Tawam Hospital History And Background Commerce Essay

Tawam Hospital is a JCIA accepted hospital and advised to be a training and assay hospital affiliated with UAE University, Faculty of Medicine and Bloom Science. Tawam Hospital was opened clearly on 17, December 1979 beneath the admonition of the backward H.H Sheikh Zayed who had alleged its location. The hospital is endemic by Abu Dhabi Bloom Casework (SEHA) and it is complied with the Bloom Authority — Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Tawam Hospital is a Middle East Centermost of Excellence for oncology care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and accepted ICU casework in accession to outstanding accommodating affliction commitment programs in alternative specialties such as the home affliction casework for aged in accession to the babyish affable casework that is accustomed internationally (Docstoc, 2010). Tawam works to accommodate a affection bloom affliction casework that meets the expectations of their patients because they affiance to amusement patients as allotment of their families as declared in their mission and eyes (Tawam Hospital, 2010).

The authoritative practices

At Tawam, the CEO appointment authority a account affair for the A-Team associates to accommodate the all-embracing achievement and issues accompanying to all the hospital departments. Medical issues and apropos are discussed to seek a band-aid and guidance. Authoritative issues are additionally adjourned like promotions, behavior transfers and re-structuring. The hospital all-embracing activity is presented to acquiesce all the departments to do the all-important accomplishments to accede with it. In the able 2 years, the basic cold of the A-Team affairs was to accommodate the affairs and objectives on the architecture of the new hospital architecture and the alternatives till the activity finish.

Current problems and difficulties

The above adversity that faces Tawam Hospital is the affiliation of the new Hospital Information System (HIS) with the abridgement of technology of our able doctors. A absolute and planned training affairs for IT and computer basics was accustomed to all the doctors above-mentioned to the accomplishing of the HIS that led to the success of the antecedent article of the project. Addition above botheration at Tawam is the battle with SEHA apropos the centralized behavior at Tawam that anticipate Tawam from demography absolute decisions apropos the bloom affliction systems or the IT infrastructure.

The new evolving role of HRM is the cardinal administration that is accumbent with the accumulated mission and goals in accession to assuming the basal functionality of HRM. In alternative words, decisions accompanying to advisers should be analyzed to accede their aftereffect on the organization’s mission and ambition ability (U.S. Appointment of Cadre Management, 1999).

What is manpower planning?

According to BusinessDictionary.com, manpower planning is authentic as ciphering the appropriate able cadre to accomplish appointment tasks overtime and allegorical how and aback they should be acquired. People are advised the best admired assets for any organization, therefore; banking and abstruse assets can’t accord organizations a aggressive bend afterwards animal capital.

For our case, Tawam Hospital which is a healthcare organization, planning the animal ability is classified according to the job ambience area there are altered classifications like physicians or bloom affliction specialists, class technicians and authoritative staff. Mainly, for healthcare organizations, the manpower bazaar is agnate to alternative organizations’ activity bazaar which is based on appeal and supply.

Healthcare alignment demands for workforce are based aloft the citizenry appeal for bloom care. Careful considerations of the citizenry admeasurement and anatomy in accession to patients’ apprehension of healthcare casework and the association assets and active standards should be advised while planning the workforce for any hospital (Bloor & Maynard, 2003).

Many factors affect the activity accumulation in healthcare organizations. Best healthcare professionals apprehend aerial incomes and accept a appropriate perceived amusing cachet in the society. Additionally the affiliation amid healthcare professionals can be controlled by the ability mix they attach and their acceptance of complements and substitutes in their work; and this can affect the accumulation of healthcare professionals based on the accepted accessible professionals in the acreage hospital (Bloor & Maynard, 2003). Alternative factors may affect the accumulation in UAE like the activity law and the government regulations.

At Tawam Hospital, the manpower planning is afflicted by the rules and regulations of SEHA area the all the departments needs to abide their business plan to HR and again HR sends them to SEHA for analysis, approval and account estimations. Aback SEHA approves the business affairs and the approaching positions, it sends them aback to Tawam Accounts to admeasure the budgets for anniversary new positions again the HR Administrator approves the plan, the manpower planning advance the new positions in the database of the HRIS for anniversary department.

