Takeshi Obata – God of the Manga World

Takeshi Obata, who was built-in on February 11th, 1969 in Niigata Prefecture is a Japanese manga aritst. He works as the artisan in accord with a writer.. He originally became noticed in 1985 back he took a award-winning in the Tezuka Award for his one attempt 500 Konen no Kaiwa. [1] Joining the Weekly Shonen Jump staff, he mentored beneath Makoto Niwano afore starting his aboriginal above series, autograph and cartoon Cyborg Jii-chan G in 1989. Having adversity for several years in award a hit, Obata began accommodating with alternative writers on their stories.He assuredly began the alternation that accustomed his name back he teamed with Yumi Hotta on Hikaru no Go starting in 1998. He is best acclaimed as the artisan of Hikaru no Go, and Afterlife Note. Obata is attenuate amid shonen artists not alone for the detail of his drawings, but in his affection for fashion, the characters he draws generally abrasion beautiful clothes and contemporary items like the latest fashionable scarf, tie or handbag. Although all his works are based on the others’ scripts, the appearance designs’re absolutely absitively by himself.His art-style is actual unique, I’m abiding you’ll be afflicted by Obata Takeshi’s active imagination, Gothic and Visual Kei appearance in his works already you accept the adventitious to apprehend Afterlife Note, Hikaru no Go or several of his one-shots. Now I appetite to say article about my favourite manga of all times: Afterlife Note. This is the best accepted amid his works. It has an absorbing storyline, with abounding absorbing artifice twists. Light Yagami is an ace apprentice with abundant prospects--and he's apathetic out of his mind. But aggregate changes back he finds the Afterlife Note, a anthology alone by a rogue afterlife god.Any animal whose name is accounting in the anthology dies, and now Light has vowed to use the ability of the Afterlife Note to rid the apple of angry and become God of the new world. But back abyss activate bottomward dead, the authorities accelerate the allegorical detective L to clue bottomward the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose afterimage of his blue-blooded ambition or his life? I’ve already accomplished this alternation about one year ago, but now I’m still admiring to it because of the crisp artwork. The characters’ affections are altogether bidding through Obata Takeshi’s drawing. Afterlife Note’s a masterpiece and to me, Obata Takeshi is God of the manga world.Moreover. he has served as the artisan of Blue Dragon Ral Grad, a manga adjustment of the fantasy video game, Blue Dragon from December 2006 to July 2007. In the abatement of 2007, he drew a abbreviate story, Hello Baby, with biographer Masanori Morita, which appeared in Jump Square. This was followed by a one-shot manga with Nisio Isin. He is currently alive on a new alternation with Tsugumi Ohba, Bakuman, which began in August, 2008. Obata Takeshi has contributed able-bodied to the manga industry with his bestselling works. I achievement that in the approaching he will be added acknowledged and aftermath added hits.

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