technical writing/ revise a document- and write a rational paper

1_ REVISE the certificate (75 points). Think in agreement of ALL that we accept covered in this advance and in Markel (doc design, sentences, graphics, headings, titles, persuasion, admirers & purpose--to name a few). What changes should be fabricated to the all-embracing architecture of the document? What images or cartoon would advice accomplish the purpose of the certificate (in agreement of the advised audience)? What sentences should be revised based on the capacity from Chapter 10? How can the certificate be added adamant in agreement of titles, headings, branch structure, etc? You will appetite to accomplish some cogent changes to the certificate to accomplish it stronger, because admirers & purpose. (Do not focus on sentence-level editing.)  2_  Write a RATIONALE cardboard (75 points). Provide a account for the changes you accomplish in the certificate you chose to revise. Compose a 3 pages able certificate advertence absolutely WHAT your revisions were and answer WHY the revisions were necessary. Organize your certificate to be reader-centered (please use adapted headings). This certificate is NOT a ammo account (use an essay-style document). Be absolute in your assay of the revisions and modifications you fabricated in your document. After account your document, your clairvoyant should readily see not alone WHAT changes were fabricated (without accepting to do a line-by-line allegory of the aboriginal and revised documents) but additionally WHY those changes were fabricated (why they are acknowledged revisions) based on the advice provided in Markel (be abiding to advertence the Markel textbook). ________________________________________________________ when alteration focus on: proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast. Page layout, Columns (devide folio to 2 columns), typography Title, accord an adapted title Heading, change the cardboard headings to accomplish it added adapted and understandable Graphics ^^^ all these changes could be the headings for the RATIONAL PAPER. ________________________________________ the aboriginal cardboard in the attachment

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