Definitions_of_terrorism Agitation has become a all-around blackmail and is not aloof bedfast to the theatre of war, it is additionally not alone targeted at nations circuitous in those conflicts like the United States (9/11) and Great Britain (the July 7 London Bombings) but additionally with any nation and alignment that is apparent as an accessory of such nations. ESICS Conference on THE TERRORISM THREAT LINKED TO THE LIBYAN CRISIS states “obviously on the top of the account of acceptable targets for Colonel Gaddafi are the United Kingdom and France, they are carefully followed by the United States (an old and accepted adversary of Libya but additionally by the Arab countries demography allotment in the coalition, every distinct civic accommodating in the operations could be apparent as a accepted target. ” In advertence this the point that I am authoritative is, although Vodacom is a South African operation, we charge booty into concideration that Vodafone, a British article is our above hareholder and the architecture area our arch appointment is located, Architecture Gulf Oil is an American institution. Thus it would be a grave aberration to accomplish the acceptance that the aggregation cannot be apparent as a ambition of active activity and sensationalism. Current Situation: STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENT Emerging Agitator Networks “As al-Qaeda has amalgamated its credo and violence, its affiliates and adherents in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula accept become added networked and adjustable in their recruiting, training, financing, and operations. Violent agitator organizations, insurgents, and bent organizations are base anemic babyminding and under-governed spaces, and abide bent to abuse the United States, our ally and Allies, and innocent civilians. ” Accepted Carter Ham, USA Commander, USA Africa Command in his abode to the Senate of Armed Casework Committee, 2 March 2013(sic). Agitator organisations are operating in abundant African countries now including but not bound to: Country| Active Agitator Networks (only above listed)| Cameroon| Al Qaeda – Movement for Democracy and Development (MDD)| Chad| Al Qaeda – Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJC) +2| Egypt| Al Qaeda + 11| Eritrea| Al Qaeda – Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (EIJH)| Ethiopia| Al Qaeda – Ethiopian Islamic Jihad Movement (EIJH) + 6| Kenya| Al Qaeda – Al Shabaab| Libya| Al Qaeda – Libyan Islamic Fighting Accumulation (LIFG)| Morocco| Al Qaeda – Moroccan Combatant Islamic Accumulation (MCIG)| Nigeria| Al Qaeda – Boko Haram| Somalia| Al Qaeda – Al-Shabaab| Sudan | Al Qaeda – Sudan Bodies Liberation Army (SPLA) - Hezbollah| Syria| Al Qaeda – Al Nusra| Tanzania| Al Qaeda – Bodies Liberation Party| Zambia| Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance – Al Nusra| Source: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Terrorism and www. crimicweb. org “The Horn of Africa is Africa’s arch to the Middle East. That actuality explains abundant about the circuitous interrelationships amid differing Islamic cultures aural Africa, from east to west. ” (John Harbeson, The War on Agitation in Africa; Princeton N. Lyman from Africa in World Politics p7) Vodacom Congo has up till now not brash agitation to be a cogent blackmail to business operations but rather accepted aegis threats as in fire, arson, bomb threats and armed robbery to name but a few. Recommendations: The accident administration administration recommends that the aggregation assay all emergency response, adversity accretion and business chain protocols. Establishing accident affairs is suggested; accepted training for all advisers would aftereffect in added able acknowledgment should an emergency activity and is awful recommended. It is acute that all aegis measures are reevaluated and a gap assay be conducted. Recommended areas area improvements are needed: * Access and departure ascendancy behavior should be activated for able aggregation ascendancy and abnormally with cartage entering bounds and deliveries of parcels. Do an appraisal of all CCTV and ecology casework and abode added cameras area needed. * At the moment the bounded aegis account provider is ill equipped, there are no claimed anatomy scanners accessible at the architecture entrances. * There is no accessories accessible to chase vehicles, i. e. stemmed mirrors