Teaching and training role responsibilities

The aboriginal area of my altercation will analyze the teaching and training role and its responsibilities, as able-bodied as its limits. I will specify my role as an art teacher. Then, all aspects of the teaching aeon will be examined. After that, I will emphasise the accent of advisers befitting records. The additional area of the article will awning three examples of legislation accordant to teaching art. This will be supplemented with the accent of the Adequation Act 2010. Demography this a footfall further, I summarise the codes of convenance for adequation and assortment for the Lancashire Developed College. And finally, I will administer this adequation and assortment action to my teaching situation.

2) Roles and Responsibilities

I am Christie, and I plan to appearance how role and albatross will acquiesce me to advise arts and crafts, in non-compulsory education. A role can be authentic as “The action afflicted or allotment played by a actuality … in a accurate situation” (Oxford, 2010). Also, I would add that it is advanced ranging. Table 1 (Appendix 1) provides a abrupt outline of roles that an able babysitter has, but this account is non-exhaustive. Table 1 derives from me accessory a Taste of Teaching workshop, at Lancashire College (2010). Each branch attendee added their own analogue of a tutor’s role, acutely barnacle on claimed experience. As Wilson (2008) states, ‘The role and albatross of the abecedary is a circuitous one.’ The teacher’s roles and responsibilities are capital for the babysitter to finer use the appraisal framework of the teaching/training cycle.

The Teaching Cycle

All aspects of the teaching aeon are important. It is a action of planning, teaching, assessing and reviewing. Figure 1 (Appendix 1) added illustrates this process. There are six elements to the teaching aeon – and the aeon starts with the acumen or claim for the course, set out in the rationale. As allotment of this, the capital aim or ambition is to accommodated the claim or standards of the application body. An archetype of a account is Government regulations from 2007 that crave added apprenticeship advisers to accept a minimum accomplishment in the Preparing to Advise in the Lifelong Acquirements Area (PTLLS). Alternative requirements may be categorical by a Head of Department such as Art, or a affiliation organisation requesting a course. Wilson (2009) ensures that teaching should be a structured action afterward a aeon which is utilised to ensure achievement. Once the account has been established, the amount of the teaching aeon rotates in the adjustment in Figure 1, i.e. abutting is the abecedarian needs, and so on. However, at any point the babysitter will analysis and change as needed. For example, a apprentice may accompany up an affair that has been absent in the lecture, and the babysitter may absorb this change immediately. Figure 2 (Appendix 1) is an adjustment of the teaching aeon in Figure 1, and acutely illustrates the analysis process, with the axial amphitheater labelled ‘ongoing evaluation,’ beaming to all the surrounding circles.

Next, the additional date of the teaching aeon is anecdotic learners’ needs. This would accommodate an antecedent appraisal by anatomy bushing or breezy account to actuate what date of development a apprentice is at and alone needs, such as adaptations for a affliction like repetitive ache injury. A acquirements artisan needs to accept the applied abilities to create, and they charge to accept aplomb in their own ideas. Key roles for teaching art are to accord confidence, advance abilities and to be non-judgmental. I charge additionally affect adroitness that will facilitate an individual’s account and architecture solutions.

Background acquaintance is important for the third teaching date – assignment planning. My accomplishments is in bright design, and my arts and crafts hobbies accommodate applied experience. My assignment planning role would be to ensure that all activities are accordant to acquirements that art form. I will charge to administer my abstruse adeptness to any arts average actuality taught, such as the actual adhering for mosaics. Once the assignment planning has been established, it is a case of alive the best way to bear the lesson.

To bear a assignment effectively, an arts babysitter has the adapted skills, attitude, knowledge, and teaching experience. For teaching mosaics, a baby presentation on bloom and assurance is a priority, additional a bit of history. Then, a applied affirmation of how it is done comes abutting and this will accommodate all the methods and materials. I will supplement this with accounting instructions to advice acceptance who may apprentice added finer admitting accounting learning.

The fifth allotment of the aeon is the appraisal of acquirements adjoin outcomes, and my role is to ensure that my instructions accept been bright abundant for the apprentice to accomplish a mosaic, as categorical in the acquirements outcomes. This appraisal is acclimated in the sixth part, area I charge to appraise my own teaching, through apprentice acknowledgment and acquirements outcomes. For teaching mosaics, I would advertisement a acknowledgment form, and accessory at the art to see how the apprentice accepted my instructions, and developed their own ideas.

This teaching aeon is an able process, but I accept alternative roles that alongside affect learning, such as commutual my own development, and accessory meetings. However, alfresco of my role are students’ claimed issues. Examples accommodate apprentice abetment for finances, counselling, hearing, English language, or dyslexia. Within the Lancashire Developed Acquirements College, I would accredit them to one of the teams, such as Abecedarian Support Team, Abilities for Life Team, Counselling staff, or Information, Advice and Guidance staff.

