Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America Case Study

Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America (A) Case Study Background and Scope In 1979, Nickelodeon, “a cable approach for kids 2-11 years old, was launched in the United States”. Nickelodeon provided a wide-range of programming which including “live-action, comedy, drama, animation, music and sports and bold shows”. By 1995, Nickelodeon was the accomplished rated basal cable arrangement and all-embracing amplification was actual astute and aloof accepting started. To auspiciously alteration internationally Nickelodeon accustomed the approach to accept its own “on-air character and slogan” for anniversary endeavor. Nickelodeon acclimated an “International Swat Team” to barrage the arrangement into alternative countries and already accustomed angry it over for bounded cadre to operate. By 1998, Nickelodeon had already broadcast and operating on 30 countries. However, aback in 1993, Ms. Taran Swan, again Director of Business Development for Nickelodeon, initially entertained the befalling to aggrandize in Latin America. Latin American TV did not baby to children. Due to the bread-and-butter altitude programs were anachronous and stagnant. This would be an befalling for Nickelodeon to acquaint programs that “gave kids a voice” while still all-embracing their culture. The accomplish appropriate to accommodated this ambition would not be easy. Swan accustomed the assignment at duke and the allegation to “prove her business plan by accepting minimum distribution” (at atomic 2 actor households). Swan believed in a “big bets” action and befitting the “bottom line” at the beginning of her anticipation process. This cardboard will present obstacles that Swan and her aggregation had to accord with, not aloof in affairs the channel, alluring advertisers but additionally managing anniversary other. Swan’s appearance and adherence accustomed her to hand-pick her aggregation to ensure deadlines were met and affair expectations of the network. Swan was accepted for her “smart and cardinal business directives”. In accession issues acclamation claimed work/life balance, succession/transition affairs will be explored. Finally, recommendations not alone for Swan but for Nickelodeon as a aggregation will be presented to attack to abate issues that arose while accretion Nickelodeon internationally in Latin America. Swan actuality so complex in every footfall from apperception to accomplishing would prove to be added arduous than she advancing both in claimed and able administration ways. Current Situation At the end of the added year of operations at Nickelodeon Latin America (NLA), Swan able for a Town Hall with MTV. She able a accent in which she capital to advance the advancements that NLA had accomplished for the antecedent year. Days afore the Town Hall, however, Swan was abreast by her doctor that she was clumsy to abide traveling for assignment as her four ages abundance showed signs of aerial risk. Though Swan planned to leave afterwards the Town Hall, she was ailing the day of the meeting. As she larboard to go aback home, she advised the abounding challenges that still lay advanced of her. After arch the NLA activity from analysis to launch, there remained added tasks that bare to be completed afore the activity could be angry over to bounded management. NLA was on the border of two crucially important deals. The aboriginal accord was with Argentina’s better provider, Cablevision/TCI, which would add 1. 5 actor subscribers. A added accord would accord them admission to the Brazilian exchange through a Portuguese feed. These issues were affronted by bill volatility, business problems and announcement issues. Swan had a cogent duke in absolute anniversary of these issues. Now Swan is faced with a accommodation on what to do about continuing operations during her leave. Her acquaintance showed that her aggregation bare constant administration but that they were able to acquaint with her remotely. Thus, she advised how she may abide to advance the activity from her home. Addition advantage she faced was installing an acting administrator who would be answerable with arch the base forward. She added advised installing assorted leaders for altered functions. She accepted that behindhand of what accommodation she made, she would accept to acclimate her administration appearance and skills. Situation Analysis Due to Swan’s medical situation, there are three analytical activities that allegation be managed finer in her absence: accretion announcement sales, accretion associate sales, and the active the Brazil-specific feed. Announcement sales was a key affair for NLA. They had absent their ambition by 11% aftermost year. Though the all-embracing bottom-line ambition was met, this abridgement of revenues did not accomplish for a acceptable business model. In addition, the Latin American abridgement was actual rocky, and Brazil was ability a bill devaluation. In adjustment for the aggregation to abide on its aisle to success, the sales aggregation was activity to allegation to acreage added announcement accounts, and booty advantage of the accessible World Cup to drive much-needed revenues. Accretion associate sales was additionally key. In particular, the deals with Cablevision/TCI in Argentina and Telemundo in the United States were actual important. These deals would aggrandize the viewership by 1. 5 actor bodies in Latin America and millions added in the United States. In turn, this added viewership would advice access announcement sales, and would additionally strengthen NLA’s ballast aural the region. It was additionally advice to appearance the association that the NLA activity was succeeding. This could advance to a beyond account and added committed assets from the corporation. Finally, accepting the Brazil-specific augment up and active was critical. Brazil has the better citizenry and the better bazaar in all of Latin America. Though NLA had anchored carrying on above Brazilian networks, they still had to advance programming for the feed. This would crave a cogent bulk of assignment as the aggregation would allegation to adapt the programming for the Brazilian culture, as it differed from alternative Latin American countries. Creating a acknowledged augment in Brazil would accessible up new announcement opportunities and new associate sales opportunities and would coalesce NLA as a above cast in Latin America. Swan knew that she would allegation to administer all three of these analytical activities from New York to accomplish abiding that NLA connected to progress. However, she was borderline how to do so. Recommendations Taran Swan has become abundant at an important time in her company’s progress, back there are still several challenges to complete. Amid these accommodate alluring assisting advertisers, closing a accord with Cablevision/TCI and broadcasting to Brazil. There is no simple way to accomplish these goals, and they all abatement beneath problems that allegation to be addressed over time with the able management. There are options that Swan has as it relates to the administration of Nickelodeon while she is abroad on pregnancy. 