etc. * Retraining of aegis personnel, the aegis admiral accept not been accomplished on what to attending for and how to chase cartage and bodies properly. * Accepted housekeeping, debris accumulating and architecture perimeters. (Security Administration Account no: 6. Countermeasures of threats of agitator action) Training for these admiral should focus on the afterward types of agitator attack: * Person borne IED (improvised atomic device) * Vehicle borne IED * Bombs directed adjoin acreage and infrastructure, delivered in trucks, vehicles, packages, briefcases, laptop accoutrements and additionally in postal items * Blaze bombs application chemicals and incendiaries * Improvised adhesive attacks * Riots and civilian agitation * Kidnapping for bribe and extortion * Armed robbery, artifice and acclaim agenda artifice for costs purposes * Assassination of key abstracts Aegis Administration Account no: 6. Countermeasures of threats of agitator action) In a abridge the aegis administration should do a blackmail assay and analyze areas area the agitator would appetite to: * Penetrate * Abstain * Exploit * Attack Jason A, 16 April 2013, Boston Marathon Bombings, in his conference afterwards the bombings, additionally advance that it should be acclaimed that due to the contempo attacks in Boston, that aegis at airports beyond the United States and Great Britain has added substantially. Business travelers are brash to acquiesce added time to get to the admission counters and to their gates. There are continued queues at the check-in adverse and the continuance of the aegis activity has added due to added accidental bag searches. Hotel aegis has added as well; travelers are brash to attach to accumulated aegis behavior as able-bodied as bounded policies. In adage that if advisers biking to the United States or the United Kingdom for the purpose of visiting Vodacom’s ancestor aggregation or any alternative business travel, it is brash to adviser bounded media for added aegis measures. This will additionally administer to the alternative countries mentioned area accepted agitator beef are operating. Conclusion A academy of anticipation that postulates “as above disasters never activity at a time or in a address that may be anticipated, pre-catastrophe planning is futile” is a gross abdication of reponsibilty and cannot be supported. (Security Administration account 5. Adversity Planning) Vodacom Congo has bright ties with the United Kingdom due to alliances and shareholding agreements, Vodacom’s offices are amid in a architecture endemic by an American article and the architecture is aggregate by Chevron Oil which is an American endemic company, it would accordingly be absurd not to admit the absolute blackmail to the company, it’s advisers and assets. It would be hasty if abounding businesses and orginisations could abstain the after-effects of agitation at some time in their existance”. (Security administration Account 5. Adversity Planning) It is accordingly acute that burning aegis focus is placed on the blackmail that agitation poses to the aggregation and its operations, ample airing in chump affliction areas are prime targets area lots of bodies gather. A antithesis of aegis admeasurement are actual important to advance a acute akin of aegis after creating too abundant ache to the employees, visitors, business ally and customers. References Martin Gill, The Handbook of Security. 2006 The Aegis Institute. Aegis Administration Account 5. Emergency Procedures – Above Disasters. Rachel Briggs, R. and Edwards, C. The business of resilience. DEMOS 2006 The Aegis Institute. Aegis Administration Account No: 6. Countermeasures to threats of agitator action. John Harbeson, The War on Agitation in Africa; Princeton N. Lyman from Africa in World Politics p7 Human Rights Watch: In the name of security, www. hrw. org Wikipedia Website: http://en. ikipedia. org/wiki/Terrorism Michael Burleigh; Al-Qaeda and a Decade of Alarm Andre Burstin; European Strategic Intelligence and Aegis Center (ESISC), Boko Haram and the Accident of Agitation in Northern Cameroon; 01 April 2012 Claude Moniquet, European Strategic Intelligence and Aegis Center (ESISC), The Agitator Blackmail Linked to the Libyan Crisis. 2011 Jason A; Boston Marathon Bombing, Aon Crisis Administration Consulting/ All-around Accident Consulting. p4 Subscriber Journal, 16 April 2013

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