Tea Industry Analysis

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Indian tea industry The tea industry in India is about 170 years old. It occupies an important abode and plays a absolute advantageous allotment in the civic economy. Robert Bruce in 1823 apparent tea plants growing agrarian in aerial Brahmaputra Valley. In 1838 the aboriginal Indian tea from Assam was beatific to United Kingdom for accessible sale. Thereafter, it was continued to alternative genitalia of the country amid 50's and 60's of the aftermost century. However, attributable to assertive specific clay and acute requirements its agronomics was bedfast to alone assertive genitalia of the country. Tea plantations in India are mainly amid in rural hills and astern areas of North-eastern and Southern States. Aloft tea growing areas of the country are concentrated in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The alternative areas breadth tea is developed to a baby admeasurement are Karnataka, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Bihar and Orissa. Unlike best alternative tea bearing and exporting countries, India has bifold accomplishment base. India produces both CTC and Accustomed teas in accession to blooming tea. The weightage lies with the aloft due to calm consumers’ preference. Accustomed tea assembly is counterbalanced basically with the consign demand. Assembly of blooming tea in India is small. The competitors to India in tea consign are Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. Tea is an agro-based article and is subjected to vagaries of nature. Admitting adverse agro acute action accomplished in tea growing areas in abounding years, Indian Tea Acreage Industry is able to advance abounding advance in affiliation to accumulated of Indian tea assembly during the aftermost one decade. There has been a affecting angle in tea auctioning in favour of calm bazaar aback fifties. While at the time of Independence alone 79 M. Kgs or about 31% of absolute assembly of 255 M. Kgs of tea was retained for centralized consumption, in 2006 as abounding as 771 M. Kgs or about 81% of absolute assembly of 956 M. Kgs of tea went for calm consumption. Such a massive access in calm burning has been due to access in population, greater urbanisation, access in assets and accustomed of active etc. Indian tea consign has been an important adopted barter earner for the country. There was an inherent advance in consign balance from tea over the years. Till 70s’, UK was the aloft client of Indian tea Aback 80s’ USSR became the bigger client of Indian tea due to actuality of the barter acceding amid India and bygone USSR. USSR happened to be the aloft client of Indian tea accounting for added than 50% of the absolute Indian consign till 1991. However, with the abrasion of USSR and abolishment of Axial Buying Mechanism, Indian tea exports suffered a set aback from 1992-93. However, Indian Tea exports to Russia/CIS countries recovered from the setback aback 1993 beneath Rupee Debt Repayment Route accessories as additionally due to continued appellation acceding on tea entered into amid Russia and India. Depressed book afresh started aback 2001 due to change in burning pattern, i. e. about-face over from CTC to Accustomed as per chump alternative and appropriately India has absent the Russian market. Another acumen for abatement in consign of Indian tea to Russia is alms of teas at lower prices by China, South Asian countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. The aloft aggressive countries in tea in the apple are Sri Lanka, Kenya, China and Indonesia. China is the aloft ambassador of blooming tea while Sri Lanka and Indonesia are bearing mainly accustomed varieties of tea. Kenya is basically a CTC tea bearing country. While India is adverse antagonism from Sri Lanka and Indonesia with attention to consign of accustomed teas and from China with attention to blooming tea export, it is adverse antagonism from Kenya and from alternative African countries in exporting CTC teas. Because of absence of ample calm abject and due to analogously baby ambit of exportable items, Sri Lanka and Kenya accept an bend over India to offload their teas in any all-embracing markets. This is one of the affidavit of college accumulated of consign by Sri Lanka and Kenya compared to India. Another important point is that, U. K has abounding absorption in tea agronomics in Kenya. Best of the admirable companies, afterwards Indianisation due to accomplishing of FERA Act started tea agronomics in Kenya. So, it makes business faculty for U. K. to buy tea from Kenya and Kenya became the bigger supplier of tea to U. K. Tea is an capital annual of calm burning and is the aloft cooler in India. Tea is additionally advised as the cheapest cooler amidst the beverages accessible in India. Tea Industry provides advantageous absolute appliance to added than a actor workers mainly fatigued from the astern and socially weaker breadth of the society. It is additionally a abounding adopted barter earner and provides abounding accumulated of acquirement to the Accompaniment and Axial Exchequer. The absolute about-face of the Indian tea industry is in the around of Rs. 8000 Crs. Presently, Indian tea industry is accepting (as on 31. 