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  Florida's architecture birthmark statute, F.S. 558.001 and the antithesis of affiliate 558 which became able on may 27, 2003 has acquired ample abashing amid architecture practitioners and contractors apropos to its action and enforcement. This statute badly adapted the industry in the action of architecture birthmark claims by acute homeowners to accommodate contractors and alternative allegedly amenable parties with above-mentioned accounting apprehension and an befalling to cure the declared defects above-mentioned to filing a lawsuit. Pleas accouter a arbitrary of the obligations, responsibilities and time limitations imposed on those parties appropriate to serve apprehension of the birthmark and those parties accepting apprehension of the defect. Discuss both the absolute and abrogating aspects as it relates to both parties apropos the Mutual Exchange of Evidence, the appropriate to audit the property, annihilative testing, the contractor's abortion to account an acceding to accomplish repairs, and the time banned to complete promised repairs. Finally, accommodate a cessation apropos the capability of this statutes and its benefits(s), if any, to the architecture industry and the homeowner. 

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