Teacher and National Junior Honor

I'm aflame to be arrive to be a affiliate of National Junior Honor Society (NUNS). And it is a abundant befalling for me. As a pre-member of NUNS, I accept approved three qualities, which are alertness to serve others, leadership, and character. These three qualities alarm the actual aspect of my being. I'm from Burma which now they alarm Manner. And went to Malaysia to appear to United States because Burma is in war. Live at Malaysia for about 4 years. Learned lots of English at Malaysia. After blockage at Malaysia for about 4 years, I came to U. S. I've been at United States for 7 months. First affair that would like to allocution is alertness to serve others. Like to advice others; advice my mom about the abode all the times and because she don't apperceive abundant English I construe for her. And at academy advice my accompany those who charge help; I advice them with what I know. Next, I approved leadership. At academy back the agents accumulation she/he consistently accept me as a roof baton because he/she anticipate I will be a acceptable leader, and to acquaintance leadership. I advice my accumulation affiliate back they don't know, acquaint them what to do, accomplish abiding the assignment is done, to participate, and acquaint them to account abecedary like to accumulate quiet and chase teacher's instruction. Last, appetite to allocution about is character. Account my abecedary because they are the one that advise me, and my parents because they accession me until now. Back they ask me to do something, do it. They accept accomplished me to be inerrable.

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