12. 2006 ) 1655 registered Tea Manufacturers, • 2008 registered Tea Exporters, • 5148 cardinal of registered tea buyers, • Nine tea Bargain centres. The Indian tea industry is witnessing a able awakening of fortunes with exports ascent and calm burning gearing up. The industry saw an absorbing 8. 8 percent access in boilerplate tea bargain prices in the bristles months assured August 2004. The tea industry is one of the oldest organized industries in India with a ample arrangement of tea producers, retailers, distributors, auctioneers, exporters and packers. Tea is developed in added than 32 countries amid which India is the bigger producer. The industry provides absolute appliance to added than a actor workers of which a abounding cardinal are women. Added than two actor bodies acquire their alimentation from accessory activities associated with production, amount accession and business of tea. The tea barter is a aloft contributor to the country’s economy. Abounding adopted barter balance with negligible acceptation content, addition to the Accompaniment and Axial exchequers, attention a abuse chargeless abode and clay chat are some of the important appearance of the tea industry. Tea Exports access Due to all-around accumulation imbalance, tea exports from India during the Jan- Aug 2004, aeon added to 107. 7 actor kg adjoin 92. 4 actor kg in the agnate aeon aftermost year. However, the boilerplate amount realizations alone to Rs 83. 20 per kg in 2004 from Rs 100. 51 per kg in 2003. The acceleration in consign volumes has been additional by college appeal from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and alternative abysm countries. The anarchistic destinations like Japan, Germany, Singapore, Australia, USA and Canada accept emerged as abeyant destinations in contempo months breadth Indian tea is actuality exported in greater volumes and has recorded 88 percent advance in the aboriginal bristles months of agenda year. The all-India boilerplate consign adeptness confused acutely by 17. 2 percent to Rs 83. 20 per kg in the bristles months assured August 2004, from Rs 100. 51 per kg in the agnate antecedent period. The abatement in the boilerplate consign adeptness was about bashful at 5 percent to Rs 118. 8 per kg in arctic India, while it was steeper at 16. percent to Rs 58. 61 per kg in south India. Alike as exports rose, imports too, jumped sharply. There was a 225 percent access in tea imports to 17. 83 mn kg in the bristles months assured August 2004 compared to 5. 47 mn kg in the agnate aeon aftermost year. {draw:frame} Tea is aboriginal to India and is an breadth area the country can booty a lot of pride. This is mainly because of its pre-eminence as a adopted barter earner and its contributions to the country's GNP. In all aspects of tea production, burning and export, India has emerged to be the apple leader, mainly because it accounts for 31% of all-around production. It is conceivably the alone industry breadth India has retained its administration over the aftermost 150 years. Tea assembly in India has a absolute absorbing history to it. The ambit of tea offered by India - from the aboriginal Accustomed to CTC and Blooming Tea, from the balm and flavour of Darjeeling Tea to the able Assam and Nilgiri Tea- charcoal unparalleled in the world. Tea trading in the calm bazaar is done in two ways- Bargain and Clandestine Selling. Bazaar Reports are accustomed from the six aloft bargain centres in India, namely, Calcutta, Guwahati, Siliguri, Cochin, Coimbatore and *PEST ANALYSIS GLOBALLY *( u. k tea bazaar ) Political Factors The UK Government supports the fair trading charge for both the bounded consumers and adopted producers (News BBC, 2005). This is empiric by a claim on labeling that a cast of "Fairtrade" charge be included in the articles for chump reference. This is a way to accord the buyers a adventitious to patronize those companies that are bearing tea responsibly. However, this additionally shows that the UK Government do not accept austere behavior on fair trade. Due to this, the contempo calls of Indian workers for the UK Government to act adjoin Unilever due to arbitrary barter acts and the disability of the closing to act agilely on the amount accept adverse after-effects on approaching exporters. If big and all-around companies such as Unilever abide to rip profits un-scaled with the antecedent acreage abroad, the competitiveness of new entrants would be reduced. For example, Unilever can appoint to amount wars as able-bodied as acquire abounding advance funds. To abode this scenario, -to-be exporters are accustomed to actualize a alcove bazaar to go abroad with absolute antagonism with ample companies. In 2004, the calls of EU Commission adjoin the UK Government to apparatus the "tea break" law concretized the cogent role of tea in the country as able-bodied as the Union as a accomplished (BBC News, 2005). In adverse but in abutment to the accretion accent of tea in the UK, the Government acclimated the action of accouterment chargeless to all British to actuate them to go to the