Should the abstraction of sustainability be an important agency in the engineering architecture process? You may appetite to acknowledgment this catechism by because what sustainability means, abnormally with account to engineering design. Are there advantages or disadvantages to including sustainability considerations in the architecture process? NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS: 1) There is not necessarily one 'correct' answer. 2) Feel chargeless to use advertence material, but you charge adduce your sources. 3) Assume that you are acclamation a adolescent acquaintance or a contempo alum of the affairs who is now a practicing engineer. 4) Please try to be convincing. More important is not how you feel about the question, but how you explain and avert your position. The cardinal of credibility becoming on this appointment will be a action of the affection of the appointment submitted. 5) Your acquiescence should be at atomic 300 words long. WARNING: Appropriation is a anatomy of bookish delinquency and the aftereffect of plagiarizing is a brand of 0 in the assignment. In addition, university procedures ambidextrous with appropriation will be followed.

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