21 Grams blur revolves about three people, namely Paul Rivers, Christina Rivers, and Jack Jordan. Like a classical Hollywood film, 21 Grams emphasizes banausic order, continuance and abundance (Hauge). According to Murphy, scenes are abiding in an disconnected address with flashbacks (144). For the best part, contest activity at a accustomed clip and setting, with no stunts or camera speeds.  Banausic abundance has been activated occasionally, for example, aback accouchement hunt afterwards a bird as their ancestor talks on phone, the aperture affectionate arena is afresh in the 98th minute, and the closing arena of the cine replays an beforehand arena of Paul in the ICU. The blur has a awning time of 124 minutes, accoutrement a adventure time of several months. 

In the aperture arena Paul is smoker angrily and pensively. There is confused banausic adjustment or flashback, for archetype aback Jack, who runs a church, recollects his antecedent incarceration. Murphy claims that time bastardize or flashbacks are not justified because animal motive is to advance advanced (144). Paul is in homecare and expects to die, and so he continues smoking, faints and is rushed to hospital. The eyewitness would assumption that Paul will die because of the way he is cerebration while in the ICU.

The storyline occasionally breach the sequence, and skips time, for example, a animated altercation amid ancestor and daughters at the restaurant is followed by a women’s discussion, and afresh Jack giving atramentous admonition to a aberrant abbey member. In the accident, capacity are larboard to the viewer’s inference. 21 Grams has a non-linear storyline disconnected into stages setup, axis point, change of plan, point of no-return, above setback, climax, resolution, and aftermath. In the setup, the capital characters’ appearance and personality are declared afterwards giving abroad too much. Jack Jordan is a adapted ex-convict and biologic user who has become religious. Paul and Mary Rivers are childless and yet Paul is about to die of a affection ailment. 

The additional date is the axis point which gives befalling for characters to act (Hauge). Mary had aborted Paul’s adolescent but now wants to be inseminated with his sperms because he is dying. Jack allotment to bastille and attempts suicide. According to Hauge, heroes accompany the activity with activity and underrating of the situation. They afresh advance to ascendancy contest but accomplish misjudgements that aftereffect in an accretion into new plots. Paul gets a new affection from Christina’s husband, cipher expects him to alpha attractive for his benefactor. Aback Mary confesses about her aborticide she expects Paul’s forgiveness, but instead he leaves her and starts activity afterwards Christina. According to Murphy (145), at this point the artifice becomes capricious with brusque situations. There has to be a change of plans. In 21 Grams, Mary has to accessory a way of application her Paul, Christina has to acquisition a way of arresting with biologic and booze abuse. Meanwhile, Jack is angled on amends for his killing Christina’s husband, and admitting their acceding to accumulate it secret, he confesses, claiming that he is accomplishing the will of God. In prison, Jack goes into abasement and attempts suicide and reverts to drugs. During this stage, characters are apprenticed into a admiration to ascendancy events, but they abridgement the agency to do so (Murphy152). The eyewitness feels as if they are allotment of the plot, with added ability or solutions than the characters. Christina should cull herself calm and move on. Jack should acquisition a way to absolve himself and not seek avengement adjoin Paul. The contest in 21 Grams seem insurmountable, and a clandestine detective gives Paul a gun to annihilate Jack with. Antagonism is as accepted as betrayals and adverse plans. At some point the capital characters accommodated with babyish measures of success, but mostly the antagonist has the high hand. In the film, Paul dies of a affection attack, appropriately extenuative Jack from the abomination of homicide.

At the point of no acknowledgment stage, which is at center bottomward the movie, the characters charge do article to tie them to the mission and accompany them afterpiece to a resolution (Hauge). Paul and Christina are now dating in a motel. They cannot spontaneity their mission now, but charge adapt for the antagonist in Paul. A above setback happens to agitated the mission. In the film, Jack busts in on the lovers, and in the afterwards struggle, Paul suffers a affection advance and has to be rushed to hospital. At this point the eyewitness sympathizes with Jack whose affairs are besmirched and he needs a atypical plan, as bound as possible, and with basal assistance. This is the ambience for a final attack (Hauge). In date bristles and dying account of a film, a acme and final, ballsy attack occurs, about with wins and losses (Murphy 157). Jack fights Paul and wins indecisively, Paul shoots himself, and Christina beats bottomward Jack viciously.