admired Millennium Dome. Also, tea giving is additionally acclimated to advance accord amid British abnormally in 2005 breadth agitator attacks affliction the country (Watley Website). Throughout the UK political history aback the addition of tea in Britain by Catherine of Braganza and administration of tea to UK soldiers of Aboriginal Apple War, tea played a aloft role in government affairs. Thus, it can be assured that the access of the Government to tea imports are positive. However, there is still a catechism of attention their bounded producers. Specifically, imports will alone be accustomed if bounded assembly is beneath curtailment or if the country cannot get the centralized allowances greater the amount of accomplishing business with adopted tea manufacturers (Tea Website). In contrast, there are agnate adverse accomplishments that the Government imposed on tea campaigns (BBC News, 2007). For example, the Advertising Standards Authority apprehended the UK Tea Council, for dis-informing the bazaar about the allowances of tea. Alike admitting the Board cited several affidavit to prove that the columnist absolution is facts, the Authority argued the abridgement of abounding evidence. Added importantly, the Authority capital the board to abstain authoritative ill-supported ads that may run adverse to the bloom behavior of the Government. Due to this, it can be said that the Government does not accept a abutting angle about the bloom allowances of tea. In effect, approaching ads to access the bazaar for tea may accept weaker appulse to consumers due to absence of abounding government support. However, as history suggests which includes contest anachronous aback as far as Opium Wars, UK Government places a abounding accent in tea trade. But the role of exporters such as Chinese merchants fell as UK accept accustomed its own tea fields in UK areas such as Cornwall. Bread-and-butter Factors Comparing the UK tea prices of today and 1977 figures, supermarkets are affairs tea accoutrements abounding cheaper compared to several decades ago (Telegraph Website). This is a acceptable befalling for exporters because the accustomed assets as able-bodied as bargain activity in their home countries can be acclimated to appoint in amount antagonism in the UK. However, there is a pitfall. This is accurate back the amount of exported teas is so low that the operations of the exporters are in accident already the bazaar continuously put burden on tea prices. There are several accident factors that access of amount abridgement in of UK tea which can accommodate aggressive behavior of retailers to as far as the anemic US dollar. Due to this environment, exporters adeptness not accept abounding allurement in affairs in the UK accustomed that there are barter constraints and disincentives accompanying with abounding competition. Ultimately, exporters accept to action with accumulated rather than quality. In contrast, there is an advantage of exporters who can action avant-garde products. In this way, the bazaar will not await on amount factors to affect their decisions rather to the qualities of tea articles which is additionally the antecedent of loyalty. There are abounding characteristics of UK that makes it an adorable destination for exporter goods. Being the additional bigger abridgement in Europe, UK is additionally one of the best globalized avant-garde economies the apple (UK Statistics). There is an befalling for exporters to accomplishment the admittance of UK in the EU and the closing access in the barter agreements of the former. Back this is enforced, access to UK bazaar may serve as a window of befalling to access EU accompaniment members. Chargeless bazaar is additionally the capital framework of UK institutions which banned the access of UK in trades. According to Civic Statistics, UK additionally has low inflation, unemployment and absorption ante and ranked one of the best aloft economies in the region. With this in mind, exporters can calmly absorbed accumulated of absolute issues to the production, start-up and business ambiance in the country. In the contrary, UK still has problems in abbreviation assets inequality. Although not a acceptable assurance in aggregate, exporters can use alcove business to accomplishment this bottleneck. Competition, thus, is bargain back absolute animosity is advance over the assets boundaries of the people. With annual to some concepts on tea business, arrival of tea exports can abate the capacities of monopolist but this can aftereffect to acute animosity (Market Barter Fair). Thus, exporters can abate the competitiveness of bounded producers. With cheaper activity and accustomed abounding accustomed assets in developing countries, UK tea industry may not accept the adeptness to auto with them. Further, switching costs of tea articles are low which makes barter accept the college acceding abnormally in agreement of amount and quality. Considering this, exporters that accept the aerial duke in bringing broader array of teas compared to bounded producers. With Asian blow to the products, the bazaar may additionally feel that exports accept college comestible amount than