System Analysis and Design Bec Part 1 Answers

1. What qualities accept led to BEC’s success so far? I anticipate the best notable affection that has led to BEC's success is their adeptness to acclimate to change. The aggregation seems actual activating and it seems like they apprehension trends and acclimate the business to accommodated these trends. The aggregation is additionally acknowledged because they accept such abundant teamwork and abundant administration active the aggregation 2. Is the IS alignment at BEC assertive to undertake cogent systems development in the abreast future? Yes. The aggregation has developed and is continuing to abound so they will charge to move appear a new IS system. They are activity to charge to amend to accumulate with the appeal of online rentals. 3. What specific administration abilities do systems analysts at BEC need? The analyst is activity to charge accident administration in adjustment to be able to forsee what could go amiss during the activity and try to anticipate or acknowledge to the accident that is caused. The analyst will additionally charge change administration to advice the users alteration assimilate this new system. . What specific advice abilities do systems analysts at BEC need? The arrangement analyst will charge interpersonal abilities so that they can acquaint acutely and finer what needs to be able to the team. 5. What specific areas of authoritative ability do systems analysts at BEC need? The analyst will charge to apperceive the companies goals and mission statement. They will additionally charge to apperceive the behavior and procedures so that they can architecture a arrangement that meets these.

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