Overview Recall the three stages of the project: Appearance 1: Introduction, botheration statement, achievability study, and activity plan Phase 2: Alignment to analyze the old and new systems and the systems analysis Phase 3: After-effects of allegory of the old and new systems and the systems design In Appearance 3 you will use the alignment developed in Appearance 2 to analyze the old advice arrangement assay and architecture to the new advice arrangement that is cloud-capable, awful available, scalable, and secure. You will use the bookish accurate accretion framework and standards (e.g. ANSI, COBIT, ISO, ITU, NIST, HIPAA, PCI) to criterion the systems assay and architecture of the old and new system. Already you accomplish this comparison, you will detail the results.   Attached Appearance 2 for reference Instructions This address charge accommodate the afterward elements: I. See the allocation explanation for all minimums. II. Cover page III. Table of Contents (TOC) IV. Every area charge be able-bodied accurate with bookish advice systems account articles.  V. Addition and cessation sections  a. Please amend your antecedent addition and cessation sections as appropriate b. A succinct, aerial quality, and able-bodied accurate addition and cessation should be written c. It is all-important to highlight the objectives and abstracts of the project d. Introduce the primary goals of this accurate phase, the ancillary objectives, and the outcomes  e. The cessation should be the aftermost branch and achieve the accepted appearance and accompaniment the accessible objectives and deliverables in the abutting phase.  VI. Systems assay and architecture after-effects – 1500 words and and 10 different bookish account article a. Follows a well-supported alignment including at atomic one framework and adapted standards from bookish account articles b. Uses cold standards accurately to criterion the old arrangement and the new system c. Minimal allegory elements should accommodate system: i. Cloud/distributed accretion capabilities ii. Aerial availability  iii. Scalability iv. Security v. Note, these are projected based aloft the allusive benchmarked standards d. A final adapted banking assay that projects associated costs of both systems already the final architecture is completed e. Discuss the authoritative implications of the results f. Uses excel spreadsheets, graphs, figures, and tables to appearance the cold comparisons of the systems

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