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Gold Rush 3-5 page Five aboveboard sources charge be acclimated for the cardboard one of which charge be a primary source. All sources charge be from either aboveboard books or account articles. Your assay cardboard should be an organized presentation of account accordant to the affair you accept selected. And, while some of the sources of advice you use may present a biased or biased appearance of some issue, your job, as a history student, is to present an cold assay of the topic. Therefore, you will not alone be acclimation and summarizing the advertence abstracts used, you will additionally be evaluating them in agreement of their addition to an cold compassionate of the affair of your research. Your addition and apriorism should State acutely the of your research. For example, whether you are anecdotic some actual accident (Such as the Seven Years War) or exploring the causes and after-effects of some actual accident (Such as the Salem Witch Trials), accomplish it bright to your clairvoyant from the alpha what you are doing. Follow through with the purpose(s) declared in your aperture paragraphs through-out the paper. 

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