The apprentice will complete a Research Cardboard which will accommodate an all-embracing and abundant archival history of agitation as it pertains to the United States be it calm or all-embracing be the action on U.S. clay or abroad. The timeline will alpha with the founding of the country. You may actualize the timeline as you ambition but you ability accede from founding to WWI, column WWI to 1989 or 1990, again from 1990 alee or you may ambition to actualize one added anniversary that begins in 1990 to 9/11 again column 9/11. Be abiding to awning types of terrorism, tactics, accident history – advance and development, issues, and our responses, civic aegis strategies or approach for anniversary era. Describe the bond / responsibilities amid local, state, and federal involvement. You do not charge to go into detail on anniversary accumulation or blazon but do charge to allegorize the types of groups etc. Discuss Biblical appliance as well. The apprentice will address at minimum a 5-full folio research-oriented cardboard in accepted APA format. The cardboard charge accommodate at atomic 5 sources (not including the chic arbiter and the Bible) additionally use the arbiter and Bible. 

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