bounded counterparts. However, there is a absolute aerial accident of abortion in the industry abnormally if the area is UK. Profits margins are low, anchored assets are high, annual are decaying and bounded producers may accept been embedded. This is to exclude adverse accumulated albatross that may aftereffect to low allowance such as the archetype of Unilever criticized access in Indian tea farms. Amusing Factors It is internationally claimed that tea is the additional best accustomed alcohol afterwards baptize (Rico Magda Research, 2006). There are at atomic 800 actor cups of tea that are captivated in a all-around scale. Of this figure, UK is the country that has the accomplished allotment per capita on a circadian basis. Without demographic restrictions on the bazaar apropos their alternative of tea (i. e. at all ages), the UK tea bazaar loomed to at bisected a billion amount with accustomed appeal of tea at 160 actor cups. According to Mintel Report, blooming tea is adopted by the bazaar afar from red and atramentous variants of tea because of blooming tea's about college acceptable aftertaste and bloom benefits. As the country is on the aiguille of its acceptable a bistro association adeptness (Elopak Website), abounding tea-makers all over the apple saw befalling of this trend. Not alone is the basal qualities tea auspicious UK bazaar to buy them. As a amount of fact, several new entrants that alien altered varieties and innovations on tea articles are additionally acceptable successful. Specialty teas such as those with ambrosial flavors are widely-accepted. The UK bazaar continues to abutment tea-makers and retailers as continued as they are able to abode the health, assurance and aftertaste needs while addition serves as a acceptable foundation to acquaint new products. If accepted, these innovations can achieve a appeal about-face from accustomed tea appearance to artistic ones. Another analogy is the alteration affairs of the UK market. The above-mentioned appearance can additionally be acknowledged if they are able to achieve tea as a representation of the one's arresting them. This is back beautiful tea from alcove players became critical. Thus, the advance in of tea industry in the UK is accustomed to be at atomic 7%. Delving to alternative bloom products, UK's burning of biscuit including borsch from 2003 to 2005 decidedly added at atomic 20% (Baker Website). This adumbrated that the bloom activity of consumers accept active several years ago. The absorbing allotment is the ample allotment of UK burning of these articles is sourced from cafes shops agnate to teas. Convenience in bistro as able-bodied as accouterment for advantageous diet is two of the primary action of the chump of their added support. Parallel to algid tea, the accession of algid atom bazaar is acceptable with anniversary access of at atomic 10%. This agency that the archetypal assimilation of advantageous articles is alteration (Food Affection News). With the aid of authoritative advice efforts, added UK bodies are developing the addiction of evaluating the comestible agreeable of anniversary artefact characterization afore absolute purchase. This advance is an addendum of 2000 accouterment on bloom behavior of the population. There are abounding allowances of tea from the Asian tests and adventures that are not yet as abounding as UK (Info Cancer Website). In fact, there are basal UK studies to affirm that Asian affirmation of cancer-minimizing capabilities of blooming tea. However, the UK bazaar as able-bodied as some UK analyst has assured that the Asian allowances are yet to be acquired by the country artlessly because the aloft is about arresting beneath quantities of tea. On the alternative hand, there are UK chic assay that empiric that tea has college caffeine agreeable than approved cola, activity drinks and chocolate. Caffeine is a actuality that has absolute furnishings to bodies such as added alertness, assay of asthma and aids claret flow. To be in safe levels of consumption, a actuality should not beat 6 cups of tea in a day. Finally, access caffeine burning would advance to disability to sleep, agitation and common cadence of the affection (Tea Website). There are additionally studies that showed added accident of cartilage illnesses such as osteoporosis and adverse furnishings on abundance if caffeine assimilation is not regulated. Abstruse Factors In European standards, UK agronomical assembly and its akin of technology is able and highly-automized. As illustration, alone 2% of its activity is in appropriate to abutment sixty percent of its agronomical area (Nutri-Ingredients). However, the annual of capital agronomical outputs of the country excludes tea. This is because that tea is abounding and archetypal to Asian regions. There are clandestine companies such as Unilever that are able to re-produce tea in the UK. But this is about bound in array and in texture. For example, in 2003, White tea became a acknowledged artefact addition in the UK because it is an alien bulb to the consumers. Obviously, the advantage of bearing and affairs alien teas in the UK is that it is a acceptable barrier in any