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The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation is to locate and analyze achievement altitude abstracts on accepted bloom altitude for the hospitals in your area. You will investigate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Casework websites and locate the breadth alleged Hospital Compare. There you will acquisition abstracts for hospitals aural a 50-mile ambit of the association breadth you are alive or had your prelicensure analytic experiences. You will adapt a PowerPoint presentation and allotment the after-effects of your findings. Opportunities for convalescent achievement altitude indicators will be shared.

Course Outcomes

Completion of this appointment enables the apprentice to accommodated the afterward advance outcomes.

CO1: Administer administration concepts, skills, and accommodation authoritative in the accouterment of high-quality nursing care, healthcare aggregation management, and the blank and accountability for affliction commitment in a array of settings. (PO2)

CO2: Implement accommodating assurance and affection advance initiatives aural the ambience of the interprofessional aggregation through advice and accord building. (PO3)

CO3: Participate in the development and accomplishing of artistic and artistic strategies to accredit systems to change. (PO7)

CO7: Administer administration concepts in the development and admission of able affairs for the microsystems and system-wide convenance improvements that will advance the affection of healthcare delivery. (POs 2 and 3)

CO8: Administer concepts of affection and assurance application structure, action and aftereffect measures to analyze analytic questions as the alpha action of alteration accepted practice. (PO8)

Due Dates

This appointment is to be submitted by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, end of Week 6.


This appointment is account 200 points.

Please chase Directions very, actual carefully. Credibility are actual calmly deducted.

Review advice begin on the afterward website accompanying to hospital compare http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/HospitalQualityInits/HospitalCompare.html
Read the advice anxiously and again locate the afterward website. http://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare
Search for hospitals aural a 50-mile ambit of the association breadth you are alive or had your prelicensure analytic experiences. Type in your zip code. Baddest your hospital and two others. Baddest hospitals/facilities and accept compare. If you alive in a alien breadth and there are no hospitals listed aural a 50-mile radius, baddest a zip cipher for a ancestors affiliate or a abutting acquaintance who does not alive abreast you. The abstraction is to analysis allusive data.
Click on the afterward capacity to apprentice more.
Survey of patient's experiences
Timely and able affliction (focus your chase on two of the altitude that administer to casework provided at the hospitals)
Readmissions, complications, and deaths
Carefully apprehend the advice provided.
Develop a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 8-10 slides. Include the following, befitting in apperception what all this abstracts means.
Title accelerate with advice pertinent to the course.
List affidavit to acclaim the website Hospital Analyze to consumers (patients).
List affidavit to acclaim the website Hospital Analyze to agents who may seek employment.
For the slides below, acutely characterization the name of anniversary hospital:
Summarize accommodating adventures abstracts for anniversary hospital.
Summarize appropriate and able affliction abstracts for two conditions.
Summarize abstracts for readmissions and complications and deaths.
List recommendations for convalescent abstracts for one called facility.
Summarize what you abstruse from this experience.
Tutorial: For those not accustomed with the development of a PowerPoint slideshow, the afterward articulation to the Microsoft website may be helpful. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/training-FX101782702.aspx The Chamberlain Apprentice Success Strategies (CCSSS) offers a bore on Computer Literacy that contains a breadth on PowerPoint. The articulation to SSP CCSSS may be begin in the advance account in the apprentice portal.
Submit your PowerPoint slideshow by 11:59 p.m. MT, Sunday, end of Week 6.
Best Practices in Preparing PowerPoint Presentations

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