sustainable building and LEED

writing 3 pages about architectonics and architecture a horse clue with the application of LEED and not to aching our environment. Attached is the instruction attached additionally the all the point that i accept to accommodate them in my writing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Submit your Charrette's accounting appointment plan.  This is to be a accumulation appointment so alone one brand per the group.  Anniversary aggregation affiliate is to accord by autograph a section.  One accumulation affiliate is the facilitator and will be amenable for accumulation anniversary group's plan.  This is advised to be a plan of about 15 pages in length, 3 pages per person.  One brand for anybody in the group. State your priorities for the activity and how you intend to accommodated them. Develop antecedent sustainability concepts. Develop cartoon to allegorize your point. Not attractive for an bread-and-butter assay of account as of yet, but I am attractive for imagination. This is absolutely Due by abutting class.....NO it builds on the assignments for the blow of the term.  Do not adjournment the alpha of this.

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