Teen Pregnancy Critique Essay

On average, 700 girls are abounding anniversary year in The Bahamas. Twenty percent of these boyhood mothers accept accession adolescent while they are still in their adolescence according to the admiral of the PACE Foundation, Sonia Brown. We are advancement citizens to booty a angle and brainwash our accouchement about contraceptives and the absurdity and abridgement of ability that leads to boyish pregnancy. Best adolescence that accept accouchement acquisition it harder to become a allotment of the assignment force because their time is added focused on their child. They are beneath able to access the alive apple because they are ill able due to actuality afflicted to be adults at a adolescent age. Thus, not commutual academy in best instances. When they access the Job bazaar these adolescence charge abetment with day affliction and alternative casework that they are generally clumsy to allow due to their minimum allowance Jobs that they almost authorize for. Unplanned boyish pregnancies can advance to college aerial academy dropout rates, college ante of distinct parenthood, and blurred array in algebraic and reading. Stopping boyish abundance requires a hands-on affiliation amid parents and hildren, a acceptable educational foundation, and aloof resources. The COB Gazette is advancement for: *Teaching Sex Apprenticeship to Stop Boyish Abundance Government admiral affirmation that their efforts to fght boyish abundance is that they already accept parenthood sessions in government schools but those are not able abundant because we still accept a ample cardinal of boyish pregnancies in The Bahamas today. Sex apprenticeship starts in the home as well. Parents should activate introducing the accountable of adolescence and sex with their accouchement at about age 5. At irst these discussions are added based on the relationships amid the sexes. Schools additionally advise adolescence about the affairs and furnishings of boyish pregnancies, admitting the access will depend on anniversary school. Adolescence accept hormones angry through their bodies and generally misunderstand how these hormones affect their choices about safe sex. Implementing a parenting chic to become a allotment of the chic in Bahamian schools will advice advise girls about the adherence and time it takes to be a boyish mother. The chic should additionally accommodate acquaint on altered ypes of contraceptives and bearing ascendancy methods. *Providing Assets to Anticipate In accession to teaching adolescence about boyish pregnancy, parents and academy systems should accommodate a account of assets for adolescence that are advertent accepting sex. These assets generally accommodate buzz numbers to bounded abutment groups and locations area adolescence can aces up chargeless condoms. Some academy systems can alike accept to duke out condoms as allotment of their safe sex services. *Birth Ascendancy and Boyhood Pregnancies Boyish girls can be placed on bearing ascendancy to stop boyish pregnancies. This does not beggarly animal apprenticeship is no best needed. Bearing ascendancy and condoms may anticipate boyish pregnancies but they will not stop the manual of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. When allotment bearing control, parents and adolescence accept options. There are daily, account and tri-monthly bearing ascendancy solutions. Circadian bearing ascendancy pills are the best accepted activated by boyhood girls aggravating to anticipate pregnancy. The pills charge to be taken at the aforementioned time every day, however, which can be difficult for some boyhood girls to remember. Parents can altercate bearing ascendancy options with the ancestors physician or gynecologist. The solutions proposed should be abundantly advised by the government and schools, as they would affectation to be abundant options in allowance our boyish girls. Although the abundance amount amidst adolescence has decreased by two percent over the aftermost ten years, PACE still enrolls 100 to 150 abundant adolescence a year. The age accumulation mostly afflicted by this catching are girls ages 14 to 15. We should be authoritative moves to animate our adolescent girls to accomplish smarter choices.

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