Murphy observes that a blur concludes with a resolution which can be either absolute or inconclusive. A absolute catastrophe leaves the eyewitness with a faculty of abatement for a mission able as about happens with adventurous films, and an ambiguous catastrophe leaves the hero with changing issues and admirers guessing, excited, and atrocious (257-259). In 21 Grams, a devastated Jack and Christina abide enemies but he allotment to his wife. Paul dies alike with a new affection but Christina carries his babyish and is still demography drugs.

The blur makers accept to accent on banausic structures in befitting with Hollywood traditions. The anamnesis address is acclimated to breach boredom and accumulate the eyewitness on the story. Repeating antecedent episodes at the end helps the eyewitness bethink the alpha of the adventure and clarifies the arrangement of events.  The makers additionally use adventure breach so that they acquaint all the capital characters at the aforementioned time. Breaking additionally helps to awning a best adventure time quickly. Using non-linear storyline helps to actualize mini climaxes, like Mary and Paul’s breakup, Paul aggravating to annihilate Jack, and Christina assault Jack aback Paul asleep himself. The blur is told in stages with a analytic sequence. The filmmakers aim to accomplish 21 Grams simple to follow.  


Crash is a blur that aims to highlight ancestral differences and tensions in Los Angeles. The characters are from assorted contest and socializations. The blur is disconnected into the three acceptable parts, the beginning, the average and the end, with several alongside multi-plots that accomplish the accomplished anecdotal complex. The storyline is not threaded in a articular address as anniversary subplot is burst into several segments forth the storyline. Subplots include, the afflicted activity of the affluent and Atramentous Thayer couple, the biased LA police, the two Atramentous carjackers who ambition Whites, and the mistrusting Asian shopkeeper, Farhad, in battle with the Latino locksmith, Daniel. The blur has a abbreviate banausic continuance of the adventure time, with a artifice time of 115 minutes.

At the alpha the personalities of Crash authorize ancestral biases, except for Waters who is aloof and Hansen who sympathizes with minorities. The aperture arena has Waters and Ria barter racially-inclined blame with Kim Lee because of an accident. The abutting arena flashes aback to Farhad and his babe Dorri altercate in Arabic to the annoyance of the gun banker who angrily calls Farhad “Osama” and refuses to serve him. 

Opportunities for the assorted plots are accustomed early. For example, Anthony and Peter, two Atramentous carjackers are consistently accusatory about racism but who ambition alone White victims. They ambush on a White couple, Jean and Rick Cabot, who admiration why it is “always a Atramentous gangster” committing a crime. Later, Jean complains that Rick assassin addition atramentous person, Daniel Ruiz, to change the aperture locks. A White clandestine abettor has asleep a Atramentous clandestine agent, and a Atramentous brace Cameron and Christine Thayer are tailed and briefly arrested by white cops. Administrator Ryan fondles Christine indecently while authoritative ancestral remarks, Cameron charcoal calm, and Christine is angry.

Daniel arrives home to an abandoned bed and a afraid daughter, Lara (Ashlyn Sanchez). Meanwhile, the carjackers in the baseborn car accidentally hit a Korean bystander, who they clammy at a hospital. The barn declines to buy the baseborn car because it has claret stains. Administrator Hansen requests Lt. Dixon addition accomplice because Ryan is a racist. In the concurrently Ryan goes to Shaniqua, to appeal a urinary analysis but ends up calling the doctor unqualified, Atramentous woman, and careless for his father’s affection to Blacks.

Daniel and Farhad misunderstand anniversary alternative about acclimation a aperture lock and bung ancestral blame at anniversary other. Meanwhile, Waters is disconnected from acquaintance by his mother’s buzz call, and his accomplice is angry, arguing that is a ancestral attitude. Aback Farhad’s boutique is burglarized and corrective with graffiti, he blames Daniel and promises vengeance. Anthony and Peter abide with ancestral talk, as Waters visits his drug-addicted mother. The abode is blowzy with besmirched aliment and drugs. He takes her inside, rests her in bed, and discards the aliment afore abrogation with his White mate. At Cameron’s workplace, Christine apologizes for her beforehand behavior during arrest, but Cameron aloof walks abroad from her. In a compression or affecting episode, Christine is circuitous in an blow and by coincidence, the aforementioned molester administrator comes to her rescue. Meanwhile Cameron discovers a backing of money in the asleep agent’s car but he is accountable to subdue the affirmation in the interests of ancestral harmony, area the administrator excuses Atramentous people’s crimes as apprenticed by abridgement of opportunity. 

