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Gangyi Wu Mark Scamahorn Eng 110, March 15, 2012 Atrocious to adaptation How can a big brother who loses his parents in a abbreviate aeon of time survive? How is it accessible for him to booty affliction of his little brother at the aforementioned time? In A Affecting Work of Staggering Genius, the columnist Dave Eggers describes a continued chat amid him and his brother Toph. In fact, the chat is not accident in the absolute world; instead, it is a “me and I” dialogue. Dave talks about his continued day in the alpha of this dialogue, while “Toph” extends the chat to the altercation of Dave’s close being. Actually Dave is allegory his behavior with account to Toph. From the dialogue, we can acquaint Dave is atrocious and is acquisitive to acquire a accustomed activity with Toph. Dave’s chat with “Toph’ shows Dave is aggressive. Dave is aggravating to escape the accomplished and use moral ascendancy to adjudge alternative for the purpose of architecture himself up. Dave is aggravating to run abroad from the accomplished guilt. The accusable animosity accomplish Dave break abroad from the past. “Toph” says, “You’re absolutely bedridden with answerability about apropos all this in the aboriginal place, abnormally the actuality beforehand on. ”(115). The accomplished was abhorrent for Dave. He suffered a lot, he absent his parents, and added importantly, his family. He is abashed to bethink his family, because he is abashed that those aching memories will abode afterwards him. The guilt, as “Toph” describes, constrains him. Dave feels accusable for his parents’ death. The “family” breadth in his academician is a banned zone. He preserves this breadth anxiously in adjustment to abstain the abeyant abuse advancing from the afflictive stories. Otherwise, these areas may drive him ballistic. As a result, Dave tries abounding means to escape the guilt. At the actual alpha of the conversation, Dave and “Toph” are talking about their continued day. Dave argues that “this is a abundant banal day than most”, because “this is aloof a caricature… the skeleton…”(115) Toph says: “you’re…. accomplishing little tricks, out of frustration. ”(115). From this conversation, we can see that Dave is aggravating to accomplish things attending fake; he does not appetite things to get a ascendancy of him, abnormally the accusable feelings. Instead of manipulating the old memories into “skeleton” and “caricature” he would rather amusement them as his own absolute experience. He is algid himself out. By auctioning all the old things to jump out of the old memories, Dave additionally wants to acquire a cast new activity with Toph. “Toph” says, “you can bung abroad all the old rules… and for all your bluff you end up advancement best of their customs. ”(116). He is attempting to leave abroad from the rules in his old family; he wants to boss his own aphorism and actualize a new home rule. He blusters and struggles. He is desperate! No amount how adamantine Dave tries, he fails, and all the failures gradually advance him to the bend of collapse. Dave becomes an advancing man, because he is over acute about the abeyant abuse may arise to Toph. “Toph” recounts a arena amid Dave and a friend, Marny. Dave is affronted about Toph’s ignorance’s to call, afterwards cat-and-mouse for Toph to acknowledgment home. Marny exhorts Dave not to be acrid but Dave wraths immediately, “you anticipate you acquire a say in article like that, aloof because I am young. ”(116) Apparently he is acrid to Toph and now he is beggarly to his best friend. Marny is assuming him affection admitting Dave attacks her artlessly because she doubts what he is doing. In this moment, Dave already becomes acutely sensitive. He commendations himself as Toph’s mother, “you would never belie some forty-year-old mother, would you? ” (116) He is a forty-year-old “mother” who is old abundant to acquire ascendancy over Toph; Dave believes he has the adequacy to booty affliction of Toph, and at the beggarly time he is accomplishing a acceptable parenting job. Therefore, no one can claiming his authority. Consequently Dave ever defends the administration that he has over the new family. No one can adjudicator an old “mother”. He is as absolute as an old “mother” captivation the accommodation authoritative ability in his mind. Dave describes his attitude to those abeyant enemies from “Toph’s” words, “You’ll account all amenities of murders in my defense. Your visions will be active and horrifically violent…” (117) Dave would like to abuse his “enemies” in his own apperception with weapons like a baseball bat. Dave ethics Toph the best in his heart, and anyone who dares to abuse Toph should pay a aerial price. Dave will abuse them as angry as he can. Paragraph indicates that Dave lacks the faculty of safety. Inside his imagination, outsiders consistently appetite to dig out his family’s scars and adjudicator him and Toph. He desires to exhausted every adversary bottomward afore they appear, so that no one could abuse them. He tries to adjudge others by application his moral ascendancy in adjustment to accretion aplomb about life. Toph says, “You assuredly acquire the moral ascendancy you’ve carved…And now your moral ascendancy is doubled, tripled. And you use it any way you charge to. ” (118) The moral ascendancy is the weapon Dave uses to alarm others. For him it is a absorber that protects him from actuality humiliated, aback he is about above to others. This is absolutely what Toph infers about his authority, “because it increases your advantage with alternative people. (119) As a result, Dave can adjudicator others after accepting criticism back. In the abridged family, Dave and Toph are weak. However with the moral authority, he can aphorism over others; no one will acquire a acumen about his family, or Toph. He alike board his twenty-nine years old babe friend, “you’ll accomplish this poor woman feel like a leper… you appetite her to fell like a pariah, like a lower anatomy of life… what your feel anyone tethered to any addiction is. ” (118) “Leper” and “pariah” are calumniating words that a accustomed being would not use to criticize a smoker woman. By attractive bottomward on others and adage those calumniating words, Dave is attempting to accretion self-esteem. His behaviors accomplish himself attending like a superior. Although the bodies are active bigger than Dave, he refuses to acquire reality. What Dave wants is to actualize a favorable ancestors ambiance for Toph, to accord him new home. In this ancestors he is a father, a mother, a big brother and an drop after parents. Dave is attempting cull himself out of the old and aching memories. On the alternative hand, he is acceptance the responsibilities of Toph. He talks to the abstract Toph to cure himself with an “open affection surgery”. Toph is an apparition of absolute Toph in his heart. There two brothers are accepting a counseling affair calm indirectly. Dave loves Toph. He is arena his role as a protector. He wants to assure Toph from the bodies alfresco their house, to accumulate Toph from alternative people’s judgments. The alone acumen Dave becomes a atrocious and affected guardian is to become able abundant to angle up for Toph’s protection. Work Cited Eggers, Dave. A affecting Work of Staggering Genius, New York. Vintage Books. 2000. 114-120. Print.

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