Choose an all-embracing agitator accumulation from the afterward account   to analysis the origin, purpose, and furnishings on the United States or targeted countries. Hezbollah HAMAS Al Qaeda (AQ) Al-Shabaab Haqqani Network (HQN) Write an 8-10-page cardboard in which you do the following: Provide a abrupt description of the group, and abridge its origins. Explain the group's above motivations (beliefs or causes), and/or its absolution for agreeable in terrorism. Describe the group's above sources of both banking and non-financial support. Evaluate the accent of the group's use of media to aid in its agitator activities. Indicate, at a minimum, the group’s purpose for application the media, the angel actuality portrayed, and the adopted methods of communication. Determine whether or not the accumulation has a accepted complaint or demand. Defend your response. Determine whether or not the accumulation and its activities are of accent to the United States, and explain the key affidavit that they are or are not significant. Analyze the acknowledgment of the United States to the accumulation or its activities, behindhand of whether or not either the accumulation or its activities anon abuse or ambition the United States. Determine whether or not that acknowledgment has been effective. Abutment your acknowledgment with examples of such effectiveness—or the abridgement thereof. Suggest the above changes you would accomplish geared against accretion the ability of the United States' acknowledgment to the group. Justify your response. Use at atomic bristles affection assets in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and agnate websites do not authorize as affection resources.

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