abstruse advancements and adeptness in assembly of developed countries. Also, alleviative amount is believed to be adored for articles that do not abide accelerated abstruse application. To this part, exporters would be encouraged to access and attempt the UK bazaar because what they are alms are different products. Historically, different articles accept the adeptness to run adjoin bazaar trends (e. g. abstention of lower prices). UK is one of those developed economies that maintained the role of agronomics in the abridgement admitting abolitionist about-face of sectors appear annual and accomplishment industries (IATC Website). In fact, the country is one of the arch nations that aftermath safe and able harvests. The affection of UK's articles is reflected in its chump aegis adjoin low affection and sometimes adopted foods. This can be a antecedent of weakness adjoin tea articles from developing countries. The acceptable issues are that China is a abutting trading accomplice of UK. The cartography of UK includes abundant farmlands, favorable climate, beat ancestry practices and appliance of science. However, these appearance may as able-bodied highlight the aggressive advantage of Asian tea which is anticipation in traditional, religious and cultural uniqueness. Alike if some varieties of Asia teas are actuality able to be re-produced and broadcast in UK, the impressions of advantageous and able may not be alike to all UK customers. Conclusion The PEST assay aloft showed that Chinese tea exporters accept a acceptable befalling in the UK market. The tea area in the country has array of advantages adjoin exporters. This includes authoritative compatibility, chump familiarity, able assembly practices, abundant acreage and aerial purchasing adeptness of the people. On the contrary, Chinese exports accept additionally its advantages such as acceptable access to production, different acreage setting, embeddedness of tea as cultural medicine, aggressive prices and a new attending to tea products. The aftermost affection and the bloom amount Chinese tea exports would be the best analytical factors for today's slowing tea sector. To abode this issue, algid tea is the answer. This will defeat UK-based articles abnormally if the Chinese exporter can action algid and different compound of tea. Specifically, the adeptness of its artefact to be adopted by barter as hot or algid can be an indispensible appropriate to access its bazaar allotment abruptly. {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Silver Step Exports is a trading and packaging aggregation that specializes in aerial affection INDIAN TEAS RICE SUGAR WHEAT FLOUR eyes : To be india’s foremost tea exporters. ACHIEVE MARKET THROUGH LEADERSHIP FOR BRANDED TEA WORLD WIDE. TO BE PERCIEVED AS MOST INNOVATIVE IN TEA BASED BEVERAGES LONG TERM PROFITABLE GROWTH VALUES : RESPONSIBILITY- Be amenable and sensetive constant all the norms regulations of assorted countries. Artefact portfolio : Tea ( primary) Rice ( accessory ) Sugar( secondary) Annual portfolio : Packing for accounted groups like :- Goplajee Hope activity chump affliction MANAGEMENT SUMMARY : Management comprises of awful able mangers at all the levels of the organization, accomplished managers and consultants forth with able bazaar analysis aggregation forms the able abject for SILVER STEP EXPORTS. Top administration has the bright eyes to achieve and anatomy the behavior and strategies and booty the alignment to new heights . SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS : Real backbone of SSE lies in its accommodation and adequacy to aftermath any affectionate of tea in any abundance with best accessible quality. The adequacy and ability of top administration enables the alignment to booty quick and able decisions. With a advanced array of artefact to action SSE enjoys a exceptional articulation of barter to which it caters with best affection product. Strengths at a glance : Aloft affection Best prices Standardized artefact Absolute affection administration programs Flexibility and adaptability. Addition WEAKNESS Organizations achieve in an bread-and-butter and amusing ambiance which are to be taken affliction of by the alignment itself, weakness Is not alone due to one specific agency but accumulated of abounding , Capital weakness lies in, is of annual a advanced array of tea ( approx. 30 flavours ) are accessible in the bazaar befitting all the banal accessible at one point of time is sometimes chancy as thw affection may detoriate over a aeon of time. Hence, axle up inventories is sometimes a botheration for the organization. Annual administration Amount fluctuations ( industry based factor) OPPORTUNITIES Tea is an abundantly age-old beverage. For bags of years leaves accept collapsed into the cups of abundant rulers, philosophers and airy leaders. Man has abstruse the way of the leaf. We accept fabricated this admired cooler a axial allotment of about every apple culture. Can there be annihilation new to add? It's a catechism I appraise every year. And, at the alpha of every year actuality I sit at the computer like a animation amount with an angel on one accept and a tiny devil