Swanage Geography Coursework

This is the aboriginal of the 2 hypotheses I am activity to be absorption on in my coursework, I will be application a array of graphs and accordant statistics to prove my hypothesis. Throughout my coursework you will apprehension how I will articulation aback my annual appear my antecedent and accord my assessment of how shops in Swanage charge tourist's to be able to run their business successfully. * Retail Opportunities In Swanage Actively Charge To Be Redeveloped To Booty Into Annual The Needs Of Bounded Population This will be the additional of the 2 hypothesises I will be absorption on and developing as well. This antecedent is about redeveloping shops in Swanage that charge to be redeveloped; I will be alive on this abreast the end of my coursework as I do see areas which are in atrocious charge of improvement. As I developing the areas of Swanage which charge developing I will accord explanations as to why I fabricated that best and what absolute impacts can appear from it. Site Map of Swanage For my coursework I was asked to aftermath a Site Map of Swanage which shows the 6 altered areas of the area. * Day-tripper Facilities * Retail Streets * Holiday Flats * Hotels * Residential Leisure * Residential Houses As you can see from bulk 1.2 I took the alternative of colour coding these areas so that it would be easier to analyse after for approaching advertence in my coursework. From the Site Map you can see that there is ample bulk of Day-tripper Facilities. This added proves my antecedent 1 which I will altercate after in my coursework. Why is Swanage a Day-tripper Attraction? Swanage is a abode breadth it is absurd for you to walking about aimlessly accomplishing nothing; this is one of the affidavit why tourists adore visiting the area. There are a lot of things tourist's could involving themselves with in Swanage. They could appointment the bank or go to the retail aliment or aloof relax and adore the scenery. The capital acumen why bodies would go to Swanage is artlessly because it is both affordable and agreeable le which are the two important agency of a vacation. Tourism is actual important in Swanage because after it the accessories that are actuality opened in Swanage will eventually abutting bottomward due to no accumulation thereby no developments will be made, which will accomplish swanage a abode that wouldn't be nice to visit. Geology of Swanage Beach In Bulk 1.3 you can see it is adequately abundant geological diagram of swanage beach, it additionally shows all the rocks complex aural the bank which will be advantageous to best geographers. BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF SWANAGE On this Folio in my coursework I will accord statistics and graphs about some of the accordant advice on Swanage like population, Employment Rate, Age Anatomy etc. From these after-effects it should accord me a bright adumbration about Swanage and its history. Population of Swanage In Bulk 2.1 it shows both the statistics and the blueprint of the Citizenry of Swanage as you can throughout the years is has added in population. About from the year 1921-1931 there was a above abatement in population. This is apparently due to bodies brief out of the breadth because of costs of houses or bodies aloof artlessly capital to move out. From 1951 to 2001 there is a connected access acceptation in the approaching Swanage will overpopulate due to the ample tourists and residents. 2001 Census Abstracts for Swanage In Bulk 2.2 you can see that it shows both statistics and graphs for the citizenry of Macho and Females in Swanage and Dorset. Acutely Swanage is a abate breadth than Dorset so Dorset's after-effects will acutely be greater in population. In both areas Females accept a college citizenry than Males. The acumen for this is apparently because there are added retail shops that allure for Females than Males. Age Structure This Blueprint shows the Age anatomy of bodies from both Dorset and Swanage. From Bulk 2.3 you can see that the bodies from (18-44) and (60-84) accept the accomplished bulk of %. This shows that average age-old bodies alive in Swanage and Dorset than Earlier or Younger people. This agency that best residential bodies who alive in Swanage accept Jobs or accept Part-time Job and owns a abode or an apartment. There are hardly any 16-17 yr olds additionally there aren't that abounding age-old bodies as well. Conclusion From all of the statistics I accept I will accomplish a final cessation that Swanage will gradually access in citizenry which would accept added females than males. Additionally best of the association would accept Jobs because best of the citizenry in Swanage are age-old anatomy 18-84. EXTENT OF TOURISM The Importance of Tourism In Swanage Tourism is abnormally important as that is what accumulate the breadth activity "money-wise", after tourism the boondocks would not get no accumulation accordingly will not be able to advance their area. From the acreage use map there is a arrangement which shows how the shops for Tourist's are abreast the bank as the bank is the best accepted afterimage in the area. This is what will get tourists motivated to boutique in the area. In summer time the day-tripper visiting bulk will access as the backdrop will assume bigger due to the actuality that the acclimate is beautiful. Who allowances from tourism? The retail abundance owners would partly annual from tourism as they are accepting accumulation from their business which will advice them for the future. The accomplished breadth of swanage will annual from tourism as able-bodied because with their money Swanage will be able to added advance into article better. TOURIST QUESTIONNAIRE For my coursework I was asked to actualize a check based on the tourists of swanage I asked a ambit of altered questions based on accordant advice I bare to acquisition out. On this folio I will focus on a few questions in accurate that will advice prove my aboriginal hypothesis. The aboriginal catechism I came beyond is in bulk 4.1 it was to acquisition out which shops tourists use aback they are shopping. As you can see from the blueprint the two accomplished called Shops were Restaurants and Supermarkets. This Blueprint tells me that best bodies would appointment Supermarkets and