teacher assessment

Identify an aboriginal adolescence abecedary you can account and ask them the questions listed below. This can be done by buzz or video chat. As you are interviewing, booty abundant notes. 1) What is the purpose of assessment? 2) What is your program's aesthetics with account to assessment? 3) What types of academic assessments do you use, and what do they assess? 4) What types of breezy assessments do you use, and what do they assess? 5) How generally do you appraise students? 6) How do you use appraisal data? 7) How important is appraisal to your program? 8) What is your all-embracing appraisal of appraisal as it relates to your students? After the account is completed, blazon a arbitrary of the answers provided to you by the drillmaster you interviewed. Then abode an added absorption of your interview. Please be abiding to abode these two questions: 1) What did you apprentice about the teacher's use of appraisal from this interview? 2) What did you apprentice about appraisal in accepted from this interview? You may present your absorption as a accounting or multimedia address (worth 30 points), but in either case you will additionally charge to abide a arbitrary of the answers to questions asked during the account (worth 20 points). The absorption allocation of the cardboard should not be beneath than 1 and 1/2 to 2 pages long.  APA requirements for this appointment are as follows: Title folio (no headings charge to be included); pages numbered; all-embracing APA formatting with one inch margins, bifold spacing, and recommended font; advertence folio with actual advice if you use article alternative than the Bible or your arbiter for this course.

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