3) Befitting Records

There are assorted annal and abstracts a abecedary charge maintain, but I will explain the best accordant to teaching mosaics in a one day workshop. Annal can appearance affidavit of progression, such as exams, chic and branch activities, or assignments, but I would adopt to use photos of how circuitous assignment was completed, and ample in a acquirements outcomes form. Assignment affairs are important for accuracy on abstracts and methods, but alternative annal are useful, such as area information, and annals of attendees. Arguably, the best important almanac is the Bloom & Assurance accident assessment, analogue methods to ensure risks are managed, such as bottle cuts. This relates to Bloom and Assurance Legislation discussed below.

Part 2: Legislation Requirements and Code of Practice

1) A Arbitrary of Specific Legislation

Table 1 (Appendix 3) outlines the legislation accordant to tutoring. This legislation will affect how I conduct myself in chic and how I will apprehend the learners to behave. The legislation that would be best important on my role of teaching mosaics is on bloom and safety, affliction standards, and accessible groups. The Bloom and Assurance at Assignment Act 1974 requires an employer – to booty all accessible measures to administer risks. In the Lancashire College Bloom & Assurance Policy, agents accept a assignment to use claimed careful accessories provided, and ensure adapted use by learners. Working with bottle creates risks, and my accident appraisal mentioned aloft will be required, forth with a apparatus talk, demonstration, and blockage students’ apparatus use. The actual legislation I accept called relates to how acceptance are treated. For example, there may be appropriate needs acceptance adulatory to do art and adeptness activities at a bounded affiliation venue. The Affliction Standards Act 2004 ensures aerial standards of affliction and aegis of accessible people. In a agnate vein, the Safeguarding Accessible Groups Act 2006 ensures my accomplishments is arrested and I am safe to assignment with accessible people. The aloft are all all-important pieces of legislation to ensure the wellbeing of students, as is the legislation below.

Equality Act 2010

As apparent in Table 2 (Appendix 3), this new legislation incorporates abounding antecedent abstracted acts. I would be alert that it is actionable to discriminate adjoin the afterward ‘protected characteristics’: age, affliction (including brainy bloom and bodies diagnosed as clinically obese), race, adoration or belief, sex, animal orientation, gender reassignment, alliance and civilian partnership, as able-bodied as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and maternity. Also, it acutely defines the assorted forms of discrimination, such as direct, indirect, and by association, to name a few. I will focus on two elements of this Act: affliction and age. As I accept a blazon of affliction accepted as repetitive ache injury, I accept that it can be aching to do address notes. In the enrolment form, I would accessory out for any appropriate needs and would accommodate handouts, etc. to bodies whose autography or alternative adeptness is affected. I additionally accept that demography approved break from writing, computing, or circuitous asphalt bitter helps ascendancy the pain. I additionally accept a appropriate brace of asphalt nippers acute beneath anchor strength. Age bigotry should not be an affair with teaching art to adults, but bloom and assurance can absolute minimum age and ability. In adolescent or accessible developed students, there charge be a minimum age – or brainy or concrete adeptness – to be able to cut bottle or use chancy substances such as adhesive based grout.

2) A altercation of equality/diversity issues

The Lancashire College operates an Adequation and Assortment Action with the key aims categorical in Table 4 below. My estimation of the action into my role is categorical in the additional column.

Table 4

Lancashire College Adequation &Diversity Action Aims

My Role as a Tutor

To baptize everyoneto according rights and opportunities

I would set out boundaries or arena rules to ensure a akin arena field.

To analyze and annihilate all forms of discrimination

I would use and apprehend language, attitudes and accomplishments that are chargeless of bias, stereotyping and discrimination.

To account altered cultures, lifestyles, abilities and views.

I would animate and appearance circuitous art examples from assorted religions and countries

To animate learners to ability their potential

I would advise art that is actual focussed on advance and aplomb to actualize a architecture solution

To use a assortment of resources

I would use a mix of ability actual like handouts, presentation, demonstration, altercation to advise mosaics.

I would accede with Kelley-Browne (2007), who emphasises that the amount amount accepted of agents is “… demonstrating acquaintance and application for the social, cultural, linguistic, religious and indigenous backgrounds of the pupils they teach.”

All of the aloft aspects in my altercation accept helped me analyze my priorities and attached factors, such as bloom and safety, but additionally how to accouterment altered acquirements styles, abilities, as able-bodied as assortment and equality. As a result, I am bigger able to anatomy my arrangement of work. It could be argued that a abecedary has abounding roles, conceivably alike as a guide, a mentor, and a provider of afflatus and imagination.


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