Term paper

Students should accomplish a MEDLINE or alternative abstracts abject chase to locate account accessories on their affair and baddest at atomic 5 contempo (within the aftermost 10 years) affidavit from above biological and medical journals for the base of the paper. Students may additionally use alternative biological databases (Google scholar, Pub Med, EBSCO HOST, Biosis, or analysis with your librarian …).  You may additionally use your addendum from the chic and your argument book as your references. Affidavit and references lists should be submitted forth with your paper. No backward affidavit will be accepted. 

Components of the paper

Introductory branch about the topic. How abounding bodies affected? Why is it important?

Background: Introduce the topic. What facts (about your topic) does one charge to apperceive in adjustment to accept this analysis accompanying disease? Accommodate them! Using account articles, accord some advice about the affair (historical background, definition, and mechanisms of regulation, etc…). Which arrangement is involved? ex. Endocrine System, Nervous System, Immune System, etc.). 

Discussion of the affair itself: your focus should be on the analysis of this disease. Briefly accompaniment how the agency or arrangement should assignment and again call accurately what physiological factors preventing or interfering with the accustomed activity of that agency or agency system. You should additionally try to acknowledgment these questions but use your accepted faculty not to address added than two pages: what is the analytic problem? What are the symptoms)? What causes the symptoms? What is the analysis of this problem? How accepted is it?  Etc…

Summary: Include altercation of what added charge to be done in approaching studies, its causes, or treatment.

Papers charge be neatly types. Use abounding sentences, actual spelling and grammar.

Be absolute in acclamation the topic. The capital point of the cardboard is to accommodate addition agency of demonstrating your ability of concepts in physiology.

Include references! From area did you get your information? You may use textbooks and accurate analysis journals as references (not aloof advice from web pages on the Internet, newspapers, or Cosmopolitan!), Cite references in argument by columnist and date (i.e., Campbell et al., 2004).

Reference architecture (examples):

Journal article: 

Barnstorm M, Woessner JF. Inhibitors of beastly tissue collagenase. Endocrinology 2003; 122: 1715-1721.

Chapter in book:

Sokol RR, Rohlf FJ. Biometry. New York: WH Freeman and Co: 1981:253-261.

You charge to use at atomic bristles account articles. You may acting one book antecedent for one account article. The cardboard should be ab 5 pages. 


  1. Correct spelling, grammar, and book structure.
  2. Clarity of autograph (can I accept what you are aggravating to say?)
  3. Demonstration of analytic and analytical thought
  4. Demonstration of absolute analysis on and compassionate of the topic. 

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