Swot Poland

SWOT assay for wine in Poland This bore assists exporters and BSOs in developing countries in acceptable accustomed with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a wine exporter planning to ambition the Polish market. It additionally helps DC exporters to accomplish a SWOT analysis, specific to their company. A SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) assay helps you to assay your aggregation in affiliation to bazaar developments and competitors on called markets. The SWOT apparent beneath visualises alien aspects (opportunities and threats) on the Polish bazaar and centralized aspects (strengths and weaknesses) of your company, both affecting your bazaar entry. You are alone in ascendancy of centralized elements. You can acclimate and advance their built-in affection according to bazaar trends, and the consistent opportunities and threats, in your ambition markets. In Figure 1 you can acquisition a SWOT assay for a DC exporter of wine to Poland. Note that this assay is generalised, and should be acclimated alone as an example. The CBI Consign Business Planner (available at http://www. cbi. eu) offers accoutrement to advice you accomplish the SWOT assay specific to your aggregation and your ambition market. Firstly, the 5Ms alignment helps you assay your aggregation on the base of bristles variables; Men (human resources), Means (resources), Methods (management and action performance), Machines, and Measurables (marketing impact, chump and agent satisfaction, qualitative certifications). Secondly, you can administer the amount alternation admission to analyse all value-addition activities of your company. Identifying alien factors is done through a bazaar audit. The appearance of all these elements is that they are above your control. You cannot admission them. The bazaar dictates the rules of the all-around comedy you are about to enter. The key catechism actuality is: can you accord with the bazaar trends? Do the trends action you affairs or challenges for consign success? Together with the adversary analysis, it will actuate your accommodation on final bazaar alternative and bazaar admission strategy. CBI modules on your artefact (group) action a lot of advice on bazaar developments, threats and opportunities. The third apparatus offered by the Consign Business Planner is the STEEP methodology. This is a absolute adjustment for anecdotic opportunities and threats accompanying to Socio-cultural factors, Technological factors (barriers), Economic factors, Environmental factors and Political factors accompanying to trade. Source: CBI Bazaar Advice Database • URL: www. cbi. eu • Contact: [email protected] eu • www. cbi. eu/disclaimer SWOT assay for wine in Poland Figure 1 SWOT assay for wine to the Poland SWOT: DC EXPORTER OF WINE TO POLAND STRENGTHS • • • • • • Availability of bargain acreage and raw abstracts Favourable altitude Larger assembly aggregate Innovative appearance of wine compared to Old World wines Competitive amount Availability of bargain animal assets Unique grape varieties • • WEAKNESSES Transportation costs Lack of (access to) basic (investment/working) and consign allowance Lack of admission to bazaar intelligence Lack of export/management acquaintance Lack of Affection Affirmation Systems Lack of ambitious accommodation Lack of tacit ability • • • • • OPPORTUNITIES • • • • A new wine bazaar with accretion possibilities and un-established tastes Accretion bazaar allotment of table wine The ascendancy of bargain wine can accomplish admission for some DC exporters easier Low acceptation tariffs Emergence of baby absolute importers ambidextrous with baby volumes of wine Increased accommodation for aggregate imports (for producers of ample quantities) Local ambassador networks; administration of ability • THREATS Dominance of semi-dry and candied wines can absolute distributors absorption on dryer varieties High aggregate requirements by importing hypermarkets, which lay a ascendant role in Poland DCs face antagonism from anniversary alternative Cultural and accent differences EU affection affirmation and aldermanic requirements difficult for DC producers (e. g. abacus sugar) Trust in Eastern European brands due to attitude Preference for bargain table wine as a blackmail to bazaar affiliation of added exceptional wines • • • • • • • • • This analysis was aggregate for CBI by ProFound – Advisers In Development in cooperation with Theo Jansen Disclaimer CBI bazaar advice tools: http://www. cbi. eu/disclaimer Source: CBI Bazaar Advice Database • URL: www. cbi. eu • Contact: [email protected] eu • www. cbi. eu/disclaimer

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