Survey of Software Systems

Week 6 Case Study 1. How important is the catch arrangement at airlines such as WestJet and JetBlue? How does it appulse operational activities and accommodation making? The catch arrangement is acutely important to baby airline companies such as WestJet and JetBlue. Since these companies are baby and adequately new, able chump account is capital to their success. Back abeyant barter appointment the JetBlue and WestJet websites and appearance their aggressive rates, it is acute that they are met with a absolutely capable, able advice arrangement to book their anxiety on. Also, the catch arrangement will appulse operational activities because it acutely lies out how abounding anxiety are currently appointed which is capital in chief on the cardinal of aircraft to use for a specific block of time to a specific destination. It additionally provides anticipation on how abundant ammunition to accept on the aircraft etc. Another affair that the catch arrangement helps is the adeptness to apperceive back to acquaint specials on assertive flights in adjustment to ample the agenda and action standby to aftermost minute travelers. 2. Evaluate the risks of the projects to advancement the catch systems of WestJet and JetBlue and key accident factors. There are several risks associated with advance any advice systems aural a company. Typically the best difficult tasks absorb accouterment training to the advisers that are amenable for using, operating or accepting abstracts from the upgraded advice systems. In this bearings in particular, one of the above apropos for these companies was that the advice arrangement updates would account defects in the arrangement and additionally that the time that it would booty to advancement the catch arrangement could account a gap in casework to the user. An abeyance in their web casework would account above setbacks for both companies and neither of them could allow the loss. The argument states that WestJet had been active convenance tests and training for over 100,000 hours in alertness for the alive upgrade. Still, they encountered some issues that they had not planned for during the alive upgrade. This acquired the website to be aloof for absolutely some time during and afterwards the upgrade. This acquired an astronomic cardinal of annoyed customers. Users flocked to Facebook and alternative amusing networking sites to accurate their annoyance with WestJet’s services; they additionally alleged chump account in an accomplishment to accretion a bigger compassionate about what was activity on. As a aftereffect of the access in chump account calls that WestJet was additionally extemporaneous for, there was a above access in chump account adjournment times, which again led to added affronted customers. Luckily WestJet was able to redeem itself some time bottomward the alley and didn’t booty too abundant of a hit financially because of that mishap. This goes to appearance that the risks associated with advance advice systems aural a aggregation are acutely aerial and in no way should they be undermined. Companies should consistently be able back attempting to advancement advice systems contrarily the accident has the abeyant to be devastating. 3. Classify and alarm the problems anniversary airline faced in implementing its new catch system. What people, organization, and technology factors acquired those problems? The problems that WestJet faced in implementing its new catch arrangement ran the gamut. They had a cardinal of authoritative problems which included the actuality that they acutely hadn’t advised the achievability that the alteration could not go as planned. Although they accomplished and accomplished for over 100,000 hours in alertness for the transfer, they bootless to accept a advancement plan, which is article that every aggregation needs to accept should they charge to apply alternative options. Back the antecedent plan was foiled, there weren’t alike abundant advisers to handle the commotion that the abridgement of web casework caused. They additionally had a analytical technology problem, and that was that the book alteration didn’t go as planned. Another technology botheration was that the bootless book alteration acquired the web casework to be bottomward for a cardinal of hours. There should accept been a advancement webpage to abate that gap in service. JetBlue on the alternative hand, was actual able-bodied organized based on the advice that the argument gave. They had a advancement for their webpage that they concluded up defective to use because their servers were bottomward due to the book transfer. They chose a low web cartage day to admit the book transfer; and they assassin 500 acting advisers to man the alarm centermost in case they had an added cardinal of chump account calls. JetBlue additionally had technology problems which acquired a adjournment in their abstracts alteration but the acumen that it didn’t affect them as bad as it did with WestJet, is because they were prepared, 4. Alarm the accomplish you would accept taken to ascendancy the accident in these projects. The accident associated with assuming alive abstracts transfers is imminent. There will never be a way to absolutely abate that risk, but if I were in that bearings I would handle it like JetBlue did. I would appraise all of the accessible outcomes and accept a advancement in abode to ascendancy the accessible damage. I would accept absolutely had a advancement web interface and I would accept assassin acting advisers to advice with the added workload. Basically, I would accept done the exact aforementioned things that JetBlue did.

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