There is ball and acme aback Anthony and Peter advance to abduct Cameron’s car, but alternate aback they ascertain that he is a adolescent Black. Cameron fights aback and ends up actuality pursued by police. Hansen saves Cameron from cutting by alternative officers, while he bouncer Anthony from arrest because he hates the White police. Added ball unfolds aback Daniel arrives home, is accosted by Farhad, who shoots him, appropriate in advanced of the wife. Waters arrives home to acquisition his mother in a accompaniment again. Meanwhile at the station’s locker allowance Hansen and colleagues are close about the beforehand adventure with Cameron. At her house, Jean is talking on buzz and misses her footfall at the stairs.  

The blur concludes with abounding changing goals. In an irony of fate, Peter hitchhikes in Hansen’s car but ends up actuality asleep over a mistaken absorbed by the officer, who gain to abort the affirmation by auctioning him off the alley and torching his car. As it turns out, Peter is Water’s missing brother and all Waters recovers is Peter’s cartoon at the arena of death.  Anthony allotment to abduct Choi’s van, but at the garage, they ascertain that it was accustomed trafficked Cambodians. Anthony decides to releases them at Chinatown, while Choi asks his wife to actively banknote a analysis from the animal traffickers. Fahard is devastated by Lara’s cutting and decides to actuate of his gun. Jean makes accord with her maid Maria who took her to hospital, Hansen torches his car, and Cameron forgives his wife. The blur employ’s alliteration address aback they do a closing arena of a car accident, aloof as they started.

The blur maker’s accept of multi-plot anatomy is abreast by the capital theme, racism, which has abounding faces and forms, which are best captured by attractive at anniversary anatomy separately.  The multi-plot access avoids lumping racism calm as a analytical academy that can be calmly tracked and demolished. The blur maker’s action tells three altered belief about apart and alone ties the apart ends at the end of the film. The eyewitness is accordingly kept focused on three abstracted outcomes, and academic on how the belief tie up.  The ambassador additionally uses mini plots advisedly in adjustment to actualize affecting moments at altered times, a action that ensures admirers are alert to the awning throughout the film. The blur maker creates an ambiguous catastrophe in adjustment to blow viewers’ acquainted continued afterwards the blur ends, to acknowledge people’s hidden racist mentality, such as Hansen’s, and to appearance that racism cannot be bound overnight, but through a process, as happens to Administrator Ryan’s behavior appear Christine, and Farhad’s appear Daniel.


The blur I’m Not Thereis an archetype of a non-causal structure, and deviates broadly from acceptable Hollywood three allotment structure. The blur tells the biographic adventure of Bob Dylan. Altered bodies comedy the allotment of Dylan at altered stages of his life, embodied as a hopeful and active adolescent artist boy, Woody Guthrie, afresh as a dynamic, successful, yet biologic absorbed musician, Mr. Quinn, and as the iconic musician, Jack Rollins who faces abounding ancestors activity during his agreeable journey. The anapestic Arthur is in cloister giving cryptic answers to questions asked by his interrogators. The cine deviates from Hollywood tradition, and uses non-traditional and anarchistic anecdotal style.

The 11 year old boy assuming to be the absolute Woody Guthriehops assimilate a alternation alone to accompany two old men. He befriends and acclaim them with stories, but is befuddled out of the alternation by some goons and rescued by a white family. He anon escapesafter letters of the absolute Woody ability the family.

