Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage abundance could be authentic as a babe attaining motherhood afore she alcove the acknowledged age of adulthood. Rates of boyish abundance in Jamaica are amid the accomplished in the Caribbean, with females amid the ages of fifteen to nineteen years of age actuality amenable for one hundred and eight births per thousand women. Females amid the ages of ten and nineteen annual for twenty-five percent of births in Jamaica, and twenty-two percent of births amid fifteen to nineteen year olds are additional pregnancies. Contrary to accepted acceptance the teenagers complex are not the alone ones at fault. These pregnancies are a aftereffect of alternative un-addressed issues surrounding them. These issues axis from three things: religious commodity as it relates to sex, ancestors ambiance and associate pressure. These are the above influences aural an individual’s life. Christianity is the ascendant adoration in Jamaica. Christianity’s access to sex is abnegation only, admitting the unsuccessfulness of this strategy. The Ministry of Health the account was fabricated that, “Early sex admission is not a new fad and accouchement are absolutely acquainted of this. In fact, abounding of us account this commodity are articles of boyish mothers or parents who were continuously accomplished about abnegation and account cocky but still affianced in aboriginal animal relationships. On average, the age of animal admission in Jamaica for girls is 15 years and 13 years for boys, with some as aboriginal as nine years old. ” Religious behavior comedy a big role in this. Our churches vaguely acquaint our youths on sex, STD’s and contraceptives. Picture female as the bake-apple God forbade Adam to eat. Adam had no ability of what the bake-apple or was why he wasn’t declared to eat it.

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