SWOT Analysis

Activity: SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Due Week 2 and account 200 points Physicians and patients accept been afflicted by the development and accomplishing of Bloom Advice Technology (HIT). There are abounding alternative healthcare professionals and venues afflicted by cogent complexities and characteristics that accomplish HIT accomplishing challenges. For example, connected abstracts formats are acclimated to facilitate abstracts portability, appointment ability barriers, arrangement costs, training issues, and alternative matters. Some Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers accept amorphous to use a array of carriageable Electronic Bloom Records to aggregate abstracts at the scenes of accommodating incidents with systems advised to address abstracts to accepting hospitals. Overall, however, accomplishing the Nationwide Bloom Advice Network has been ambiguous due to authoritative and abstruse difficulties. To accomplish the HIT goals of convalescent bloom affliction affection and abbreviation costs, all-encompassing and accurate appointment charcoal in the analysis and accomplishing arenas. Assume you accept aloof accelerating with your Master’s amount and you accept anesthetized a alternation of interviews at the top hospital accepted as We Affliction Hospital. You are assassin as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and your aboriginal appointment is to conduct a SWOT Analysis of the HIT arrangement at We Affliction Hospital. Analysis the websites of your bounded hospital and actuate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats based on the affluence of information, admission for abeyant patients, and analytic affection appearance amid on their website that analyze the basal operations of the healthcare organization. Then, adapt a Microsoft PowerPoint 10-slide anecdotal application a SWOT Analysis. A SWOT Analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a situation. Analysis the video: Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis. To advice you adapt the anecdotal PowerPoint application Microsoft 365 and earlier versions, analysis video: Record a accelerate appearance with account and accelerate timings. Your 10-slide SWOT PowerPoint should chase this format: Slide 1: Cover Page Include the appellation of your presentation, your name, the advance cardinal and advance title, your professor’s name, and the date. Slide 2: Background / Executive Summary Describe the capacity of the situation. Use bullets with abbreviate sentences. The appellation of this accelerate should be Executive Summary. Slide 3: Apriorism Statement Identify the focus of your research. The appellation of this accelerate should be Apriorism Statement. Slides 4-9: Support Support your apriorism account afterward the SESC formula: State, Explain, Support, and Conclude. (An overview of application Sublevel 1 and Sublevel 2 headings is provided in the afterward video: APA Style – Formatting the Appellation Page, Abstract, and Body. You should accommodate at atomic three cloister cases and accompanying peer-reviewed accessories from aural the accomplished bristles years. In-text citations should be in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Slide 10: References Use APA architecture for your Reference slide. (To advice you with APA in-text citations and your Reference list, some acceptance use Citation Machine. Note: Writing Resources are accessible from Strayer University’s Writing Center, Tutoring help, and Grammarly.com. The specific advance acquirements outcomes associated with this appointment are: Assess how changes in the bread-and-butter and bartering environments accept afflicted the bloom sector. Analyze the relationships amid bloom affliction amount and bloom affliction quality.

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