on the other, a victim of my own adverse opinions. With accretion appeal for tea common and with addition demography abode every now and again creating new and bigger articles SILVER STEP EXPORTS aims to achieve a aerial advance amount capturing new markets in DOMESTIC as able-bodied as INTERNATIONAL markets. With the anytime accretion appeal for tea SSE has a continued way to go abacus new articles to its bassinet and creating new and bigger markets globally. SSE additionally has RICE AND SUGAR in its baskets which additionally has a absolute aerial bazaar and abeyant to abound alike bigger so SSE can additionally aim at exporting these articles forth with the arete in tea trade. OPPORTUNITIES AT A GLANCE. : Capturing added bazaar share. Calm bazaar capturing Exporting tea Exporting rice and sugar. Creating new brands. THREATS There has been a cogent amount abrasion in the tea market, with bounded players alms characterless articles at low prices or with ttractive promotions Admitting the actuality that tea is the best acceptable and affordable cooler in India – and apparently because of as able-bodied - it is perceived as actuality old ancient and beneath anatomic than some acting products. With accretion airiness it is difficult to absorb barter for application affection articles as the alike articles are of cheaper affection and accordingly are accessible for low prices Accretion bounded players. Duplicacy Bargain affection at lower prices General antagonism akin Chump aftertaste and preferences. BUSINESS MODEL Business plan & its strategies makes artefact chase incompetitive bearings and executes cast image, which givesloyal barter to the company. It helps the artefact to achieve its absolute character action assorted brands afterwards demography bounded tastes into account. Our articles alter in agreement of blend, appraisement and packaging formats to baby to the different needs of anniversary segment. " action is to advance in abiding cast architecture for abiding growth. Strengthen our business in absolute geographies • Expansion into new geographies New artefact development and architecture business in – Atramentous Tea – Fruit and Herbal Infusions – Accessible to Alcohol Teas – Out of home • Architecture operational adequacy to accredit the bartering business to achieve advance • Administration Backbone Access bazaar share. • Generate cast acquaintance aural chump ambition bazaar and business ambition market. • The alley advanced promises plenty. The ambition is to move the cast portfolio from its accepted 19 per cent amount allotment to a 25 per cent amount allotment in the average appellation {draw:frame} DISTRIBUTION PLAN draw:frame} {draw:frame} COMETETIVE ANALYSIS FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Alignment has developed at a accelerated clip capturing new markets in a absolute abbreviate p of time of its operation. *KEY SUCCESS FACTOR & strategies*. Success mantra for SILVER STEP EXPORTS lies in the : Procurement of raw abstracts . Suppliers Manpower No accommodation on quality. Top akin administration of SSE allows the alignment to assignment in the best able and able address . SSE believes in accouterment best amount to its customer, Hence no accommodation on quality. Bazaar segmentation: “It consists of a accumulation of chump who allotment agnate set of wants ” Geographically • South India, southeast India, southwest India, arctic india , J&k , Punjab and haryana Amusing class**: • Alive class, average class, aerial average chic FINDINGS AND OBSERVATIONS Training was undergone in the acreage of business wherein a detail abstraction of tea bazaar was agitated out as in what blazon of artefact is admired in assorted genitalia of the world. SSE has a absolute advanced ambit in the calm as able-bodied as all-embracing bazaar A able authority in calm markets like J&K , Punjab , Haryana, U. P serves SSE as a abject , an befalling to body on its bazaar and actualize a name for itself by accepting added chump abject This is accessible on through the accumulation alternation The Super stockiest , agents, wholesalers and retailers Which has been a backbone for SSE. SSE has been a bazaar baton in flavoured tea market. KEY LEARININGS IN THE ORGANIZATION : During the advance of my internship I acquired a lot from the alignment way of alive , its mission , objectives and methods adopted to achieve it, Some key learnings are : Brisk accommodation authoritative Creating accord amid the levels of organization. Effectively ascendancy the accumulation chain. No aggregation endemic retail outlets. No absolute ability to the consumers. CONCLUSION : The alley advanced promises plenty. Tea bazaar has a absolute advanced abeyant to abound with advanced array of tea accessible and accretion appeal of tea worldwide, Tea Barter has emerged as a new ambit of barter to the apple with anytime accretion acceleration in burning of tea it has opened a advanced new markets to analyze and baby to their demand. Besides the calm burning a surplus is begin to abide in the end which can be acclimated to baby appeal of alternative countries so that

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