SWOT Analysis for Markham Leisure Centre

Analysis for a Company A SWOT assay is a apparatus a business uses to plan and focus on key issues. It is agnate to a claimed SWOT assay breadth you would focus on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats but instead you accomplish the SWOT on a company. Strengths and weaknesses are centralized factors. For example: A backbone for a business could be: a new, avant-garde artefact or account breadth of your business affection processes and procedures any alternative aspect of your business that adds amount to your artefact or service. A weakness could be: abridgement of business ability or affection appurtenances or casework damaged acceptability Opportunities and threats are alien factors. For example: An befalling could be: a developing bazaar such as the Internet. Mergers, Joint ventures or cardinal alliances affective into new bazaar segments that action bigger profits a new all-embracing bazaar a bazaar alone by an abortive competitor A blackmail could be: a new adversary amount wars with competitors a adversary has a new, avant-garde artefact or account competitors accept above admission to channels of administration taxation is alien on your artefact or service Part 2 - Performing a SWOT Assay on an Organization. The Markham Leisure Centre has assassin you to advice them with their business accommodation making. Accomplish a SWOT assay on The Markham Leisure Centre, based aloft the afterward issues: Read anniversary account beneath anxiously and again application the blueprint absorbed address the cardinal of anniversary account in the adapted box. For example, if you believe, numbers 1, 3 and 7 are strengths; address those numbers in the "strengths" box. Abutting to anniversary cardinal explain FULLY why it avalanche into that category. 1. The Centre is amid aural a two-minute airing of the capital bus station, and is a fifteen-minute ride abroad from the bounded Go-train station. 2. There is a antagonism accepted pond pool; although it has no beachcomber machines or whirlpool accessories as do aggressive bounded facilities. 3. It is amid abutting to one of the better arcade centers in Markham. 4. It is one of the oldest centers in the breadth and needs some SWOT Assay By Austerity aftermost six years, bounded association accept added money to absorb on leisure activities. 6. There has been a abundant abatement in the bearing amount over the aftermost ten years in the area. 7. In accepted bodies are active best and there are added bounded association age-old anytime fifty-five now than anytime before. 8. After a acrimonious altercation with the administrator of a aggressive leisure centre, the baton of a admired bounded scuba club is attractive for a new venue. (location) 9. The bounded ascendancy is because breeding all bounded leisure centre by the year 2007. (It will no best be endemic by the Town of Markham) 10. Press releases accept Just been issued to affirm that Markham Leisure Centre is the aboriginal centre in the breadth to be awarded affection affirmation accepted ISO 9002. 11. A clandestine Joke amid agents states that if you appetite a day-off from assignment that you should adjustment a cafeteria from the Center's cafe, which has never fabricated a profit. 12. The Centre has been offered the latest antic craze. 13. Markham Leisure Centre has accustomed a admission to fit adapted ramps and alteration apartment to board the bounded disabled. 14. It is broadly accustomed that the Markham has the best-trained and best admired agents of all of the centers in York Region. SWOT Assay Assignment Part 1 - SOOT assay - Markham Leisure Centre Apprentice Name: Marking Scheme: Knowledge: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are appropriately categorized. Assay is meaningful. The assay serves as a acceptable base for the development off business plan. Cerebration 110 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats chronicle to the Markham Leisure Centre. Analysis is bright and anxious and is based on bazaar needs antagonism and any alternative accordant matters. A well-developed account of anniversary shows what Markham Leisure Centre does able-bodied and identifies both present and abeyant weaknesses. Application Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats administer accurately to the Markham Leisure Centre. A abundant accord of analytical cerebration is obvious. The blueprint is of adapted detail and is able-bodied developed. Appears that the apprentice has anxiously analyzed the thoughts calm and has fatigued adapted conclusions. Overall SWOT is chump focused. An appraisal of the market, demographics and the abridgement are included. Assignment is completed neatly, is able-bodied written, there are no spelling/grammatical errors. Blueprint is logically organized. There is absolute and circuitous cant used. Sentences are appropriately written. Your thoughts are bright and thought-provoking. The articulation of the apprentice as the biographer is evident.

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