SWOT Analysis of Holland and Barrett

Weaknesses Threats Over-reliance on adopted Commercial acreage bulk activity Government law on adopted labor. Location of outlets Pollution of ambiance Weak internet attendance Currency about-face ante Bulk and ambit of artefact Competitors Dull and arid blueprint of outlets Strengths The purpose of anecdotic the company's centralized strengths is to booty advantage of these strengths, so as to access a company's aggressive bend and business opportunities. Assembly Agenda Melanin Accumulation alien a assembly card, which congenital EX-link and banknote agenda functions. As consumers' expectations are ever-changing, this multipurpose confined agenda allows consumers to abstain the aggravation in accepting to backpack several Barrett, but additionally at all brands the beneath the Jay Gee family. As a result, the assembly agenda helps the aggregation to cantankerous advertise and cross-market articles and rand's, by allowance to accomplish the attendance of brands like Holland & Barrett, accepted to the public. This is because a client at Levies and Aledo may ascertain the actuality of Holland & Barrett through the card. Strong Artefact Branding Another backbone of the aggregation is that the Melanin accumulation has invested heavily in announcement itself as a aggregation that brings in brands of aerial affection and of a assertive full-blooded of prestige. This accounts for why the aggregation maintains a careful best for the locations of its shops alone in arcade malls and not in retail spaces begin in the apartment estates. The aggregation additionally advertises the brands it carries heavily in bright periodicals and mainly in English newspapers, mainly, in the Straits Times. As a result, by way of affiliation with the Melanin accumulation and additionally analysis alone in arcade malls, Holland & Barrett has additionally been anchored with the consequence that the bloom supplements it carries, are off aerial quality. Socially Responsible Holland and Barrette's articles appear in recycled artificial bottles which are biodegradable. This will allure and animate consumers to acquirement from their outlets alive that they themselves are accomplishing a allotment in extenuative mother earth. Weaknesses The purpose of anecdotic the company's centralized weaknesses is to acquiesce the aggregation to advance on or if possible, abolish it. This is the date area administration accept to adjust the articular weaknesses. Over-reliance on Adopted Activity Based on anecdotal evidence, about all the sales assembly alive at the Holland & Barrett, are adopted workers. As far as one can tell, best of these workers are from the People's Republic of China or the Philippines. While such a HRS action may be borne out of call in Singapore bound activity market, abnormally in the retail industry, it has implications on the affection of account rendered. From claimed experience, agents from PRE were clumsy to calmly clear the advice with commendations to articles in English. In fact, back the agents changed to their mother tongue, they were afresh able to accommodate added indents advice about their products. Location of the Outlets Unlike its competitors, such as Nature's Farm, Watson and Guardian Pharmacy, the 22 outlets of Holland & Barrett are wholly amid in arcade mall. This may absolute the audience of the business as it may not allure the "heartlands" who do not boutique ND accept steadily opened outlets in HAD Town Centers, so as to abduction a greater bazaar allotment of the bloom supplement retail industry. Weak Internet Presence While the Melanin Accumulation has a website, its franchise, Holland & Barrett does not accept an alive website, or a Backbone or Twitter pages. The bounded authorization alone has a weapon which displays a banderole that highlights the accepted promotions of the business (Holland and Barrett, 2013). This is a adverse to the alive internet attendance the ancestor aggregation has in the I-J. In I-J, Holland & Barrett has not alone an alive Bessie, but additionally a Backbone folio and a adaptable application. Read additionally Bloominglades SWOT Analysis However, the I-J website and adaptable app is not that advantageous to a Singapore chump as the appraisement of the articles are in batter sterling, and a host of the articles are not accessible in the Singapore stores. Furthermore, such a alterity may annul a Singapore chump as the I-J website and adaptable app appearance a advanced ambit of articles and casework offered in the I-J, but are not accessible in Singapore. Opportunities The purpose of anecdotic the alien opportunities is to acquiesce the aggregation to aka abounding use of it at the appropriate time. Collaboration with companies. Holland and Barrett could assignment with companies that accord with adorableness articles to advance their bloom supplements, abnormally companies that advertise amoebic products. This is to aggrandize their artefact range, which in turns, brings in added barter and betrayal these barter to the articles of Holland & Barrett. To defended retail amplitude in accessible hospitals As MOM (Ministry of Health) had appear that there will be 4 added hospitals and 12 added polyclinics build. Holland and Barrett and booty allotment in the behest for retails spaces. This will ambition a altered bazaar articulation as an another to gluttonous retail spaces in accessible apartment estates (MOM, 2013). To actualize aerial bulk of acquaintance through advocacy of SEA (South East Asia) Games in 2015 By allotment SEA Games, it will advice to body on their acceptability (CAN, 2013). Threats The identification of alien threats is to acquiesce the aggregation to bigger adapt Commercial acreage prices With its food amid alone in malls/shopping centers, Holland & Barrett is actual abundant subjected to the benevolence of ascent rental costs of retail spaces. This costs could be reinstated to college priced articles that would disadvantage the franchise's competitiveness, abnormally in a awful aggressive retail environment. Rental Bulk of Shops Government behavior on adopted talents Another ascent costs is the college activity costs all businesses in Singapore are facing, as administration accept to apply added Singapore, due to tighter akin activity laws on the application of adopted labor. This afresh will appulse the franchise's competitiveness (MOP, 2013). Currency About-face Ante As Jay Gee acceptation the supplements from Europe directly. Currency plays an important role which will affect the bulk of acquirement that the aggregation can generate. In this case, admirable batter will abide to do able-bodied as reflected in the anticipation (Pound Admirable Forecast, 2013). Recommendations Holland and Barrett could admit do added as a socially amenable company, alternative than application recycled bottles. The aggregation could accept a blooming action whereby for every canteen that is returned, a chump receives a brand on a brand card. Once a chump collects 5 stamps, the aggregation would action discounts for the abutting purchase. The added stamps the barter accumulate, the added discounts they will enjoy. In accession to the advance of recycling, the aggregation is additionally accretion its sales. Holland and Barrett could additionally advance in creating a greater internet attendance such as ambience up a website that provides updates on articles and casework accessible in the Singapore food and also, online shopping. The aggregation could additionally coact with nutritionists to conduct accessible talks/ seminars on how the absence of assertive vitamins, could advance to abiding diseases.

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