The non-causal anatomy has a looping anatomy in which the acceptable beginning, average and end anatomy is re-arranged (Murphy 201). A adroit use of beam assiduously and flashbacks makes non-causal anatomy possible.I’m Not There is a circuitous braid of brusque past, accepted and approaching episodes, which accept no pinches or linkage. For example, in aboriginal episodes, the adventure moves from Arthur in court, to Jack singing, to Woody artifice from hosts, a abode affair scene, and aback to Jack in the studio. The storyline is non-linear and afterwards alongside episodes, yet the abounding characters assuming one actuality accomplish it a multi artifice structure.Arthur Rimbaud, for example, appears briefly in several episodes answering questions incoherently to his interrogators. Billy McCarty is an outlaw active in a rural association as an cocked citizen, but eventually gets arrested, and afresh escapes by alternation in the absolute scene.

In non-causal structure, the accoutrement of the adventure are not affiliated in a analytic or beeline sequence. This blur is abstruse with plots, and the plots are breach into episodes that are about flashed advanced and backward. The contest in a key cilia do not advance to the abutting thread, as happens in the film. In commonly structure, the capital appearance has a ambition and performs accomplishments appear accomplishing that goal, while the alternative characters accept to fit into the actions, either as protagonists or antagonists (Caldwell). The goals are not bright inI’m Not There and so the admirers is not alert to the hero’s cause. In fact, there is no accurate hero in this film, and the ambition is simplyone, to accomplish agreeable fame, as declared by Woody to his aboriginal host family. This ambition is accomplished by Robby who overcomes the accessible misgivings about his change from folk music to a abreast pop genre. The ambition is about absent afresh alike afore the absolute allotment of the film.

The abounding characters accredit the calligraphy biographer to accomplish brusque and cogent transitions from one artifice to another. There are about no antagonists in the blur and the characters attack with their own centralized issues. 

Time is adaptable in a storyline, and it can be continued or abridged to fit the story. This blur covers a aeon amid the 1930s and 1970s or 1990s aback you accommodate the interviews covered in the film. The ambassador cleverly uses blush to portray periods, appropriately “distant past” is in atramentous and white, the sixties in achromatic color, and the present in bright color.Most plots abridgement a ball and climax, except for a few episodes such as the action in the studio, the action in a alternation wagon, and Woody arena guitar for his aboriginal and additional hosts.

The blur employs a non beeline storyline, which requires abutting accoutrement to complete the story. Episodes charge to be put calm to accomplish a complete story. For example, Jack Rollins adventure is told by absolute bodies like Alice and Carla in interviews, who anamnesis to the aboriginal 1960s aback Jack becomes a beef folk music star. Aback he switches to abreast pop, his admirers are disgusted, and afterwards a alternation of missteps such as accepting bashed during an accolade ceremony, Jack goes underground alone to re-emerge as a built-in afresh Christian, pastor and actuality musician.

In the film, the accoutrement are not accessible to connect, abnormally braid amid characters of Dylan. Robby Clark for example, acts Jack in a acknowledged movie, “Grain of Sand”. His alliance is bouldered because of his cheating on his wife and attitude that women are inferior artists. He eventually breach up their alliance and loses aegis of the children. 

The cessation of the blur has no accurate affecting episodes and ends with the aforementioned atramentous affection as the alpha and sad outcome. Jude Quinn collapses in the flat and his colleagues apprehend he ability never be able to accomplish again. He after dies in a motorcycle accident.Robby has absent aegis of the accouchement and alone takes them out on appearance rights. Old Billy escapes in the aforementioned alternation wagon Woody larboard his guitar, which Billy has found.Father John aka Jack Rollins closes the blur with a soulful tune on his harmonica, apparently to a abbey crowd. The eyewitness is larboard activity apologetic for the capital characters.

The blur maker chooses the non-causal anatomy for a cardinal of reasons. The anatomy avoids the borders of a acceptable three-part anatomy of Hollywood movies in adjustment to accord the architect added freedom. The chargeless access additionally allows the maker to acquaint a real-life animal story, which is artlessly unpredictable. The blur maker’s action of demography one actuality and agreeable him into altered characters is done so that the blur can beam or bastardize in time from the accomplished to the present and carnality versa. The called non-causal anatomy keeps admirers affianced throughout the film, while accoutrement up for abridgement of affecting moments in the storyline. The producer’s accommodation to use absolute or astute interviews creates an ambience of actual actuality to the storyline, which makes eyewitness chase the artifice keenly. The flashbacks advice to accumulate the altered characters acting throughout the film. All in all, the storyline in I’m Not There is too complicated for the best of non-causal structure.

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