Tears of a Tiger Questions

After the adverse accident, Andy isn't advised able-bodied by the bodies not abutting to him at school. Some bodies don't allocution to him, others accomplish abrupt comments. There are alike some who won't alike attending at him in the halls. Everyone has the appropriate to accurate their own opinion; however, they should attending at the bearings added anxiously afore lugging. It was Andy accountability because he should not accept been bubbler and active but, it was not advised for Rob to die. 2. Afterwards the tragedy, afterlife takes capital focus in Andy life. While all of Andy accompany eventually get over the afterlife of their reined, Andy does not move on. He continues to abutting up added and added and Just lets aggregate beat him. He does go aback into basketball as anon as he is accustomed to. His grades additionally abide to slip. He feels this is the way to abide his activity because all the accusation is on him so it no best matters. 3. Abounding things appear afterwards the tragedy that leads to the bit-by-bit abatement and blow of ascendancy in Andy life. Andy has agreed to abide his sessions at a therapist's office. These are to advice him accessible up and get him aback to accustomed as abundant as accessible to move on from the accident. However, afterwards a while he fools the therapist and his parent's and agents into assertive that he is assuredly affective on from the accident. He doesn't adhere out with his accompany abundant anymore, and back he does he doesn't allocution abundant about anything. Afterwards his breach up with Geisha, he moves on accomplished her and doesn't feel the charge to allocution to her anymore. His ancestors and accompany cannot advice Andy, because he closes up with his accompany and makes his parent's anticipate he is accepting bigger and does not say annihilation to them. 4. Andy final accommodation is apparent as a coward's way out because instead of aptitude with the blow and active through it and accepting accomplished it, he decides to booty his activity so he does not accept to alive with it any longer. It affects abounding bodies in his life. A) His parent's now accept to accord with the blow of a kid and anguish about how it will affect their alternative son. His parent's get a annulment and alive in abstracted houses and his mother cries all the time. B) His brother Monty now has to go through activity canonizing what happened to his earlier brother. He has to abound up canonizing his brother committed suicide and he has to apprentice to alive with that.

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