Technology Adoption models

  Please accomplish abiding that you apprehend absorbed pdf afore commutual the  assignment.   A  local association academy has a botheration with assimilation of students. The  community academy has done some basal analysis and begin out that  students feel broken and do not apperceive what is activity on with their  course schedules, amount programs, and options. The association college’s  board of admiral has absitively through the use of a adviser that a  mobile buzz appliance that runs on Apple and Android smartphones is  the best action to advice with the perceived activity of actuality  ‘disconnected’ by the students.  You  are in allegation of advancing up with a solution, about the appliance  and authoritative abiding that this is activity to be chip with the school's  information systems  (none are specified, so accomplish some assumptions) which is activity to accommodate acceptance with information.     What are some of the basal appearance that you would put in the application? How can you admeasurement the abeyant success of the affairs afore it is implemented? Who  are your stakeholders in the activity and how can they be advantageous to you  in answering the catechism of whether or not they would use the program? Please accomplish abiding to address 2 pages in APA formatted, citations and references, as well. Please  reference some of the models that are mentioned in the commodity and/or a  model or access that you accept begin that you anticipate will be added  effective. 

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