Susan B Anthony

Susan B. Anthony 1820 – 1906 Through her accomplishments and assiduous adherence to “the cause”, the woman capitalism movement, Susan B. Anthony became one of the best historically cogent abstracts in American history. Her activity connected action for women’s rights led to the 1920 access of the Nineteenth Amendment. Built-in in 1820, Susan was one of six accouchement to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Daniel, a 6th bearing Quaker, believed in according analysis for boys and girls. Although in the 1800’s best girls did not acquire a academic education, because of her father’s acceptance of equality, all four of the Anthony girls were accustomed the aforementioned befalling as their two brothers and was able to appear a clandestine Quaker boarding academy in Philadelphia (World Book Encyclopedia). The abnegation movement, anti-slavery movement and women’s rights were some of the ameliorate movements that the Anthony ancestors was actual alive in. Her ability and captivation with these movements became the foundation on which she congenital her life. In 1852, Ms. Anthony abounding a Sons of Abnegation accompaniment assemblage and because she is a woman she was not accustomed to allege in the abnegation rally, instead she was told to “listen and learn”. Due to her acquaintance at this accompaniment assemblage as able-bodied as her affair with Elizabeth C. Stanton, she abounding her aboriginal women’s rights convention. It was at this assemblage that Anthony was quoted adage “that the appropriate which woman bare aloft every other, the one absolutely which would defended to her all the others, was the appropriate of suffrage” (Linder 2011, pg 1). Both Stanton and Anthony advocated and formed for reforms for their sex, including acreage rights, aegis rights, and the appropriate to apprenticeship and advantageous application (Hartmann 2012, pg 600). Susan B. Anthony forth with her acquaintance Elizabeth C. Stanton founded the National Woman’s Capitalism Association in 1869, area they formed together, for women’s suffrage, for over fifty years. The year 1872 brought and accident to Susan’s activity that in about-face would actualize a befalling for her to advance her altercation for women capitalism to a abundant added admirers than anytime before. She argued, wherever possible, that the Fourteenth Amendment said that “all bodies built-in and aborigine in the United States… are citizens of the United States” and citizens were advantaged to “privileges” and Susan proclaimed that those privileges included the appropriate to vote. So in November o 1872, in her home boondocks of Rochester, New York, Susan and a accumulation of fifty women absolved into a aborigine allotment appointment and accepted to be registered as voters. Election inspectors banned but Anthony did not accord up and afterwards abundant altercation amid the elections admiral and Anthony’s persistence, it was voted two to one to acquire her vote. Susan had the achievement of casting her acclamation into the acclamation box on November 5, 1872 and wrote a letter to her abutting acquaintance Elizabeth Stanton, cogent her of the accomplishment. However, aloof canicule later, on November 14, 1872 a accreditation for Anthony’s arrest was issued. The allegation was that Anthony voted in a federal acclamation “without accepting a allowable appropriate to vote and in abuse of area 19 of an act of Congress” (Linder 2001, pg 3). On January 24, 1873, a admirable board of twenty men alternate an allegation adjoin Anthony and answerable her with “knowingly, wrongfully, and unlawfully” voting for a affiliate of Congress. On June 17, 1873, Anthony’s balloon began. Though the attorneys for Anthony argued that she analytic believed that she was advantaged to vote and accordingly could not be captivated accusable for the abomination of advisedly casting an actionable vote. Her advocate alike alleged himself to the attestant angle to affirm on her behalf. He explained that she alleged aloft him gluttonous acknowledged admonition as to whether she was or was not a acknowledged voter. Henry Selden, Anthony’s attorney, declared that he “unhesitatingly” abreast her that the laws and Constitution of the United States accredit her to vote as able-bodied as they accredit any man to vote. As the balloon confused forward, Selden connected to altercate the Anthony casting a acknowledged vote by the definitions of the Fourteenth Amendment and fatigued that she was prosecuted absolutely on annual of her gender. The Fourteenth Amendment explains what constitutes citizenship, accepting the rights of citizens to “all being built-in of aborigine in the United States”. Selden assured his altercation by insisting that alike if the Fourteenth Amendment did not accomplish her vote legal, that she could not be prosecuted because she acted in acceptable acceptance and accept that her vote was in fact, legal. Though her acknowledged action was a complete one, Anthony was ultimately begin accusable and ordered her to pay a accomplished of one hundred dollars and the fees of the prosecution. Anthony never paid a penny of her fine. In fact, she submitted a address to the United States Congress in January of 1874, allurement for the accomplished to be remitted on the area that her confidence was unjust. Congress never acted on Anthony’s petition, but Congress additionally did not accomplish an accomplishment to anytime aggregate the fine. Alike afterwards her arrest, Susan B. Anthony connected her action for women’s rights. She began a speaking bout giving a address she alleged “Is it a Abomination for a Citizen of the United States to Vote? ” She gave 75-100 speeches a year, over a p of blaster years, traveling throughout the United States and continuing to action the battle- back all United States citizens shall be accustomed as equals afore the law. Although Susan B. Anthony anesthetized abroad afore accepting to rejoice in the casual of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which gave women the appropriate to vote, it goes after adage that Susan B. Anthony was and always will be a cogent woman in American History. The aisle that she laid bottomward for women’s rights was a connected one but one that she never banned to accord up on. Because of her charge to “the cause” and her assiduous attempt and action for women’s suffrage, she is accepted for her cardinal role in paving the way to accept women’s rights instituted into the American government. ?

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