Teaching Plan for Pain Management

NURSING PROCESS TEACHING CARE PLAN SUPPORTIVEDATA Objective: DX-UTI & accessible urosepsis, Hip Fracture, and abatement during not a applicant for surgery, CHF Buck’s absorption applied Assessment: Limited mobility, SOB, confusion, does not appetite to get out of bed due to affliction & abhorrence of falling, Meds: Hydrocodone 7. mg/acetaminophen 325mg 1 to 2 tab PO, PRN for affliction Tylenol 650 mg 2 PO, PRN for pain. NURSINGDIAGNOSIS Knowledge arrears for affliction administration r/t abridgement of chase up with instructions PATIENT GOALS/OUTCOME CRITERIA The accommodating will accept adeptness of affliction mgmt A. E. B:Stg: Verbalizes use and dosing of affliction medication Verbalizes affliction abatement lover than 4/10 in 30-60 min afterwards intervention Demonstrates use of non-medication affliction mgmt solutions by end of shift Ltg: Verbalizes how generally can get affliction medications Verbalizes adeptness to do ADL with affliction beneath 6/10 by D/C NURSING ACTIONS Assess adeptness of accepted affliction medications/does/time/use Instruct on how generally to booty affliction medications Instruct of affliction meds if the affliction akin is aloft 4/10 Teach the acumen for befitting affliction beneath 4/10 Instruct on demography Tylenol 650 mg afore activity/ADL

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