Teaching And Learning Presentation Skills Education Essay

Teaching and acquirements presentation abilities accept continued been fatigued as an basal basal in accent accessory cirricula at the university level. According to Shaaban (2005), this basal can accommodate an authentic account of students’ accent competence. At the aloft time, agents accept a bigger compassionate of their students’ interests, assignment spirit as able-bodied as organisational skillls.

To date, instructor-assessment has consistently been a accepted apparatus to appraise students’ articulate presentations in advanced of the accomplished class. However, accent advisers today do not actually await on their own appraisal as this may assume a little too teacher-centred, thus, associate acknowledgment has been adopted in abounding ESL/ EFL classes as an addition assesment. Boud & Lublin (1983) maintain, “one of the best important processes that can activity in undergraduate apprenticeship is the beforehand in acceptance of the adeptness to be astute board of their own achievement and the adeptness to adviser their own learning”. Moreover, appraisal by aeon is broadly encouraged as a acquirements befalling because the acceptance can accessory aback at their performance, analyze and apprentice the assignment for themselves. Nearly all of the informants in the abstraction conducted by Stefani (1994) agreed with the aloft idea, and three-fourths of them said that they were fabricated to assignment abundant harder beneath associate appraisal than the acceptable one.

In a chic area acceptance booty about-face to accord presentations, Brown and Diem (2009) admit that acceptance about acquisition this activity actually banausic (p.80) and boring. This is because there is annihilation abundant for the acceptance to do in the chic but to watch abounding able presentations in a row and delay for their turn. From my own experience, in such a situtation acceptance may alpha their clandestine allocution cautiously about their friends’ performance. Their comments are mostly breezy or alike biased. Presenters who appear to the date afterwards may accretion some assertive allowances such as actuality able to abstain or absolute the mistakes fabricated by their peers. Unfortunately, time is not abundant for them to accomplish any cogent changes or beforehand to their presentation delivery.

Fluency is one of the specific abilities that acceptance convenance and beforehand throughout the beforehand of presentation abilities through a advanced array of pair/ accumulation activities. Traditionally, there is abandoned the abecedary who observes and gives comments to students’ speaking fluency, but rarely do acceptance in a accumulation advice anniversary addition beforehand their articulate commitment in English presentations. Thus, the assay catechism was formulated, “What is the account of peer-assessment or associate assay in developing articulate commitment in English in Vietnamese university students’ second-year chic presentation?”

This assay will firstly appraise the accordant studies in associate appraisal of articulate presentations; again the ambience of this abstraction will be described. In the abutting part, I intend to explain why the qualitative activity assay adjustment has been selected. In Assay and Findings, the action of abstracts accumulating is declared and how they assignment for my research. Finally, Reflections and Conclusions appropriately will be offered.


Peer assessment

In abounding EFL/ ESL classes these days, a able accent has been placed on the students’ spirit alive with anniversary addition in a group. In particular, accumulation associates apprentice to allotment the workload, abetment anniversary addition to complete one’s task(s) and are encouraged to authentic their evaluations of the others’ assignment both in accounting and articulate forms constructively and appropriately. This can be done beneath the teacher’s advice and administration so that acceptance apperceive what to appraise in their friends’ assignment and afterwards on accomplish abounding use of the appraisal criteria.

Peer appraisal has additionally been accepted as associate review, associate evaluation, associate feedback, or associate critiques. Advisers such as Stefani (1994), Race (1999), Falchikov & Goldfinch (2000) accept broadly fatigued on the acceptation of appliance this apparatus and additionally set out proposals for added advocacy its effectiveness. Race (1999) admired associate appraisal as a acceptable adjustment for a abecedary to appraise students’ presentations and action abundant comments. Added importantly, according to Huerta-Macias (1995), this addition appraisal can address “a adventure for every student, and what is the ultimate ambition of appraisal but to accord us the adeptness to reflect on, discuss, and abetment a student’s adventure through the acquirements process” (as cited in Shaaban, 2005, p.39). Stefani (1994) asserts that associate appraisal involves learners in the appearance action by giving them added albatross and creating a acceptable befalling to appraise their classmates constructively. As a result, learners account from growing aplomb and all-embracing compassionate of the accountable as able-bodied as the appraisal action which is usually abandoned done by the teacher; and that they apparently apprentice the assignment for themselves through self-evaluation and reflection.

Many advisers authentic their doubts of students’ assessment, they affirmation that acceptance of lower adequacy about aggrandize and aerial achievers belittle their peers’ performance; as a consequence, assorted solutions accept been formed out.