The hiring activity can’t be candy unless there is a abandoned position for that requesting department. Sometimes the charge for the position armament the manpower planning to acquisition a way to actualize the position alike if the administration doesn’t accept a abandoned position in the database. Sometimes they split/merge accessible positions to actualize the appropriate position. For the medical departments, manpower planning acclimated to advance borrowing positions from administration to administration beneath the approval of both parties and the HR Administrator to awning the charge for the new position.

Manpower planning gives organizations a amount in managing workforce diversity; and additionally adds an important aftereffect in recruitment, agent retentions and development. Moreover, able planning for workforce increases the affection of the accumulated agents and appropriately improves the achievement casework or articles ability (U.S. Appointment of Cadre Management, 1999).

At Tawam Hospital, the manpower planning provides a account abstraction that identifies the cardinal of filled/vacant positions aural anniversary area and administration in the organization. Additionally the account address assay the workforce assortment based on the cardinal of civic and non-national advisers in anniversary department. This address is beatific to SEHA account to adapt the plan for the workforce annual or advice to fabricated acclimation to the accepted plan.

HR administration is the alone administration in any organizations that affect all advisers in all the altered levels, therefore, Animal ability planning is advised to be important because it can advice organizations be added advantageous and cost-efficient. Animal ability planning can advice organizations to anticipation their approaching needs of advisers and additionally the expenses; area appropriate affairs are set based on continued appellation forecasting that is accumbent with accumulated activity to actuate the appropriate abilities at the appropriate time with the accepted costs. Planning workforce helps additionally to abbreviate the accumulated costs to cut accidental jobs that can be able by the accessible employees. The hiring activity can be bigger if HR affairs able-bodied the application activity based on the forecasting and needs analysis, additionally the advice amid HR administration and band managers can advice a lot in developing a acceptable plan for what abilities are appropriate to accomplish the accumulated goals (Schwartz, nd). HR planning helps organizations to appraisal the types of KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) with their advisers and how to advance them efficiently. Also, acceptable workforce planning helps alignment to accumulate their advisers by accouterment the acceptable career development paths (Vareta, nd).

At Tawam Hospital, the manpower planning performs abounding activities that serve the organization. One of those activities is alleged “Reporting Anatomy Hierarchy” which aims to assay who letters to whom application the HRIS database to abetment in appointment or promotions activities. Addition activity is alleged the “Position Master Change – PMC” area requests for alteration the position titles goes beneath the approval of HR to be reflected in the alignment bureaucracy in the HRIS. Promotions at Tawam should be articular initially by the manpower planning area they assay if there is a abandoned position for the administration requesting the advance and if there is a position, the manpower planning approves the advance to access the promotions committee; otherwise, the advance is rejected. Aback the advance is rejected, the merging/splitting positions may be a band-aid if the requesting administration has alternative abandoned positions or they can borrow positions from alternative administration aural the aforementioned assay beneath their approval.

Approaches for manpower planning

Rationalized approach

Organization Activity & Targets

Organization Practices & Methods

Manpower Analysis and Analysis






Adjust to Balance




Chart 1: The Rationalized Access to Manpower PlanningPlanning is authentic as the aftereffect of alternation of processes to acquisition a band-aid to a problem. Rationalizing HR planning is done to accommodate accessible methods to be followed to booty decisions about choices of accessible alternatives afore the implementation. Rational considerations of the issues surrounding the alignment are the abject for the rational archetypal of manpower planning. In this approach, the alignment activity forth with the implemented practices and methods to accomplish the goals are advised aback allegory the manpower accumulation and appeal based on the centralized and alien factors that affect the alignment performance. SWOT assay to actuate the accumulated backbone and weakness and the surrounding bazaar opportunities and threats helps in this access to anticipation approaching needs. Based on that analysis, decisions accompanying to approaching recruitment, assimilation or alike abbreviation the manpower can be taken calmly to acclimatize the antithesis of the abilities available(Bratton & Gold, 2007).

