SWOT analysis for P & G

Strengths 1. Strong Financial position of P & G 2. Cast Loyalty 3. High-Quality Products 4. Well accepted brand 5. Availability of Products in Different Sizes 6. Large Network for Distribution 7. Consumer Trust Weakness 1 . Strong antagonism with dispensary all clear 2. Lagging abaft Dispensary all bright in agreement of artistic campaign 3. Beneath acceptance in rural areas analyze to burghal areas in India 4. Higher amount than alternative brands makes it beneath accepted with lower assets classes Opportunity 1 . Have a Great Opportunity in New developing areas of India. 2. Consumer behavior appear cast loyalty 3. High Rates of Imported Shampoos 4. Increase in the Absterge burning due to awareness 5. Heavy advance in the analysis of Shampoo Threats 1. High Antagonism in Indian Market 2. Threats from new entrants 3. Threats from affluence alternative options accessible to consumers Strengths 1 . Strong Financial position of P & G 1 . CLEAR has partnered with the world's arch dermatologists from the All-embracing Academy of Dermatology (SAID) to accompany the first-ever patented attic comestible technology - New CLEAR with Nutria 10 to its consumers 2. Accessible in 5 countries worldwide 4. Bright is the alone cast that offers distinctively formulated Anti-dandruff absterge for men 5. Celebrity cast ambassadors and acceptable advertising Weakness 1 . Dominance alone in the anti-dandruff absterge segment, no variants accessible for accustomed absterge usage 2. Multiple re-branding over the years - Dispensary Special to Dispensary All Bright to 'Clear' at present. Can actualize abashing about the cast name amid consumers. 3. Low bazaar allotment alike in the anti-dandruff absterge articulation as compared to competitors like Head ; Shoulders Opportunity 1. To adjust itself to the all-embracing affection standards this year Dispensary All Bright has been re-launched this year as Clear 2. Introduction of Anti Dandruff Beard Oil that fights dandruff and strengthens beard from scalp, as a cast extension Threats 1. Highly aggressive bazaar accepting abounding players with agnate offerings and cheaper rates 2. P wrote to the Advertising Standards Council of India, which approved a acknowledgment from HULL apropos an advertisement of Bright starring Pasha Bass which had a aerial advertence to Head ; Shoulders in the advertisement

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