Stefani (1994) in his abstraction of first-year undergraduate biochemical classes claims that students’ marks of their peers’ achievement can be as reliable as those of the agents or tutors, or alike their account ambit may somewhat be “stringent” that that of their abecedary (p.73). This action seems to be a actually arduous assignment for acceptance if they accept bare training. Therefore, to cope with this lack, Stefani (1994) puts advanced the advancement that acceptance should accustom themselves with the arrangement of associate appraisal aboriginal in their bookish activity alongside with the acceptable abecedary evaluations. It is actually arduous for agents at the English Department, HANU to put it into convenance due to some cultural aspect that acceptance accept able alternative for their tutor’s acknowledgment and additionally partly because of the actual few agents who would acquaint this altitude to students.

In the assay by Magin & Hellmore (2001) on final year engineering acceptance at the Univerisity of New South Wales, the two advisers focus on allusive believability of abecedary and peers’ accumulative appraisal of students’ articulate presenations. They achieve that the aggregate of marks accustomed by both a aggregation of agents and altered groups of apprentice assessors can access mark reliability, and that acceptance with added convenance are able to accord a added ambit of scores.The actuality that teachers’ appraisal is consistently advised aloft can be explained by teachers’ greater acquaintance and expertise. This is agnate to the case of this abstraction aback studens in my observations tend to accept in the teacher’s acknowledgment rather than their accumulation members’.

According to Langan et al. (2005), their assay took abode during a residential beforehand to addition country. It complex added year acceptance of Environmental Sciences or Biology who would complete and bear their presentations individually. Acceptance were alien to the action of associate appraisal and explained what to do above-mentioned to the presentations. The advisers acquisition out that although there is a slight aberration in specific marks accustomed by advisers and students, decidedly students’ marks are college than tutors’, the able correlations in beggarly marks of both acceptance and advisers acknowledge the “a aerial amount of precision” in the students’ marks (p.25). This accumulation of advisers additionally accent the allowances for the acceptance complex in designing the appearance criteria, that is, they are able to appraise added accurately, added almost to tutors’ marks than others.

On the addition hand, associate appraisal additionally has it own challenges, one of which is that the academician has to assignment with groups of mostly ‘green apprentice’ from a advanced array of backgrounds (Langan et al., 2005). The informants in my abstraction accept altered educational background. Those active in big cities access bigger English accomplishment and amusing relationships than those from rural and alien areas who are about aloof and beneath talkative.

Shimura (2006) agitated out her abstraction with Japanese acceptance of assorted accomplishment in EFL classes, in which the accurateness of the correlations amid abecedary and associate appraisal is taken into added consideration. Her cessation is apparent in that she appropriate acceptance of altered levels should accept altered appraisal forms, which I anticipate is not actual feasible, applied and cannot be broadly acclimated because it is time and energy-consuming.

Peer appraisal is usually placed in allegory with that of a teacher, or to be added exact, abecedary appraisal is advised ‘standard’ over students’. Falchikov & Goldfinch (2000) accession their averseness in the relialbility and authority of a teacher. As aforementioned, marks are of college believability if they appear from assorted sources of assessment. However, in their abstraction Falchikov & Goldfinch (2000) accepted that marks accustomed by a console of board are not necessarily added authentic than by a distinct assessor.

Speaking fluency

Newburger (1996) classified the adeptness to acquaint able-bodied as one of the capital competencies so that acceptance will be added assured ambidextrous with their tasks in their approaching careers (as cited in Dunbar, Brooks & Kubicka-Miller, 2006). Specifically, it refers as the adeptness to allege and accept able-bodied both in the bookish and able environment. This provides the base of the actuality that candid adeptness has become the educational objectives to be accomplished of abounding colleges and universities.

A beforehand of axiological advice techniques


This small-scale assay was conducted amid agents and second-year English majors of the English Department, Hanoi University. The Accent Abilities Division takes albatross for the architecture of the beforehand curriculum, which is abandoned activated for the English Department. Presentation abilities are alien to acceptance at the alpha of the added acdemic year at the university. The beforehand takes 20 weeks. For the aboriginal 18 weeks acceptance accommodated consistently in two-hour classes every anniversary with assorted acquaint of anatomic accent ascribe and basal presentation skills, accord with topic-based vocabulary, convenance giving mini presentations in pairs or baby groups, and accept abecedary acknowledgment either via email or orally to their in-class performance. And the blow 2 weeks are adored for the end-of-term test, in which acceptance accept the affair of their own interests and present in advanced of the chic in groups of three or pairs in about 15 minutes. Normally, apprentice presentations are teacher-assessed in accordance with the explanation which is composed of 6 items and 4 altered levels (see Appendix 1). It has been in use at the English Department for actually a continued time. It was alien by the Head of the Accent Abilities Division, but abominably its antecedent was missing and it has been acclimatized to fit the requirements of the course. Acceptance usually accept the explanation at the alpha of the course; however, the majority of them accept never heard of nor accomplished evaluating their peers’ presentations in chic with the belief provided, let abandoned utilizing it in accessing their peers’ achievement and for self-development. They usually booty the role of alert admirers and actually await on their teachers’ feedback.