Diagnostic approach

Chart 2: The Analytic Access to Manpower Planning

Manpower affairs and policies


Monitored through

Qualitative & Quantitative techniques

Understanding of causes

Plan of activity to control

The analytic access for manpower planning is based on the rationalized access that aims to assay problems accompanying to workforce application quantitative and qualitative techniques and additionally assay the causes for those problems. The ideal bearings of manpower demands and accumulation doesn’t abide in the absolute activity area connected alterity amid what abilities bare and the bazaar accumulation faces the organizations. Analytic access of manpower planning can assay such problems with their causes. As illustrated in blueprint 2, anecdotic manpower problems is done through ecology the operations application qualitative and quantitative techniques to accept their causes and adapt activity plan to break those problems (Bratton & Gold, 2007).

As mentioned earlier, the manpower planning receives the accustomed planned positions afterwards the approval of SEHA, Accounts administration and HR administrator to accessible the positions in the HRIS alone afterwards bearing a bright plan on the accepted manpower for the hospital. SEHA prepares the manpower affairs based on the business plan developed by all departments of Tawam and afterwards the analysis, they accelerate their approval to the accounts administration of Tawam for account allocation and process.

Stages for animal ability planning

The planning for an authoritative workforce requires a analytical action to be implemented that will assure accepting the objectives of the manpower planning which is at the end allowance the alignment to accomplish its goals application able animal basic and resources. According to Bratton & Gold (2007), the planning activity for animal assets involves four stages.

Evaluation of absolute manpower resources

Estimation of the admeasurement of currently active manpower assets that were acceptable to be aural the close by the anticipation date

Assessment of activity requirements

Measures to ensure the bare assets are accessible aback required

The activity authentic by Bratton & Gold, 2007 involves the activity of forecasting the accumulation in the aboriginal two stages, and forecasting the appeal in the third date and again developing the plan to advance the animal basic aback bare in the able stage. Priyadarshini (2009) had proposed addition manpower planning activity that has four altered stages:

Analyzing the accepted manpower inventory

Making approaching manpower forecasts

Developing application programs

Design training programs

According to Priyadarshini (2009), the appeal forecasting for new abilities of workforce should be done afterwards allegory the all-embracing alignment business nature, its administration and employees’ abilities and quantities aural anniversary department. Afterwards allegory the accessible animal assets and approaching forecasts, procedures for application programs can be acclimatized through the prober alternative and adjustment plans. Training programs will be advised and planned according to the new bazaar trends in technology and additionally based on the accessible abilities that charge to be added or developed according to the assay aftereffect of the aboriginal stage.

At Tawam, the manpower planning produces account letters that advice SEHA to assay the business plan of the hospital to plan the appropriate workforce for the abutting year. At 2008 a complete assay of the manpower planning was developed by one agents of the manpower area as an appointment for the acquittal aeon evaluation. The plan was on the medical departments to appraise the cardinal of patients in anniversary dispensary and how abounding consultants or physicians accessible and bare in the accessible year. Indeed, that was an alone accomplishment that doesn’t reflect the absolute convenance because the manpower forecasting and planning is controlled by SEHA not the hospital.

Internal & alien factors affecting healthcare animal ability planning

Healthcare accumulation and appeal processes for animal assets are influences by two factors: the aboriginal agency is its attenuated access in its focus that leads to focus alone on medical practitioners blank the actuality of the inter-relations or the substitutions possibilities of alternative medical fields like the nursing. The additional agency is that it had a mechanistic access with accumulation ancillary apprenticed (Bloor & Maynard, 2003).

Healthcare ability planners appraisal the accumulation of medical practitioners accelerating from medical schools or migrated to the country blank the behavioral changes of their career paths.

Chart 3: Healthcare practitioners accumulation factors

Tawam hospital manpower planning is afflicted evidently by the activity low that enforces the approval of the clandestine area medical centermost of the new hires to appointment at Tawam. Additionally the planning at Tawam is afflicted internally by the authoritative business affairs which actuate what is requires and by the accessible allocated account from SEHA that armament the hospital to benumb the application for a while.


Since the manpower planning is controlled by SEHA based on the account and authoritative business plan, Tawam manpower planning can assay the authoritative business affairs and accommodate the complete plan for the appropriate workforce with their account admiration instead of crumbling the time cat-and-mouse for the approval from SEHA.

The account address or abstraction should be affiliated to the HR access to be added accurate and additionally it should accommodate suggestions on how to re-plan the workforce not aloof abstracts and numbers.


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