1. Bala and Ann purchased as investments three identical accoutrements of acreage over a several-year period. Two years ago, they gave one bindle to their daughter, Kim, who is now age 16. They accept an action from an broker who is absorbed in accepting all three parcels. The client is able to acquirement alone two of the accoutrements now but wants to acquirement the third bindle two or three years from now, back he expects to accept accessible funds to access the property. Because they paid altered prices for the parcels, the sales will aftereffect in altered amounts of assets and losses. The auction of one bindle endemic by Bala and Ann will aftereffect in a $20,000 accretion and the auction of the alternative bindle will aftereffect in a $28,000 loss. The auction of the bindle endemic by Kim will aftereffect in a $19,000 gain. Kim has no alternative assets and does not apprehend any cogent assets for several years. Bala and Ann, however, are in the 35% tax bracket. They do not accept any alternative basic assets this year.  Required: Briefly explain, which two backdrop would you acclaim that they advertise this year?   (5 marks)

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