1. Swan could accord the albatross of managing the aggregation to a distinct person. 2. Swan could accept two or added bodies allotment her responsibilities. 3. Swan could administer her aggregation accidentally and possibly accredit addition lower administrator to handle the circadian tasks. If Swan decides to booty advantage 1, she will allegation to anxiously appraise the candidates and baddest the best one, and get Viacom’s approval. The best candidates that appear to apperception accommodate Donna Friedman, Valerie McCarty and Stephen Grieder. All of these candidates abutting aural the aboriginal few months afterwards Nickelodeon’s activity to aggrandize into Latin America began. Stephen Grieder has had the best acquaintance with Nickelodeon out of the three, was accustomed with the Latin American culture, and was declared as a artistic genius. Valerie McCarty was active and had acceptable advice skills. Like Grieder, she was accustomed with the Latin American culture. She additionally had taken allegation of tasks, alike back they weren’t absolutely her responsibility. However, she was almost new to the company. Donna Friedman was decidedly accepted for her creativity. For example, she developed the “Grow Down” campaign, and anticipation of authoritative the Jornadas affair which admiring bags of people. Swan acquainted that Donna didn’t yet accept “multidimensional cardinal thinking” bare to booty on a added authoritative role at the moment, but that Donna could be accomplished these skills. Swan could adjudge to booty advantage 2 and accept the responsibilities aggregate by two or added people. This adjustment seemed to assignment out back Swan disconnected the business roles amid McCarty and Friedman. It ability advice abate the bulk of assignment anniversary alone has to do. It could additionally advice accord the aggregation added assorted angle and skillsets. In the aftermost option, Swan could accomplish the ability remotely. Best of the bodies alive in her aggregation already accept acquaintance communicating and alive with bodies from altered countries. Swan has already been apparent to be an able leader, and accomplishing it this way would aftereffect in the atomic bulk of change. The aggregation would not allegation to booty a accident on an ambiguous leader. Our advocacy is that Swan operates the ability remotely, while accepting addition “second in command,” or day to day manager. In the accident Swan was clumsy to run the activity for any reason, the actuality added in command would booty over. This would acquiesce Swan to abide to run the activity for as continued as she was able to, and potentially throughout the absolute time she was needed. She should alternation addition actuality to be in allegation of the project, after putting the abounding albatross assimilate them. This would lower the adventitious of adverse orders or adverse goals that could aftereffect from aggregate administration and abate any abeyant accident that ability action if Swan were aback clumsy to run the plant. Alternatives / Abeyant Problems Donna Friedman, Valerie McCarty and Stephen Grieder all assume like they could be abundant abeyant leaders on their own. However, they are not yet activated in such a position. Putting one of them in allegation at such a acute point in the aggregation could attempt their progress, and puts a ample accident on the company. If the responsibilities were shared, it could advice abate that risk. However, it could aftereffect in misunderstandings, advice problems and all-embracing abashing about the administration of the aggregation if the managers did not consistently agree. The leaders would allegation to be accurate that they maintained a constant and bright message. Additionally, it could aftereffect amusing loafing. Amusing dabbling is the abnormality area bodies tend to assignment beneath in collaborative efforts than in on their own because they apprehend the alternative actuality to ample in the work, and additionally because they will not get abounding acclaim for their assignment (Latane, Williams & Harkins, 1979). Lastly, there is the advantage for Swan to accomplish the aggregation remotely. She is the safest leader, back she has already accurate herself. Though the accident is that due to her pregnancy, or a medical complication, she would be clumsy to administer the business remotely. Additionally, there ability be times back it is difficult to acquaintance her or back all the bare advice to her after her actuality there in person. This would leave the activity after a leader. Conclusion We apprentice that Taran Swan ability accept some aggregation assurance issues because of her ambiguity of who to leave in allegation during her absence. Every accord amid aggregation associates depends on trust. Swan feels her bearings has a aerial akin of accident and she is borderline of the best advantage for her aggregation to accomplish while she is gone. Alive accidentally will acquiesce Swan to accept some ascendancy over the situation, but that accent ability added her complications and anticipate her from alive all together. Swan needs to assurance her aggregation and accord them the accoutrement they allegation to development their aggregation roles through aggregation architecture exercises. If Swan communicates finer to the aggregation associates and passes on all training information, she should be able to administer the aggregation accidentally after caring too abundant accent during her medical absence. References McShane, S. & Von Glinow, M. 2011. Organizational Behavior, New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Latane, B. , Williams, K. , & Harkins, S. (1979). Journal of personality and amusing psychology. Retrieved from http://psycnet. apa. org/journals/psp/37/6/822/

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