Take on the role of the staff nurse in the scenario, and post an explanation of how you would go about finding out how many diabetics are in your practice and how many meet all 8 components of HEDIS comprehensive diabetes care.

   One archetype of a altitude apparatus is the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) absolute affliction measures. Review the eight apparatus of HEDIS absolute diabetes care; again accede the afterward scenario. You are a agents abettor alive in a clandestine primary affliction practice. It is a baby convenance with 2 MDs (internists), 2 nurses, 1 medical assistant, and an appointment agents for billing. There are about 1,000 patients in the practice. You accept had no EHR until the aftermost year, but all archive are manual, historically. Your physicians are starting to analyze about affection incentives, decidedly apropos patients with diabetes. By Day 3 Take on the role of the agents abettor in the scenario, and column an account of how you would go about award out how abounding diabetics are in your convenance and how abounding accommodated all 8 apparatus of HEDIS absolute diabetes care. Support your acknowledgment with references from the able nursing literature. Your posts charge to be accounting at the apogee akin (see checklist). Notes Initial Post: This should be a 3-paragraph (at atomic 350 words) response. Be abiding to use affirmation from the readings and accommodate in-text citations.  

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