restaurants while they are in swanage. This doesn't abruptness because on the cartography I came a beyond a scattering of Supermarkets and Restaurants for Tourists to appointment so this is an attainable result. So far this proving my antecedent because restaurants and Supermarkets are the capital thing's a day-tripper needs so the retail aliment would accomplish those types of shops attainable for tourists. This is addition catechism that I accept been absorption on in the questionnaire. What this Pie Blueprint is cogent is that because of the appulse of tourism, tourism has afflicted the breadth to change the way they run their shops. This is a absolute appulse as this will actuate added tourists to appointment because of the demands antecedent tourists accept made. As you can see from the blueprint because of tourism there are added restaurants aperture and allowance shops are aperture as well. These are accepted retail abundance for day-tripper which explains the results. This is the final catechism I will be bringing advanced for altercation as this is one of the best important questions. As you can see from the Pie Blueprint Tourists would like Easier Car Parking Overall, this is actual barefaced because on anniversary canicule and weekends tourists would appetite to appointment shops about the alone things dabbling their arcade time is Parking. If Tourist's accept added parking again added Tourists will be able to boutique thereby giving added accumulation appear swanage. Addition improvements that the tourists accept acknowledgment was the actuality that best of the shops charge to be accessible of Sunday's this will accord them added arcade time to do aftermost minute arcade which is apprenticed to appear at one point or another. If they put this advance advanced swanage will accretion added profit. RESIDENTS QUESTIONNAIRE This is one catechism I chose from the association Check which shows which breadth Association appointment to boutique in the surrounding area. Wareham was the best mentioned. The acumen for this is because there is added array of shops to appointment which would accumulate bounded bodies interested. I would brainstorm that it would afterpiece to their assignment so the adventure would be easier. Addition key acumen why association would appetite to boutique abroad besides Swanage is because there us easier parking so they will be able to appointment shops faster. This is one affair that will advance added bounded bodies to boutique abroad besides swanage the acumen being, no acceptable car parking facilities. From the Pie blueprint it shows that 78% anticipate that there no car parks actuality provided for bounded people. As I said afore because of this affair swanage will advance bounded bodies out of the breadth due to the actuality that they accept boilerplate to esplanade their cars. These are the improvements appropriate by the association of Swanage; all-embracing it is agnate to the Tourist's improvements as both mentioned Car Esplanade as their capital concern. Both would rather accomplished Car Parking than Shops, I brainstorm both association and tourists are affronted with Car Parks which is the acumen they brought it up in the questionnaires. One advance mentioned in the citizen check which relates aback to bulk 2.2 is that bodies crave added hairdressers. Because there are added females than males in swanage it is absolutely attainable that women would be ambitious added chichi stores. Conclusion Gathering advice from both Check it is safe to say that the capital advance it Car Parks which is an barefaced request. Bodies from swanage should booty this on lath and accomplish a bigger car esplanade in swanage. They accept not got annihilation to lose because added car parks agency added bodies which agency added shoppers which eventually advance to money that they can use to redevelop swanage. RETAIL MAP OF SWANAGE Conclusion As you can see from the annotations I accept fabricated you can get a bright abstraction of the types of shops accessible on Institute alley and Base road. Institute alley would be a abundant abode for tourist's as there are added shops which would be acceptable for them, Association would not acquisition shops on Institute alley accessible as they are accurately aimed at day-tripper to actuate them to break in swanage and the way to do that is to augment them with bargain advertisements. Association would adopt shops on Base Alley as there are shops that are aimed at association as able-bodied as Tourist's so anybody would be annoyed on base road. OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES OF SHOPS THE SECOND HYPOTHESIS Retail Opportunities in Swanage actively charge to be redeveloped to booty into annual the needs of bounded population This is the additional antecedent I will be absorption on and developing as well. This antecedent is about redeveloping shops in Swanage that charge to be redeveloped; I will be alive on areas which are in atrocious charge of improvement. As I developing the areas of Swanage which charge developing I will accord explanations as to why I fabricated that best and what absolute impacts can appear from it. The capital acumen I am activity to advance swanage boondocks is because of the improvements bodies accept declared in both the citizen check and day-tripper questionnaires. The improvements they accept fabricated are astute and accurate appear the breadth of swanage. Why would you advance swanage? There are abounding affidavit as to why bodies would appetite to advance swanage the attainable acumen is to accomplish the active altitude bigger and the accessories to be added adjustable with the needs of association and tourists. Gathering advice from the both questionnaires I feel that swanage does charge improving. Bigger Car Parking would be a huge advance as best bodies feel that is a huge atrophy in swanage, there is never abundant parking. Added array of shops is one advancement that additionally seems to be accepted in the day-tripper check which is barefaced as tourists appointment areas to boutique not to be bored. Aperture and Closing times of shops in addition affair in swanage, it seems that shops abutting too aboriginal for association so shops charge to be opened after for all bodies to do aftermost minute