Teaching Children Technology Skills

Technology and Accurate Learning

You accept aloof completed a beginning-of-the-school-year accessible abode for parents. Following your presentation, several parents ask whether you will focus on allowance their accouchement advance 21st aeon technology skills. They ask you to call several acquirements adventures you accept advised and plan to apparatus this year.

  • What are two accurate examples of acquirements with technology that you could allotment with parents?
  • Provide a account for anniversary that describes how the activities will accommodated educational technology standards and characteristics of allusive acquirements with technology.

I am the abettor administrator of the Beijing Advice Science and Technology University College of All-embracing Education (BISTU-CIE). I advise IELTS and TOEFL workshops for Chinese ELLs and basic/general English and business English classes for our all-embracing ELLs. Best of our all-embracing acceptance appear from South Korea and the above Soviet Union nation-states.

Most of my all-embracing ELLs are majoring in all-embracing trade. Therefore, I accept my business English acceptance do a business plan angle and presentation. In baby groups, acceptance use the Internet to analysis opportunities and possibilities for starting their own business. They additionally accept to actualize a business plan advertence their artefact or service, amount structure, and projected profits or losses for the first, second, third, and fifth years, amid alternative things. They again adapt this advice into a PowerPoint presentation and present their proposals to the class. Acceptance again vote for the angle that is the best astute and believable and has the best adventitious of success.

I accept this integrates technology with an accurate acquirements action that is accordant to their major. This meets the 2016 ISTE accepted no. 3, Knowledge Constructor which states, “Students alarmingly abbey a array of assets application agenda accoutrement to assemble knowledge, aftermath artistic artifacts and accomplish allusive acquirements adventures for themselves and others” (ISTE, 2016, p.1) and no. 6, Creative Communicator, back the acceptance charge use the Internet for research, adapt their analysis application appointment abundance software such as chat processing and spreadsheets, and assuredly actualize a agenda presentation to be displayed and aggregate with others. It additionally fits Newman and Wehlage’s (1993) analogue of accurate learning, “which requires acceptance to assemble acceptation and aftermath knowledge, analyze to assemble meaning, reflect and altercate information, and actualize or accomplish tasks that accept ethics of acceptation above success in school” (cited in Cydis, 2015, p. 69) for the aforementioned reasons.

In my IELTS and TOEFL workshops, acceptance are accustomed speaking prompts taken from absolute accomplished tests. Acceptance are accustomed the rubrics the testers use to appraise their speaking. Acceptance again almanac their responses on their phones. Then, in pairs or as a class, we accept to the recordings and acceptance appraise and appraisal themselves and others according to the rubrics and bout their performances to the almost accomplishment band.

This action is accurate because it simulates the speaking portions of the TOEFL and IELTS exams and requires acceptance to put themselves in the shoes of an analyzer and appraise their speaking abilities with a analytical ear. It additionally meets the ISTE (2016) accepted 1c, “Students will use technology to seek acknowledgment that informs and improves their practice.” By alert to recordings of themselves and comparing what they apprehend adjoin the accomplishment bandage rubrics, acceptance are able to analyze strengths and weakness in their own pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, or grammar, and ambition the anemic spots. This gives them ascendancy over and buying of their own learning.


Cydis, S. (2015). Accurate apprenticeship and technology literacy. Journal of Acquirements Design, 8(1), 68-78.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (2016). ISTE Standards for Acceptance (2016). Arlington, VA: Author.

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