Task 6

   Task #6: After Action Review  Although we do not accept a complete adventure with the after-effects for the objectives you absitively to implement, the approach you used, and the assets you ordered, we still charge to appoint the AAR process.   We do not apperceive how your planned accomplishments would accept translated into absolute accomplishments and area gaps may accept been apparent in logistics, communications, situational acquaintance and operations. Optimally, the AAR action is the key basic to the advance of achievement in planning, preparedness, and response. 1. 1-2 folio description of the allowances and AAR action from the abridgement readings. Cite adapted sources. 2. Since we don’t accept the adventure after-effects to critique.  Provide a abrupt appraisal of your acquaintance as a apprentice in this simulation (Positive or abrogating analysis will not appulse your grade). Describe what you accept abstruse and what you anticipate your strengths and weaknesses would be in managing an adventure of this type.   GRADING AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS TASK: Upload a chat book that contains both the description of the AAR action citation advance resources, your appraisal and appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses. Resources:   Week #8 Abridgement Readings

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