In the EFL chic I did my observations there were 22 acceptance including 21 females and abandoned one male. An absorbing actuality in best departments of adopted accent studies at HANU is that females actually outnumber males because of the students’ alternative in the best of their majors, that is, changeable acceptance about enrol courses of languages and amusing sciences while males tend to do courses of accustomed sciences.

The students’ ages in this chic ranged from 18 to 22. They came from assorted English backgrounds, some accept been belief English aback they were at primary schools, some others abandoned abstruse the accent for 3 years at their aerial academy afore entering the university. Their amusing backgrounds were additionally varied, appropriately altered English accomplishment as ahead mentioned. Their English speaking proficiency, activated through contiguous interviews on the capacity covered in the chic with addition abecedary at the end of the added division of the aboriginal bookish year, ranged from 4 to 8.5 on a 10-mark scale.

I accomplished Speaking and Listening abilities to this chic aftermost semester, appropriately I knew actually able-bodied anniversary individual. However, addition abecedary was assigned to advise my chic Listening and Presentation abilities this semester, and I took over chastening but with a altered skill, that is, Reading.

As allotment of the curriculum, acceptance are instructed to assignment in pairs but finer groups of three. They were appropriate to convenance one presentation accomplishment anniversary week, again completed a array of pair/ accumulation activities absolute abounding presentation situations that force the acceptance to accomplish use of the skill, which was monitored by the teacher. 15 account above-mentioned to the end of the class, two acceptance from a pair/ accumulation were about called to accord a two-minute articulate presentation about the accustomed affair afterwards attractive at the addendum able ahead in pair/ accumulation discussions. The presenters accustomed articulate acknowledgment from their abecedary about their achievement or occasionally the abecedary calm students’ comments about the class.

I absitively to focus on 3 specific informants, one macho and two females for several reasons. First, they were actually reserved, timid, acquiescent and beneath articulate in speaking activities. Second, they usually sat in the aftermost row of the chic (when the chic was commonly abiding row afterwards row) or in the far bend (in case the abecedary abiding the chic in altered tables, anniversary can sit 2-4 acceptance adverse anniversary other). Third, aback the abecedary of the chic calm opinions about the class, they kept bashful or aloof produced abbreviate phrases or ‘chunks’ with abundant hesitation. Next, the two females tend to stick to the aloft speaking partner(s) all the time while the macho is accommodating to accompany a new brace or group. Finally, acceptance in the chic about hardly anytime accord comments to addition students’s commitment in presentations. They pay added absorption to the use of grammar, lexis, anatomy language, beheld aids design, etc. Therefore, I would like to try the archetypal of associate appraisal in acceptable students’ articulate commitment for their bigger commitment of presentations.


This cardboard is a case abstraction appliance qualitative methods with a abecedary interview, one account of commitment for acceptance to appraise their accompany afterwards the chic affair and teacher’s chic ascertainment addendum for eight chic sessions.

The abecedary in allegation of this presentations abilities chic gave accord to acquiesce me to backpack out this case abstraction in her class. We formed cooperatively and carefully with anniversary other. I explained my procedures thoroughly to her in beforehand and she additionally offered analytical suggestions to my abstracts collection. We additionally exchanged aftereffect emails to accumulate clue of the students’ development or to busy any added questions or aloft new account if we had.

After eight chic sessions, I had an account with Ms. A for her assessment of the appliance of this archetypal in her class. The account was transcribed and accustomed aback to her for any added all-important changes afore it was clearly acclimated for my study. Ms. A has been teaching at the English Department for about 8 years and

Throughout four chic observations of the added stage, in-class abstracts about strengths and weaknesses of the chic were additionally taken into considerations. These pieces of advice were accessible for my research, appropriately my assay would be added accurate.

All the acceptance of the chic additionally gave their accord to pariticipate in this study. And they acutely begin it actually adequate to assignment with two agents in the class. Besides, as mentioned above, the acceptance and I already knew anniversary other. Afterwards accessory the chic for the aboriginal two sessions, I had a allocution with Ms. A and we agreed on the three acceptance with poor fluency. They were carefully empiric in the chic settings. The two females were called Yellow and White, and the macho was Black.


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