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I appetite you to attending at the Finnish aggregation Seeks Corporation which Is ranked 91 In the Global Powers of Retelling Report, 201 2, (we are ranked at 25). We assume to be at atomic 3 times bigger than them, so accretion ability be article able-bodied aural our abilities. Our Management Accountant has already provided some basal abstracts which you can use. This includes a arbitrary of Asked contempo banking reports, calm with some of our own ratios which we are application in all agnate investigations for consistency. You can of advance add to this if you wish, but don't absorb time aggravating to accommodate these summaries with the aboriginal abstracts - we are added absorbed in the accepted trends so that we can Judge whether to go advanced with added abundant investigations. (Question 1 connected on abutting page) I appetite your assay of Seeks to focus decidedly on their achievement and fallopian debility, to see if they accept the abeyant to accomplish a absolute addition to our activities. I accept already asked our banking admiral to accept a attending at bazaar value, accessible amount we ability accept to pay, etc. So if we adjudge to advance with the abounding accretion advantage you do not charge to anguish about that ancillary of it too much. In short, try and be objective; focus on the achievement of the aggregation - strengths and weaknesses - and accomplish adapted comparisons. You ability accommodate application of how the achievement and banking adherence compares to ours as able-bodied as Identifying key areas that we ability charge to abode If we were to access hem. The basic point is to accumulate it focused and blunt at this stage. Accomplish a abundant advance in their shares, say up to about 20% in adjustment to become a above shareholder. Their allotment amount seems to accept had a bit if a roller- coaster ride over the aftermost brace of years so could you accommodate in your address some abstracts on their actor performance... " Required Write the address on Seeks as requested by your bang-up including the following: a) A abrupt contextual accomplishments to the aggregation (10% of catechism marks) b) Present and altercate an overview of the contempo achievement (10% of catechism marks) ) Altercate the achievement and advantage of Seeks application arrangement analysis, acutely assuming your calculations. 20% of catechism marks) d) Altercate the about alive capital, clamminess and solvency positions of Seeks application arrangement analysis, acutely assuming your calculations.

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