shopping. My development plan will abutment best of those improvements to accomplish swanage a bigger breadth to visit. DEVELOPMENT PLAN EXPLANATIONS Development 1 and 2 - These are the aboriginal two improvements I accept made, I accept added two retail arcade areas. The acumen why I did this is, is because in the residential check a ample cardinal of association requested arcade areas that will additionally be accessible best to lath the times of residents. The types of shops that will be about actuality are sports shops because that was additionally requested in the check a ample bulk of association capital this. Development 3 - As I said afore in the antecedent annual a scattering of bodies capital sports shops so I affected that they would appetite leisure accessories as well. Because there are added Females than Males in Swanage it is alone accustomed that some of the association would appeal leisure accessories for football or basketball etc. Development 4 - This is the bigger appeal that the association accept fabricated bright in the questionnaire; there wasn't abundant parking throughout swanage I accept taken that complaint onboard and accept now added a Chargeless Car Parking ability for association only. Because of this association will acquisition it easier to get to the shops after any hassle. Back association already alive in the breadth it would be absurd to pay for their own parking which is why I fabricated car parking free, this was addition advance mentioned in the questionnaire. Development 5 - This is the breadth that will be accepting the aliment bazaar already a anniversary this is addition appeal mentioned in the check I anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction as it would accord association a adventitious to get aliment advantageous for their homes. Development 6 - Hairdressers will be added actuality because there are not abundant hairdressers in the breadth so abacus hairdressers will abutment the advance of swanage Development 7 - This will be a huge Bazaar for all association to abutment all there charge whether it is aliment or clothes etc. Association would absolutely acknowledge this as there are never abundant supermarkets in swanage. This will advance swanage because added bodies will boutique thereby putting added money into the swanage development. Development 8 - This will be the banal aisle arch to the Bazaar bodies accuse about there actuality too abounding cars which could get alarming for best people Development 9 - This is the final advance I will accomplish in swanage, this breadth will be the barbecue area/quiet breadth for association who would aloof like a adequate day. It is abroad from the bazaar so there will no blow with the bodies who appetite to relax and the bodies that appetite to shop. I would brainstorm this was requested by the earlier bodies of swanage These are the final improvements I accept appear swanage based on the after-effects of the questionnaire. On the abutting folio of this coursework I will absolve my coursework giving acumen as to why it is able and fits the needs of association and if it will annual them or not. JUSTIFICATION OF PLAN On this folio I will appraise my plan giving acumen for why it is acceptable plan and why I placed those specific accessories on the plan. I will additionally address about who allowances from the aftereffect of my plan. Why is my Plan Good? I feel my development plan is able-bodied planned out because I accept placed accessories according to what bodies accept said in the questionnaire, I took that on lath on what the bodies capital and added that in my plan. The Car Esplanade affair from afore as now been bound because of my plan, there is now a huge Car Parking ability which is chargeless for residents, so I managed to advance in two ways. Addition way my plan is acceptable is because I added a ample bazaar for association to use. Association would acquisition this actual advantageous as they mentioned this in questionnaire. Best of the accessories did not booty abundant anticipation it was mostly arise faculty and advice from the day-tripper and residential questionnaire. Who will benefit? Many bodies will annual from this advance change, one accumulation in accurate would be the age-old bodies because I accept added a quiet breadth abroad from the action breadth bodies can relax and adore the day. Association would acknowledge this, as they can be in a mollusk ambiance which would calm them bottomward if they were stressed. The macho groups will annual because I accept added a leisure ability for all accepted sport, for men who like action this is one advance that will accomplish swanage for enjoyable. For the changeable groups I accept added beautician facilities, women from swanage will acknowledge this change because there are hardly any hairdressers in swanage and accepting one abreast residential houses will annual residential women. What do I anticipate my plan overall Overall I feel my plan is acceptable because it satisfies the needs of association and there won't be any collisions with day-tripper shops. Anybody will be annoyed in the breadth they are in back the change I fabricated to swanage. CONCLUSION AND EVALUATION Conclusion After all advice aggregate from questionnaires and statistics I accept appear to the cessation that my antecedent has been accurate due to the actuality that best all day-tripper and association gave listed improvements for swanage. All the abstracts analyzed led me to this cessation and I feel I fabricated that my cessation has been proven. Although the cessation I managed to appear up with was accurate there are still areas in my coursework that I feel can improved. The explanations I gave for my maps and graphs could accept been explained bigger with added affirmation to prove my point. The statements I gave for development could've been explained added acutely but was still a satisfactory effort. Evaluation Overall I would say my activity would be graded from a B to an A because I followed the belief accustomed and gave affirmation to prove my point. I created diagram and graphs to prove addition point. About as I said there are still areas for advance which is the acumen for the brand I accept given.

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